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25 Mar 2009
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I Lost 9 Pounds in Three Weeks! To receive my Accelerate Your Weight Loss Newsletter, send a blank email to: goloseitaweber**** Let's Go Lose It! Billy Anne Crews
27 Mar 2009
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Massive hailstones began pounding my vehicle and we watched helplessly moments later as one made a direct impact on the windshield smashing it and others followed. I could feel the whole car vibrating from each pounding. This event occurred north east of Singleton NSW Australia
29 Mar 2009
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Who knew that belly dancing could be so beneficial to my overall health? If you are looking for a unique, exciting, and fun way to improve your core strength and tone up, belly dancing could be right up your alley. Belly dancing will have you shedding pounds and burning calories in no time, giving you that core youve always wanted. *******www.dvdfitness****
2 Apr 2009
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Welcome to another episode of Behind the Scenes with Eric Fell and Shaun Stewart. This week we take a look at the movie "7 pounds" followed by "Marley and Me" and "Death Warrior". Make sure and visit the sitelets for these films for more content and interviews.
4 Apr 2009
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Seven Pounds - Will Smith's most awaited movie of 2009. It is an emotional drama.
7 Apr 2009
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With the British High Street struggling to come to terms with the recession there are some terrific bargains about. Some say there isn't much you can buy for a pound these days. Nonsense, we say. Welcome then to the Pound Investor.
9 Apr 2009
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My name is Michelle Ellis and I started the HCG the 1st of November, I’ve done 3 rounds of about 23 days a piece and all together I’ve lost 13 pounds. I’ve been off of the HCG probably a month and a half now probably going on closer to 2 months and I have put back on about 4 pounds. All together I would say the HCG product is rated a 5. I do believe it really does work if you follow the guidelines properly. Each time I went off I really didn’t follow the eating protocol but then again I’ve only gained back the 4 pounds. I started the HCG because I have gone to the doctor to have my metabolism checked, nothing seems to be an issue but I have tried weight watchers I’ve done just about every type of diet I could and couldn’t drop any weight, now I have taught fitness classes for 12 years and the HCG was really kind of against my whole principle and what I believe in but I just kind of used it as a last resort and did see results with it so I truly believe that if it is a last resort for someone than you should go ahead and try it, upon physician approval of course. Did have a few issues, I’ve gone through 2 batches of the HCG and I will start my 3rd batch this next week. 1st batch no issues, 2nd batch started having a little bit of stinging, sometimes it wasn’t too bad, sometimes it was pretty sever stinging upon injecting. I did contact the company and they were very diligent about giving me a call back trying to find out the concerns and checking with the doctor and giving me a return call so I was very pleased with the customer service and the concern that they seemed to have, they did tell me to change out the needles which I did, still have the stinging so I’m hoping that maybe it was just kind of a fluke, don’t really know yet, will see when I start this 3rd round. Now if I still have the stinging than I really don’t think it’s a needle issue as much as HCG so you know again I still rate the product a 5, I think that it really works if this is a last resort for you. I did lose 13 pounds but I also continued doing exercising as well, I did not take that out of the equation because that’s what I do for a job, so anyway good luck I think it’s a great product if you choose to use it, and that’s all.
23 Sep 2009
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*******www.WeightLossInfo**** In 2 weeks Tim Lost 6 pounds, Lost 1 inch off chest, Lost 1/2 inch off belly, Lost 1/4 inch off waist. Fat Loss, Fatloss, herbalife products, herbalife distributor success story
22 Apr 2009
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me benching 200 pounds
24 Apr 2009
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1 May 2009
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taken from the article how to shed pounds without lifestyle change
3 May 2009
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me bench pressing 200+ pounds... this may shock you. Also don't do this at home.
11 May 2009
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Danny Ward from England is confident to lose pounds of weight after gastric bypass in India. Desirous of getting weight loss he consulted doctors and obesity surgeons of UK and Europe but he faced complications in his gastric bypass surgery on issues of cost and getting medical appointment in time. After utilizing the services of Indian medical tourism Danny could find a god obesity surgeon of Mumbai for is gastric bypass in India at a low cost. The weight loss surgery centers of Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Goa are fit and reliable to get world class gastric bypass in India. One will enjoy the best hospitalization and care from a trained medical staff and highly proficient doctors for gastric bypass in India. For more details visit *******www.forerunnershealthcare**** or mail at enquiryforerunnershealthcare****
6 Jun 2009
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9 Jun 2009
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14 Jun 2009
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