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Battery technology hasn't changed for 20 years. That was when the lithium ion (LiIon) battery that is almost certainly powering your cell phone, and laptop computer and that is definitely powering your iPod, iPhone, MacBook etc. A Internet video series by butterscotch****.
19 Dec 2009
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Put on a brilliant light show with color changing effect! This detachable device is designed for snowboards, skateboards, and other applications. LED lights are pre-programmed to flash in various patterns, illuminating the surrounding area for safety, entertainment, and recreational functionality. Device can also be used as a light signal when lost or injured. Ergonomically designed for all snowboard sizes Multi-colored (white and blue) LEDs 80 Bright LED light bulbs! Pre-programmed various lighting patterns 8 different changeable modes for a variety of effect Impact, water, and cold weather resistant High-end, safe and flexible plastic material - used by motorcycle helmet decals Long battery life Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (up to 15 hours) Just peel and stick 3MTM Dual LockTM Reclosable Fastner Velcro tape used for the maximum adhesion. (3MTM Dual LockTM Reclosable Fasteners are constructed of polyolefin stems with mushroom shaped tops which offer five times the strength of standard hook and loop) You can attach and detach as many times as you'd like. Do not remove the tape No damage to the snowboard Extra Velcro tape included for the interior part of your car or any other application USB power adapter (UL listed) and mini USB cable ($29.99 Retail Value) included Compatible with iPod - Power your iPod or other device with a USB connector Specification Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery Battery Capacity: 1800mAh Dimensions: 168mm x 161.5mm x 22.19mm Unit Weight 129g USB power adapter Input AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz, 0.15A Max Output 5V DC/1A
7 Dec 2008
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*** LINKS *** giant cardboard robot arms: *******www.etsy****/listing/47743310/giant-cardboard-robot-arms carlashes: *******www.gagsandgoods****/index.php?productID=743 Optical mouse transformer: *******usb.brando****/transformers-device-label-grimlock-usb-optical-mouse_p01330c059d015.html Pig vacuum: *******item.rakuten***.jp/roomy/soujiki/ Flash drive: *******usb.brando****/transformers-device-label-cheetus-usb-flash-drive_p01650c059d15.html Buddha Pears: *******www.toxel****/inspiration/2009/09/26/buddha-shaped-pears-from-china/ Axe Hanger: ******* solar-powered bikini: *******www.ecouterre****/solar-powered-bikini-soaks-up-the-rays-powers-your-ipod/ LED power cuff links: *******www.adafruit****/products/379 Que cologne: *******www.porkbarrelbbq****/barbeque-cologne-que/ Wine puzzle topper: *******www.firebox****/product/1841/The-Daddy-Wine-Puzzle-Gift-Pack?itc=281&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DADEXPRESS_372&src_t=nwt&src_id=372&via=nltop3 Happy hot dog man: *******happyhotdogman****/ Cthulhu skull roaster: ***********/Cthulhu-Roaster-RMW-Cthulhu.htm Lightsaber corn holder (not available yet!!): *******shedsimove****/node/20530 Boat Bowls: *******shop.gessato****/rowrow-big-bowl-%2B-spoons-p-80 Hot dog shaped soap: *******www.neatoshop****/product/Hot-Dog-N-Bun-Soap Unfortunate cookies: *******www.vat19****/dvds/unfortunate-fortune-cookies.cfm Tie pillow: *******www.baronbob****/pillow-tie.htm?AID=10368285&PID=2868751 Animal nose mugs: *******www.neatoshop****/product/King-Kong-Nose-Mug Self-stirring mug: *******www.thinkgeek****/homeoffice/mugs/cf68/ Jesus Waffles: *******www.etsy****/listing/50048184/jesus-waffle-maker?ref=hp_tt_yt Girlfriend's lap-shaped pillow: *******www.japantrendshop****/hizamakura-lap-pillow-p-64.html Boyfriend pillow: ***********/LCM-Home-Fashions-Inc-P009/dp/B002RWJ9S8/ref=pd_sim_hpc_2 Baby pillows: *******www.pregnancystore****/zaky.html the "Ostrich" (just a concept): ***********/ostrich/ VHS toaster: *******www.instructables****/id/How-to-make-a-VHS-video-toaster/
25 Jun 2011
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