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Use discount code DTSFREEPOST at drivingtestsuccess-dot-com to get free shipping (UK customers only). Do you want to pass your Practical Driving Test? Then Driving Test Success Practical Simulator from Focus Multimedia is the best computer-based training aid you can get. Available to buy now on PC DVD-ROM, Practical Simulator won't replace essential on-the-road training with your instructor, but it will provide you with an interactive training programme that guarantees the best mental preparation for your Driving Test. Watch the video and see how this amazing state-of-the-art software can help you increase your chances of passing.
15 May 2009
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Want to Pass the Driving Theory Test exam in first attempt? Then pass-test****** recommend you to Download trial version of driving theory test software and receive a score and feedback after each clip. Prepare with Pass-Test Software & pass your UK driving test at the first attempt. Driving Theory Test Software contains latest DSA question bank with hazard perception demo clips. Pass With Confidence. www.pass-test******
21 May 2007
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Driving Theory Test, Practical Driving Test, Mock Theory Test Practice, Free Hazard Perception, Car Motorcycle, Motorbike Theory Test. Access latest DSA driving theory test questions online and free practice mock tests. All official DSA car bike questions with hazard perception clips. Multiple choice questions, driving test practice and tips, Show Me Tell Me Questions, practical test information Get access to car and motorbike questions, free hazard clips,DSA Theory Test,
14 Aug 2009
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Practical driving test-Show me tell me-power_steering, Pass driving practical test, FREE online driving test
19 Mar 2010
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BY TRACY PFEIFFER As the Chinese Year of the Tiger comes to an end, government leaders and wildlife conservation groups are meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, for the International Tiger Conservation Forum hosted by Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin. In the last one hundred years, the tiger population has dropped 97 percent -- from 100,000 to a little more than 3,000 in the wild today. Of its nine subspecies, three are now extinct and most experts believe a fourth is effectively extinct in the wild. The conservation forum hopes to create an internationally accepted plan to reverse this trend. One of the biggest obstacles? The illegal tiger trade, which deals in both live animals and their body parts. A piece in Yale’s Environment 360 lists just some of the practices driving this trade--and the poachers who threaten the species’ survival. “[S]kins still sell for up to $35,000, and organs and body parts - bones, whiskers, eyeballs, penises, paws, claws - are snapped up as souvenirs or ingredients of traditional Asian medicine. Tiger is occasionally served at restaurants in Hanoi and Beijing...” Besides curbing poaching, other ideas include educating populations close to known tiger territories and stalling deforestation in those areas. The president and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society tells NBC, two things will have to happen for the meeting to be a success. SANDERSON: “One is that the summit has to come out with a clear sense of purpose and a clear conviction to do what is really quite modest, and that is to put some support behind, financial and diplomatic and conservation support, behind a single strategy. And the other is, that there has to be an embrace of the strategy.” And a campaigner for the Environmental Investigation Agency is cautiously optimistic. “We’ve been here before, many times -- there’s been many, many meetings like this in the past and many, many great declarations and calls to action. What really matters now is if we can actually see this political will being turned into action on the ground -- will there be better law enforcement, better habitat protection, and better measures put in place to stop the tiger trade?” Finally, in an opinion piece for the Washington Post, one writer says there’s a lot more at stake here than just the big cats. “The tiger is what conservationists call an ‘umbrella’ species. By rescuing them, we save everything beneath their ecological umbrella - everything connected to them - including the world's last great forests, whose carbon storage mitigates climate change.” The summit hopes to double the population of the highly endangered big cat by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger. Get more multi-source news analysis from Newsy****
23 Nov 2010
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Driving School in East London (Whitechapel, Shadwell, Bethnal Green, Bow, Canary Wharf, Stratford,
24 Mar 2009
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Intensive Driving Courses, Congratulations on your decisions to pass your Driving License FAST! Where do you take your first steps? How long will it take For more details log on to *******idrivingcourses****/
6 Nov 2012
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Independent driving will become part of the practical driving test in Great Britain in October 2010. **********/en/Motoring/LearnerAndNewDrivers/PracticalTest/DG_189979
20 Jul 2011
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The official DSA step-by-step guide to make sure you're ready to pass the car practical driving test. Find out what to expect when you take the test.
7 Apr 2012
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*******www.driving-schools-directory****** Driving Lessons, Driving Test Tips. A complete driving lesson on how to do a left hand reverse for the UK driving test. Get this right and pass your driving test first time. driving tips driving safety driving test tips tips for driving tips on driving car driving tips tips for driving test practical driving test tips driving tip driving tips reversing advanced driving tips driving lesson tips tips to pass your driving test tips to pass driving test motoring advice practical driving tips driving tips clutch tips for passing driving test tips for practical driving test driving hints tips for passing your driving test motoring tips tips on passing driving test tips for practical driving
28 Jun 2011
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This movie presents semi truck driving in sunny day in the city without the traffic and driving a small car with the trailer on highway during a night. There are many other options. The Simuride is a fully functional tool to teach and practice driving, focussed on manual and automatic transmission vehicles. For trucks it teaches the double clutching technique. The special steering wheel allows the simulation of the force felt on the steering wheel during the turning manoeuvres and feedback from the road surface such as curb or road shoulder. Rear view and side view mirrors together with the aerial view are simulated, to help performing parallel parking or other activities requiring such view. The visual scenes reproduces city, highway, country and manoeuvre place environments, with or without the traffic and different obstacles. Various atmospheric conditions are available. The realistic sound is correlated with road conditions, engine RPM and speed. The Simuride is dedicated not only for Driving Schools, but also for individuals. Its price is very reasonable. You will be able to purchase it from *******www.aplusbsoftware**** from the end of August 2008.
23 Jan 2010
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How to park a car on the road Parallel Parking Reverse lesson a step by step video graphic guide to help your preparation for the UK practical driving test exam, the parallel park is one of 2 parking manouvres you might be asked to do, in this tutorial is to recap on your lessons by Simon Phipps, park driving school Gloucestershire a former bsm instructor, covering Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Bishops Cleeve, Evesham, Broadway, Winchcombe. maneuver
3 Sep 2010
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If you think there are no road rules in China watch this video. This is a mild drive in Linyi city Shandong province. This is an instructional video to help you pass a practical driving test in China. In a space of 7 minutes you see crazy drivers on the wrong side of the road and others just pull out without looking. If you want to get a chinese driver licence then watch this video
4 Jan 2009
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The clip bill-will-make-chuck-cool from Night Shift (1982) with Michael Keaton, Henry Winkler. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. - This is nice, huh? - Nice. Practically drives itself. Can you turn down the music? Can you turn the music down? I can turn it down. I can turn it up. I can switch it from the back to the front. - I can make it reverberate. I- - Can you turn it down? Thank you. Look at this dash. Solid gold. Look at this carpeting. Fur. - Check out these windows! - Glass? Glass. Yeah. But we can see out and nobody can see in. Watch. Watch, okay? Here we go. Hey, you! Right here! Right here, buddy! Look at this! We got teenage girls! The place is full of broads in here! Go! Roger! Roger, officer! Is this great or what? You ought to get one, man. This is great. Everything's automatic too. You can pop the trunk from here. Don't have to move. You should get one. What do you do with all your money, anyway? You know... ...I'd like to talk to you about that.
6 Dec 2013
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