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The clip pre-flight safety check from United 93 (2006) There are also two window exits located over the wings. Each exit is marked with a sign overhead. Look around to locate the two exits nearest to your seat. In some cases, the nearest exit may be behind you. In an evacuation, exit path lights will automatically illuminate to guide you to an exit. A life vest is located under your seat. It can be identified by a red tab. Do not remove it unless directed by a flight attendant. Taxi clearance. Stand by. We've got your release. I want you to move up in the line behind the United 757. Good morning, ground. United 93, Gate 17, ready to taxi. We have Alpha. United 93, taxi runway four-left via Bravo Romeo Bravo. Hold short of Victor. Roger. Said four-left Bravo Romeo Bravo. Hold short Victor. United 93.
11 Nov 2011
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