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Lawrence Lessig, profesor de derecho de la Universidad de Stanford, y fundador del Centro para Internet y la Sociedad, predice un evento i-9/11 que hará que el gobierno de EE.UU. ponga freno a las libertades de Internet en linea paralela a la Ley Patriota. Lessing dice que el ex-asesor federal de la lucha contra el terrorismo, Richard Clarke, le dijo que el Departamento de Justicia ya había escrito gran parte de la Ley Patriota mucho antes de los ataques del 11 de Septiembre de 2001, y que existe una propuesta similar a la plataforma en caso de una catástrofe en Internet. Lawrence Lessig: Cerf:
13 Oct 2008
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This video shows you how the field type predication works in Model Designer.
16 Feb 2012
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This video shows you how the field type predication works in Model Designer.
16 Feb 2012
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This video shows you how the field type predication works in Model Designer.
16 Feb 2012
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5 Oct 2009
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Royler talks about Gracie Humaita training for Pan Ams, Worlds and the generations of Women competitors they think will dominate 2010. Royler predicts a top 3 win for Humaita. *******www.BJJLegends****/store *** Every Mag comes with a FULL DVD ***
12 Apr 2010
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Dr. Lam shows a closeup of his hair transplant work. For more information, please visit www.hairtx****. These videos of Dr. Lam's hair transplant work were taken with a macro lens to show how natural and seamless hair restoration can be. Still photographs at a distance cannot convey the same degree of information as high-resolution closeup macro video footage can. These videos position you as if you were standing literally a foot away from the patient and inspecting Dr. Lam's hair transplant work under very close scrutiny with bright flood lamps. Even at close range, Dr. Lam's work remains absolutely undetectable. Quality hair restoration that delivers a natural result is predicated on multiple factors, including a well-designed and natural hairline, precise and gentle graft dissection, perfectly designed, interlocked and angled recipient sites, and atraumatic and correctly positioned grafts. The attention to detail at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration is visible at any distance. Dr. Lam graduated as Valedictorian from Cistercian Preparatory School and completed his undergraduate degree at Princeton University and his medical degree at Baylor College of Medicine, both with honors. He trained for six years in head and neck surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York City and then completed a prestigious fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in which he refined his technique for hair restoration. Dr. Lam has written over 100 scientific articles and book chapters as well as three major medical textbooks. He has written numerous scientific articles on hair restoration in distinguished journals like Dermatologic Surgery as well as a textbook on hair transplantation, Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation, published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins. Dr. Lam's textbook on hair restoration covers state-of-the-art follicular grafting techniques as well as medical management for hair loss and has been a national and international bestseller to teach surgeons his advanced techniques. His articles on hair restoration have been translated into French and Spanish, and his textbook has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese. KEY WORDS: HAIR TRANSPLANT, HAIR RESTORATION, HAIR LOSS, COMBINATION FOLLICULAR GRAFTING, ROGAINE, PROPECIA, WWW.HAIRTX.COM, PLANO, TEXAS, DR. SAMUEL LAM
10 Apr 2007
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The predication was eCommerce was going to destroy all brick & mortar by keeping consumers behind the computer. Ecommerce has proven to be a tool for the wise, retail has grown in both virtual world & real world.
25 Dec 2007
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Nokia y Facebook en vías de aliarse; La Real Academia de la Lengua quiere crear un diccionario de abreviaturas para sms; Predice la muerte de Amy Winehouse, DrVicious revisa el nuevo software del iPod Touch; Spoonch, En busca de los vídeos de la Red; El Videoblog de las "Recetas Mileuristas"
22 Jan 2008
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******* Many of the experimental advertising budgets for online video are "now gone" as a result of the fiscal crisis, says Dina Kaplan, co-founder of I caught up with her yesterday at the "Future of Television" conference in Manhattan where she was a panelist. Moving beyond the the experimental stage, Dina says she is working closely with ad agencies to create methods to determine the value of online video ads. This is clearly important as many online video creators, ad networks, and syndicators and others have predicated businesses on advertising. Let's hope Dina's method gets traction. We will report on this as it develops in the new year. Dina was on a panel moderated by Lindsay Campbell, actress and online video celebrity journalist of Wallstrip, then MobLogic. Lindsay told me that her engagement with MobLogic had concluded and she is evaluating other opportunities. Also on the panel, posing with Dina below, were Andrew Budkofsky of Break Media (second from right), Lindsday, and J. Crowley, co-founder of Black20, a NY-based television producer of very funny web video. Update: Peter Kafka at All Things D has a story up on changes at MobLogic. Disclosure: is provides video encoding and streaming services to Beet.TV. Blip also represents the purple channel in advertising sales on a non-exclusive basis. Blip also distributes Beet's awesome podcast on iTunes. You will see how it looks on my new iPod Nano at the end of my interview with Dina. -- Andy Plesser
22 Nov 2008
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*This documentary is predicated on a little journey I took throughout some of the most prominent areas of Kenya. *The main purpose was to show how much of a rich Country Kenya is, and how Kenyans as a people are some of the most creative beings in the world. *The motivation behind this concept came while traveling into Kenya on the airplane. I've always been disturbed by how some factions of the media portray Africa as a whole, while Kenya serving as one of the peas in a pot, and wanted to change a bit of the perception by highlighting positive aspects of the region, as opposed to showing kids with flies hovering over them, or poverty in general. Enjoy the video. God Bless.
15 Feb 2009
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Venice is a magical city in the region of Veneto Italy, whose people, the Venetians live in the sea among 400 islands. This city has always been a mercantile city. Piazza San Marco is the center of Venice and one of Europe's largest squares. A visit to Venice, one of Italy's maritime powerhouses, is to learn about how the context and physical location of Venice had everything to do with its rise to wealth and mercantilism. As Malcolm Gladwell recently wrote in outlines, so much of success is predicated on context, location, and timing. In Venice this is certainly the case. By living literally in the sea Venetians spent time looking outward with an open mind toward what was to be discovered in the Mediterranean and in the case of Marco Polo as far away as China. While the church was running its crusades Marco Polo was trading with Arabs and Asians, bringing spices, silks, jewels, and of course pasta back to Venice in the 12th century. The merchants of Venice such as Murano Glass is another example of the Venetians taking best practices from around the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas and incorporating them into their glass making style and process to create something uniquely Venetian. At the same time continental Europeans were not equipped to invade a sea-land empire to steal the wealth giving Venice the time and space it need to grow into the world's richest city. Inevitably Venice's location and its efect on the Venetians led to the Venetian's success in commerce and trade with foreign cultures and people. Venice is another example from the Italic peninsula of how importing the best practises of the cultures they traded with and then putting a unique stamp leads to long term success and prosperity, much like the Romans, and the Etrucans before them who created the first United Nations and League of Nations in 500 BC, created their own wealth and success.
27 Aug 2009
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Learn how you can create a semi-accurate financial predication for yourself for years to come month by month. Estimate your spending, and predict how much you will earn.
13 Feb 2009
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23 Nov 2009
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*******idealprogrammer****/databases/sql-server/sql-server-2005-express-tutorial-13-free-videos/ - Key Concepts: A. Setting up Full-Text search within SQL Server Express. B. Creating full-text indexes C. Configuring the index population settings D. CONTAINS predicate
24 Aug 2009
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Il premio Oscar Nicolas Cage (Il Mistero delle Pagine Perdute, Via da Las Vegas) è il protagonista di SEGNALI DAL FUTURO, un action-thriller avvincente e adrenalinico in cui, in circostanze del tutto fortuite, un professore di astrofisica scopre l’esistenza di terrificanti predizioni sul futuro e tenta con tutte le sue forze di evitare che esse si avverino. Rose Byrne (Damages, Troy), Chandler Canterbury (Il Curioso Caso di Benjamin Button) e Lara Robinson (Saved -serie tv-) completano il cast di questo emozionante film diretto da Alex Proyas (Io, Robot), sulla disperata battaglia di un padre che cerca di salvare suo figlio e l’intera umanità. Nel 1959, in occasione di una cerimonia per una nuova scuola elementare, gli insegnanti chiedono ad un gruppo di studenti di immaginare come sarà il futuro e di disegnarlo. Tutti i loro disegni saranno custoditi in una capsula del tempo, dove rimarranno per 50 anni. Una misteriosa ragazzina riempie il suo foglio con una serie apparentemente casuale di numeri, che, a quanto dice, le sarebbero stati sussurrati da persone invisibili. Mezzo secolo dopo, un gruppo di studenti è intento ad esaminare il contenuto della capsula. L’enigmatico messaggio scritto da quella ragazzina misteriosa finisce nelle mani del giovane Caleb Koestler (Chandler Canterbury). Il padre di Caleb, il professore di astrofisica John Koestler (Nicolas Cage), scopre che la serie di numeri contenuta nel messaggio predice con estrema precisione le date e il numero delle vittime di ognuno dei più grandi disastri verificatisi negli ultimi 50 anni. Mentre è impegnato a tentare di decodificare i segreti nascosti nel documento, John scopre anche che il messaggio predice altre tre catastrofi imminenti. L’ultima di queste predizioni alluderebbe ad un cataclisma di proporzioni globali. John cerca di mettere in guardia le autorità ma i suoi avvertimenti vengono completamente ignorati. C’è di più, John, inizia pian piano a realizzare che Caleb sarebbe, in qualche modo, collegato a tutti questi eventi misteriosi. Con l’aiuto di Diana Wayland (Rose Byrne) e Abby Wayland (Lara Robinson), rispettivamente la figlia e la nipote della ragazzina autrice del profetico messaggio, John si lancia in una folle corsa contro il tempo per tentare di prevenire l’imminente catastrofe.
4 Sep 2009
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