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President Bush predicts the winner of Super Bowl 42.
5 Feb 2008
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more at *******www.theuptake**** Dwight Custer is an executive search consultant in Nashville, TN. He explains why our process for choosing a president has become more flawed, so the most qualified people for the job often stay out of the race. Newt Gingrich and Michael Bloomberg top his list of qualified leaders who would make excellent presidents, even Bill Frist. Al Gore, however, does not make the list. Mr. Custer describes himself as an Independent but is registered as a Republican in Tennessee, where you must choose (R) or (D). He’s joined here by his daughter Susanna. Mr. Custer will likely support Mike Huckabee in the primary, and his daughter favors Mitt Romney. Watch for more interview clips from these two in the near future
7 Feb 2008
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Dear Mr. President (Pink Cover)
12 Feb 2008
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Sign the petition now at *******www.DraftBloomberg**** .......... We need Mike Bloomberg to run now, more than ever, as a pragmatic, non-partisan, and proven effective leader. Especially with the current downward economic trend, we need someone with real experience to navigate and lead us through our nation's massive economic issues. .......... The petition to draft Mike Bloomberg at *******www.DraftBloomberg**** is gathering signatures and support from all accross America, from people like you who think Mike is our best choice and want to do their part to convince him to enter the race. He can and will win, if he enters, but time is short, and he needs to know now that you want him to run! .......... Go now to and sign the petition. Tell your friends, family and anyone you know. .......... --- .......... Why Michael Bloomberg? .......... A uniquely qualified and proven leader, Mayor Mike Bloomberg can: .......... 1. Fix the economy - he's the founder of the largest financial information, news and media company in the world. .......... 2. Fix Washington - he's the most non-partisan and proven CEO in American politics. .......... 3. End lobbyist corruption - he would be a President who owes nothing to the lobbyists, the special interests or the political extremes. .......... --- .......... Why sign the petition? .......... Because you're not satisfied with the current choices. .......... Because you believe America needs to truly move beyond partisan politics. .......... Because the economic state and the good of our country needs him. .......... Because Mike Bloomberg is the best one for the job. .......... .......... .......... Tell Mike Bloomberg to run. Sign the petition now at *******www.DraftBloomberg****
13 Feb 2008
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Shortest President, a song by Lars LeHansa about the shortest president in American History
13 Feb 2008
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Past Presidents have done some crazy things you probably don't know about! Watch, learn, and laugh at some of the funniest President facts!
17 Feb 2008
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Seems like Presidents Day is a big deal for government employees who get the day off and raging alcoholics who’ll use any excuse to get hammered on a Monday. Presidents Day goes all the way back to the 1880s when the Federal Government added it to the calendar to honor the birth of George Washington. In the 1980s, we added Abraham Lincoln to the mix. And how do we honor these great men? With the time-honored tradition of deeply discounting grossly overpriced furniture. Seriously, what is it with furniture stores and Presidents Day?
18 Feb 2008
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TakePart**** interviews President Jose Ramos-Horta for a case study on conflict resolution inspired by the documentary "Jimmy Carter Man from Plains." Horta was the co-recipient of the 1996 Noble Peace Prize for his work in brokering peace.
25 Mar 2008
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Michael Bloomberg sits down with Retirement Living TV,, and discusses the state of healthcare for seniors in America. He also talks about what he thinks of being vice president.
29 Feb 2008
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2008 Democratic Presidential Ticket - Barack Obama has NOT addressed this issue, Hillary's husband, Bill Clinton has done so as well as Hillary. Taking a page out of Karl Rove's Playbook (again) both Bill and Hillary are saying that Ohio has spoken for the nation. Ohio, according to Bill and Hillary, want her to be President and she would accept Barack as her VP on the ticket. Hmmm. In your dreams witch lady. The nation KNOWS that Ohio was duped by Hillary (another page out of Karl Rove's Playbook). Canada, the Prime Minister himself, apologized to Obama. Obama has pledged himself to run a campaign based on decency, with high ethical and moral conduct, he will not address anything irrelevant to the issues. I however, Billary, find myself with the personal freedom necessary to myself "take a page out of Karl Rove's Playbook. Which one? The one that says all politicians know dirty, low-down, under the belt tactics are effective. Well, Karl Rove, let's see how Hillary likes her own medicine...
4 Nov 2008
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Obama For President
23 Mar 2008
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Barack Obama candidly shares his reasons for running for President of the USA. Positive, inspiring Hope and with a Vision of Change... A President for the USA, a President for our generation...Barack Obama - in his own words...
10 Apr 2008
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