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Usual medication was given to Alera today, a jab of antibiotic, vitamin B-complex and a pill. The urination is getting better, not that reddish anymore. However, when look closer under microscope, it still contain some blood cells which we can't see with out bare eyes. The wound has healed properly. The vet also said he is not dehydrated anymore. When I left the vet, I was a bit hurry and left the collar cone there on the table. So tonight I have to let Alera by himself without the collar. I found one of Bobo's puppy shirt and put it on. It fits well on Alera but just doesn't covered Alera's wound fully. He looks pretty handsome on it. Hopefully he won't bite the wound tonight. His doesn't like the low pH dry food and I have to force feed him, but he did drink glucose and water by his own when I gave it to him. The vet said he has to be on low pH food, at least for this period of time. ps : Alera still bit himself when I last cleaned him at 10:40 pm. I have no choice and had to make a cone that similar with the collar cone from cardboard and masking tapes. My fault for not bringing back the cone.
22 Nov 2007
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SO MANY QUESTIONS SO FEW ANSWERS by: Clement J. Gareau/Donna Hunt Intro So many questions so few answers I'd like to know Will I ever find true love Will I know it right away When will I meet him/her Could you help me Chorus; So many questions so few answers I've tried a ouija board I've tried a crystal ball I'm tired of false hopes I'm tired of scratching my head So many questions so few answers Is (s)he dark and tall Is her/his hair straight or curly Is (s)he older than me Is (s)he real pretty/handsome I'd like to know Is (s)he searching for me or Has (s)he found me Is (s)he before me eyes Is it too much to hope for I've got to know Bridge Tell me more, tell me more, I have So many questions so few answers Repeat Chorus Repeat Chorus I wonder will I ever find him/her Could you help me, I've got to know So many questions so few answers So many questions so few answers So many questions so few answers All rights reserved © 2006
15 Oct 2010
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Here's a new prank I did with Uncle John. Pretty handsome huh? LOL! This video was distributed by *******startcut****
20 Jun 2012
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Pretty Handsome Awkward by The Used
5 Nov 2009
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Pretty Handsome Awkward by The Used
9 Nov 2009
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The Transformers Movie mixed in with The Used song "Pretty Handsome Awkward" from the Transformers cd and The Used new cd. If you've seen the movie this song will sound very familiar (Hint: Barricade & Bumblebee). Rate, Comment, And Enjoy.
14 Nov 2011
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© 2007 WMG Pretty Handsome Awkward [Amended] (Video)
21 May 2012
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Live at Rock Am Ring 2007
20 Mar 2011
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Re-Upload I don't know if you guys remember this video but I had to take it down cause of WMG but I think I fixed the Audio problem and now it's public...hopefully nothing happens and you guys can enjoy it ^^ This is the ORIGINAL one I had made in the first place...the other one was a shorter version of this... song: Pretty Handsome Awkard Artist: The Used -Anime Used- HOTD Zero no Tsukaima Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Yogurting (Game) Sora no Otoshimono Shuffle Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Bakemonogatari Clannad Tonagura K-On Angel Beats Kiss x Sis Omamori Himari Rosario Vampire Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Nyan Koi Toradora TMOHS Shakugan no Shana Black Lagoon Asu no Yoichi Full Metal Panic Kanokon Oreimo REC Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi I AM IN NO WAY AFFILIATING WITH THIS GROUP NOR AM I TAKING CREDIT FOR IT IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM. THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR ANIME COMPANY IN ANY WAY. ~FAIR USE~ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
19 Nov 2012
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A song from the album Lies for Liars whit The Used.
7 Sep 2009
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The third in my NR2003 Crashes series... Most of you are probably saying you never saw the 2nd one, I never uploaded the 2nd one on YouTube but I have uploaded it on gametrailers here. *******www.gametrailers****/user-movie/nr2003-crashes-2/152452
1 Aug 2010
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I have a new Girlfriend!!!! I got her a friend and all I had to do was just a little bit help with homework. Then I stole her glasses and a ring out of her purse so I can be very nice to her when she's sad tomorrow! I also did a funny joke, I cannot wait until she looks at her colored pencils and sees the prank!
12 Jul 2011
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Hey, why not? lol Audio snippet from Pretty Handsome Awkward by the Used.
29 Oct 2009
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Lee Hom and Jay Chou are interviewed at a award ceremony in Taiwan. They're asked to sing each other's song Translation (all credits to elvenchamp!) Paraphrasing: There are two very good singers that are always being compared today. But what do they feel or think about it? Jay, what do you think of Wang Lee Hom? Jay: Well i think he's pretty handsome but besides just being good looking, he's abilities/personality is very moving. He also preservere's through the hard times and he would support him if he changed no matter for good or bad. Announcer: If you support him, do you listen to his songs? Jay sings Leehom's 唯一 (Wei Yi), the one and only. Announcer: Wang Lee Hom, discuss Jay Chou Lee Hom: I feel Jay is very talented and skilled and I think I'm speaking for everyone here to thank him and to support him. I also have to thank you because I think of you alot when I write my songs because your songwriting is really good. You push me to improve. Announcer: Are you guys gonna starting talking about love? (awkward phrasing) haha, It must be two heroes complementing each other. Lee Hom: I really think Jay's amazing. Announcer: Then have you heard Jay's songs? Lee Hom: of course, since his first cd, I feel that he was a very good singer. Right? Crowd cheers. Lee Hom sings Jay Chou's 黑色幽默 (Hei Se You Mo), Black Humour
24 Sep 2010
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The clip Barry Home From The Doctor's from Second Coming (2009) How many more of these bags do we need stuffing? Just a few more. So what time is Barry gonna be home? He'll be here any minute now. Where is he anyway? Doctor's office. He have a problem with his ears. Poor thing. All the problem's he's having with Tinnitus and the time he spends on the road working. I'm surprised we're still together. What do you mean? Let's just say that things have changed. How? Hello? Go on. I don't know. It's the little things mostly. He's not as patient as he used to be, he seems stressed out about something.. Who knows? Maybe it's just me. But, things don't work out. How are things in bed? Carolyn, will you please turn down the music? Now, Carolyn! It sounds like someone could use a cup of coffee. That wil be great. I'll go and make it. No, relax. I'll make the coffee. Thank you. Hello, stranger. Haven't seen you for a while. Looking pretty handsome. How you doing? So, met the doktor? It's a revelation. I'm supposed to be taking my medication... See. I told you. Now go upstairs and get dressed, we have to go to the church in a little over an hour. I know what you're thinking, and the answer is no.
17 Nov 2011
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The clip Looking At Photos Part 2 from The Girl in the Park (2007) They're old. Oh, my God, is that you? Yes. Oh, my God, Julia. Look at those earrings. That's ridiculous! I can't believe you wore that. Okay. No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Come on. Come on. Show me more. Um, you look good. Show me pictures of your husband- the one you divorced. Go back to sleep. What, is he ugly or something? No. Does he have, like, a beard, no mustache? Or those Elvis things. What are they, mutton ch- I bet he had mutton chops. Big fat mutton chops like- No. Show me then. Come on. There. Hey, he's pretty handsome. Nice going. Good work. Is that Chris? Yes. He seemed nice, you know, when he came over. He is. Is he gay? What? Well, you don't ever really talk about him. Did he disappoint you in some way? Or is he some kind of loser? No. No. He has his own construction business. He's quite successful, actually. Hmm. But gay. No, he's not gay. He's getting married- Why do you ask these idiotic questions? 'Cause it's the only way to get you to say anything. Jesus. Julia, you look really happy. Where is that? I don't remember. Go back to sleep. Just stay for a minute, okay? What? Just talk, okay? About what? I don't care. Anything. Talk about the pictures.
29 Nov 2011
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