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Do you need online Privacy Protection? Well I guess it depends, if you think every web site you visit should not be recorded and logged. Current Privacy laws won't help you either
7 Jun 2009
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*******www.pcmech****/privacy/ - Watch as David demonstrates the huge risk to your online privacy by the simple (and seemingly harmless) act of updating Twitter with your location coordinates.
20 Jun 2009
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Did you know everything we do online is logged? I mean every email, web page, download or message sent. You have no privacy protection unless your protect yourself.
28 Jun 2009
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Dj AlexUnder Base & Frissco - Privacy
22 Jul 2009
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Computer Knowledge Privacy
18 Jul 2009
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The American Native Bamboo creates an excellent screen for privacy from neighbors. Place clumps of bamboo in a line by the road and they will help keep the noise levels down. You can find all kinds of bamboo at www.tytyga****
16 Sep 2009
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This video instructs you with Basics of Health care Privacy. This course covers the need for administrative simplification, standards for electronic transactions, Health information privacy and security and Individual rights over health information To Learn more Come and Pay us a visit at www.empowerbpo****
9 Oct 2009
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Understanding privacy in Google Wave. A Internet tutorial series by butterscotch****.
23 Nov 2009
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Facebook has over 300 million members and it's still growing. Privacy on Facebook has always been a concern for families and individuals who share information on Facebook. A Internet breaking news series by butterscotch****.
15 Dec 2009
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This episode is brought to you by a new sponsor, Driver Updater. This is FINALLY a great sponsor for you PC users (Windows XP, Windows Vista and now Windows 7). This awesome tool searches your PC and not only fixes corrupted drivers but also informs you of outdated drivers that can slow down your performance. It does everything to get your PC back up and running in its best form. It's a busy week for tech news and the biggest news goes to Facebook. With over 350 million users, there's quite a lashing from FB users due to FB changing its privacy policies. They now default everyone's profile to be viewed by EVERYONE, including search engines. I'll show you how you can change this back to a more private setting, if you wish to do so. Also, AT&T, in their dumbest move yet, released a statement yesterday "blaming" iPhone users for "bogging down their network." They claim that heavy data users are potentially getting a cap and that our iPhone data plan may increase. If this happens, who wants to bet the Droid will be the #1 smart phone device? Better news for iPhone users is we finally have livestreaming! After a year of waiting, Ustream's iPhone app (and Qik, another great livestreaming company) have apps that finally allow the iPhone 3GS to broadcast video live to the world. Last but not least, the entire country of Norway thought they may be under attack Tuesday night... by a UFO or some type of apocalyptic doom. Photos and video flooded Norway's TV stations and 911 centers due to an unbelievable spiral in the sky - you'll have to see this to believe it. And we found out what it was... very odd indeed. Thanks as always for supporting our sponsors and if you own a PC, you must checkout DriverUpdater. It will for sure make your PC up to date by showing you which drivers are outdated, corrupted or missing. It does it all! And follow the Moxie Mo Show by following us on Twitter!
21 Dec 2009
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*******www.facebook****/myprofilebuddy - New Facebook Privacy Defaults - Check to see how others see your profile
3 Jan 2010
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Tom Stern needs to talk about invading privacy. . .
31 Dec 2009
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*******tinyurl****/yc28 Discover the secrets of how to protect your assets and protect your privacy. Know your privacy rights are at risk. Understand your rights and how to claim them in your everyday life and you will also protect your property from Identity Theft, stalkers, government intrusions. Bank anonymously, develop home privacy, enjoy secret travel and have total workplace privacy. Receive FREE reports and interviews at *******tinyurl****/yc28kno
18 Jan 2010
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We discuss our thoughts on keeping your kids safe and internet privacy. Would you let your 7th grader on Facebook? When is the right time for a cell phone? Much more, only on Life is Hard TV!
31 Jan 2010
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This short video shows how to set a custom URL for your Facebook fan page, and discusses privacy settings
19 Feb 2010
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As with anything online, it's important to understand privacy settings in Digg. You can set your Digg profile to private or opt to only share information with friends and more. A Internet tutorial series by butterscotch****.
9 Mar 2010
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