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*******www.yunbootcamps****/specialoffer.html Jason Yun Draws prizes for the Columbus fitness bootcamp members. You can join our bootcamp by signing up for your free 2-week trial at the website above.
6 Nov 2009
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When the three American researchers who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine accept their prize in Stockholm in December they'll be among a star-studded cast of recipients stretching out over more than a century.
8 Oct 2009
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Carney examines Barak Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.
10 Oct 2009
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The Honorable James David Manning discusses the false peace prize that was given to Barack Hussein Obama. Recorded 9 October 2009 Follow us on twitter *******twitter****/atlahworldwide For more information *******atlah**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Oct 2009
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Kanye West Interrupts Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech. this video has been created for fun only and not a real incident
12 Oct 2009
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Hitler Reacts to Barak Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
8 Nov 2009
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TML asks the people of Jerusalem for the reaction on President Barack Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.
12 Oct 2009
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13 Oct 2009
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16 Oct 2009
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CLip from the movie wag the dog talking about the peace prize
19 Oct 2009
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20 Oct 2009
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20 Oct 2009
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Christian contest, prizes, winners, competition, bible, biblical statutes, answers. If you'd like to share your Christian convictions with others and have a chance to win a $5,000.00 dollar cash prize at the same time, Umakethecalls**** is the place for you. Here's how it works. We'll give you a special scenario requiring you to answer a series of multiple choice questions telling us how you'd handle the situation based upon biblical statutes. It just cost one dollar to play and you'll have a chance to win a great cash prize of $5,000.00 dollars. Plus, you'll also be able to exchange ideas and opinions with others.
23 Oct 2009
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swagbucks is a search and win site where u can earn swagbucks and redeem them for prizes click *******swagbucks****/refer/umdemand or copy and paste the link to sign up and earn extra swagbucks!
27 Oct 2009
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Do you need a Lockerz invite? want free prizes? Like Nintendo Wii, Xbox360, Ps3, Iphone, laptops. You earn 2 points (PTZ) for logging in daily. You earn 2 points (PTZ) for answering the daily question (only for that day only) You earn 2 points (PTZ) Per invite to Lockerz PM me or comment for info or an invite. Song:Pain Artist: Three Days Grace
3 Nov 2009
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Lockerz is a free website where you can get prizes for free just by inviting other people and answering their surveys. I got a couple of points and tried to redeem a cheap prize to see if this thing was real and they sent me the IPod skin i ordered which is only 35 points, so now im planning on getting more points to get a PS3 or Xbox 360. send me an email for an invite, then try to do what Im doing right now to get more people to invite
8 Nov 2009
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