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COOL !! Little Girl in the Golden Voice Professional singer Kaya,, and good at playing the guitar
15 Oct 2016
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The Pacific Boychoir Academy Middle School seeks to develop confident, engaged young men who are capable of achieving extraordinary outcomes through personal discipline and teamwork. We provide an unmatched educational, musical, and personal development experience for boys in grades four through eight. Kevin Fox, Grammy Award Winning Conductor and Director of PBA, talks about the advantages of attending PBA.
4 Aug 2010
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She is a professional singer??
3 Apr 2008
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Hi! I am Dr K Chaudhry, developer of Horoscope Software, Janampatri - available free for online and offline use. You have been viewing over 500 video songs. I receive comments on two extremes. I am grateful to viewers who appreciated my humble attempt. I am grateful to others too who gifted me their valuable time. It may be my debatable personal opinion but I strongly feel that obscene abusive language should be avoided in comments. I never claimed to be a trained or professional singer. Nor is that required to upload videos on public sites. Today I am with you for the first time as an astrologer. 1st May 2008 is very close. I visualise 16 golden months from that date upto 09 September 2009 for you if you have Moon in Pisces in your birth chart. With Saturn in 6th house and Rahu in 11th Even the worst performance would be rewarded. Even a stone thrown at you would touch you as stroke of luck. I am experimenting with video recording methods. Complete feature shall be uploaded in a day. Thank you !
29 Apr 2008
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Shwayze and Cisco hanging out outside the Roxy in LA talk about what the girls of Redemption Song need to be prepared for when it comes to being a professional singer. Catch Redemption Song Wednesdays at 11pm ET on FUSE.
6 Nov 2008
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Show host, corporate emcee, professional singer and comedienne. Got an important event coming up? You need an experienced emcee to guarantee your client's event runs smoothly. Donna Daniels is one of Asia's best.
13 Feb 2009
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Hi, I’m Christina McAusland, and you’re watching Newsy****. *******www.newsy**** They’re calling her Britain’s “unlikely sensation” and the voice heard around the world… When 47-year-old unemployed charity worker Susan Boyle took the stage on Britain’s Got Talent, no one expected this: “(Simon) What’s the dream? (Boyle) I’m trying to be a professional singer. (Simon) And why hasn’t it worked out so far Susan? (Boyle) I haven’t been given the chance before.” Singing- “I dreamed a dream of time gone by…” (applause) Boyle’s underdog performance is sparking an emotional tidal wave of response on the Internet: Entertainment Weekly raves, “The unstyled, un-hip, un-kissed Ms. Boyle let me feel, for the duration of one blazing show stopping ballad, the meaning of human grace. She pierced my defenses. She reordered the measure of beauty. And I had no idea until tears sprang how desperately I need that corrective from time to time.” (Entertainment Weekly) A writer on Ekklesia asks, “How many assumptions do we make on a daily basis for no other reason than experience, bigotry and lack of imagination? And how utterly fantastic when those expectations are shattered by talent and wonderment?” (Ekklesia) Even the show’s judges said Susan taught them an important lesson: “I am so thrilled because I know everybody was against you I honestly think we were all being very cynical and I think that’s the biggest wake-up call ever.” -"Britain's Got Talent" judge Amanda Holden Susan Boyle’s story has fast become one of the most emailed and talked about stories on the web. So what have you heard about Susan Boyle’s performance? Do you think there’s a lesson to be learned from all this?
17 Apr 2009
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I wrote a Father’s Day song for my dad. I’m not a professional singer or songwriter. We go bowling. Happy Father’s Day.
26 Jun 2009
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Shaman Strings (www.shamanstrings****) performs a nonwestern style that draws on ancient Raga traditions of India, chants in Asia, Native American chanting, modern, classical, and global spirituality, and spoken word. spoken word. Scot Aron is the Shaman, and Govinda Schlegel, a Shivite Hindu, plays the Sitar and traditional stringed instruments from the Far East. Beatrice Berger is a classically trained, professional singer that will occasionally contribute supporting vocals.The group is based in Trier, one of the oldest cities of Germany, once home to Constantine, and birthplace of Karl Marx. Most performances captured to video have been recorded live. Check the latest musical artists song releases on Apple's iTunes, at: *******www.actorschecklist****/resources/itunes.php
22 Mar 2010
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How could a three minute and one second, classic, love-lost song be extended into a video of nine minutes long? You probably recall a number of feature length films based from hit songs. In this video it could be the convivial, amiable interaction between two, background actors at a television studio in northern New Jersey. Dennis Yost's (and the Classic 4) song as you see did not exactly inspired the creation of the video filmed in real life, but it is a main part of it. Professional singer Lawerance Rush of another video, 'You Are All I Need' resumes his creative interpretation of hit songs with the willing assistance of another, film extra, Erin Randolph as they await their call back to the film set. I was with them along with Mike Weaver who happens to walk into the video in the holding room. You may consider that it could be any other song that Ms. Randolph and Mr. Rush might set in their exchange in a helpful, amigo tone. This sense of comrade might be something numerous folks easily engage in and maybe what many others wish for. Erin and Lawerence were strangers to each other before we met for our work day. You may feel free to comment if you wish so.
23 Mar 2010
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*******www.kenallanphillipscd**** *******www.kenallanphillips**** *******www.the4crooners**** *******www.thenewchaperones**** If you are an industry professional seeking to utilize my services, this video will help you with presenting me for targeted marketing. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the music industry most of my life. My Solo "Vintage Oldies Recording Artist" CD Creation - "That Old Feeling" - has been an exciting and rewarding experience. My vocals have been compared to Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby in many of my renditions (great combo, in my opinion). I have also conducted my own network marketing campaign to spread the word that I am an established seasoned professional singer and performer and have the resume of previous professional experience to prove it. I look forward to hearing from you and collaborating on a joint effort that will be mutually beneficial to us. In Harmony, Ken Allan Phillips
25 Apr 2010
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*******scottsdaletailor.wordpress**** 480-951-2317 Scottsdale Arizona Some of you may even know me as "Jose your Tailor". I have been a tailor in Scottsdale Arizona, and have been helping people with alterations of their clothing for over 30 years. But, did you know I'm also a professional singer? This is a song called "Silvia". If your wondering what alterations I can tailor for you. Here is a list: * Prom Dresses * Brides Maid Dresses * Wedding Dresses * Tuxedos * Suits * Leather Pant * Mink o and more. Just call 480-951-2317 to see if I can help. Tailoring and alterations can make the difference between clothing that looking good and looking great on you. Our tailors have years experience about altering dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, gowns, jackets, suits, leather, mink and outerwear. Not only are our alterations of the highest quality, but you can expect the work to be done in a timely manner.
3 May 2010
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http:;//koncert4kiddz**** Koncert 4 Kiddz raises money for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation in Tampa Bay. This event puts professional singers and other celebrities on stage singing for a cure.
24 Mar 2011
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Hi, I'm Danny Pardo of the Actors Reporter. Today let's talk about how an actor interacts with the Union. SAG-AFTRA represents professional singers and other vocalists, actors, news broadcasters, dancers, talk show hosts, disc jockeys, announcers, and other TV and radio personalities. What are the responsibilities of the union talent to their union? This is not a complete list. Please go to SAGAFTRA**** for more current and complete guidelines. However, in general: First, union members who choose to secure the services of an agent are, generally, required to choose from a list of franchised representatives [i.e. those that are bound by the Unions? Agency Regulations, SAG's former Rule 16(g) and AFTRA's former Rule 12-C, respectively]. The Unions can only protect you when you are represented by franchised agents. (Once SAGAFTRA rules are updated, we will update this story text). Second, whether or not your are represented by an agent, make sure it's a union job you are agreeing to do, Third, file out the correct forms, including contracts and time sheets. Fourth, take responsibility for your career. Check or have your representative check on the status of your Union pension deposits from jobs you've worked. Fifth, report to the Union if you believe the producer is not meeting all the obligations to the performers under contract. And, Lastly, report anything illegal or immoral on the set to the Union. If you are a Union member, you might as well take advantage of the Union's protections. I'm Danny Pardo of the Actors Reporter. Thank you for joining me. See you soon.
20 Jan 2012
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*******www.DreamWeaverEntertainment****, (Karaoke DJ Houston Conroe), Do you need a DJ or Karaoke Host for your next function? Do you want a professionally trained staff of highly talented singers and host who will make your next function both fun and memorable? Then call Steve Harvey of Dream Weaver Entertainment at 281-255-9640 to get a free quote. Dream Weaver Entertainment has been in buisness for over 15 years and it only uses the best system, the best choice of music, and the best championship singers to host their shows. If the event that you are planning is inportant to you then call in the "A" team at Dream Weaver Entertainment at 281-255-9640 to get a free quote and get it done right. DreamWeaver only uses the best equipment, the best music calalogs, and championship caliber singers who host their shows. As a bonus ALL of the host sing some songs LIVE and do an excellent job in adding a LIVE dimension to your Wedding or Event. Your guest will think you have spent thousands of dollars, but our prices are very affordable. We have Plans to fit every budget and venue. Make your next function a hit. #live entertainment, what is karaoke, karaoke services, karaoke songs, instrumental songs, backing tracks, #DJ for Weddings Texas, #Wedding DJ Houston, #Wedding DJ Conroe, #Wedding DJ Spring, #Wedding DJ The Woodlands, dj services, hire a dj, dj for hire, dj for weddings, #lLow Cost Karaoke Service Houston, #Cheap Low Cost DJ Wedding Music Houston, #Corporate Music DJ Service,#Corporate Private Karaoke DJ, karaoke song list, #Karaoke DJ For Rent Hire Houston Conroe, #Professional Host, #Professional Singers, DJ Professional Appearance. *******www.DreamWeaverEntertainment****, [Karaoke DJ Houston Conroe]
26 Jan 2012
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************/watch?v=iymdY0T1uZY This video by professional singer, Aaron Anastasi, is an easy to follow video designed to assist you to learn how to sing good. If you are a singer and you want
24 Dec 2012
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