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This channel is the official Metacafe presence of Video Professor HBB – Internet Home-Based Business. Learn how to create and run a successful business Online. Find out what cutting-edge strategies to use to drive massive amounts of search engine traffic, how to promote products and services through pay-per-click advertising and how to take advantage of the social networking sites such as Facebook® and Twitter®.
Jeff Fisher on What Makes A Great Day Care Website Hi, Jeff Fisher here with Local Child Care Marketing. Tonight I want to discuss what makes a great daycare website. I've got an example here of what we consider a really nice little website that gets the message out but allows the people to get what they need as quickly as possible. You have about seven seconds before they're going to leave the page. So you want to have your phone number up here. You want to make sure that's clearly visible. Understand that they come over here to the left hand side. The eye moves down a little bit then they start reading from left to right. So we want to make sure your top benefits are listed here. And there we want some kind of video. We call this "Professor Puppet" video about the slideshow. Something that conveys the message of what we've said over here. So we have not only words but we have visuals to back that up. We put in an 'Events and Updates' page, you can also call it blog. You want to talk 'About Us', you want the 'Programs' listed in a drop-down menu here so that they simply can be reviewed and clicked on. You need about three hundred and fifty words on each of those individual pages. 'Parent Testimonials', you want to get both written and in video and get them up on the site. Simple 'Contact Us' form works really well. Ten factors to consider when choosing a childcare or daycare. So what we do is, as a part of our package, is we offer to create a simple little handout that you can use for tours, you can use it at local elementary school fairs and most important, people who put it in their name and email and they can get the report. You also want to put this image here of your building. We find that as a way that reduces stress especially for parents that are new to town. And then a little button here that allows you to click to get driving directions. Continuing down to this sidebar, we want to have again our blog, events and updates available so they can ge
8 Jun 2017
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Sketch Comedy Show - Penny is now dating multiple gentlemen to see either they are worthy to have more fun with her. She loves a man of science. Of course, she would love to date her boss, Professor Puppet, if he's not too enough though. lol :) We are back on episode 2 Season 2 of the Professor After Dark Show. This Sketch Comedy Show is made possible through the sponsorship of *******AdamAndEve****. Don't forget to Enter the Adam and Eve Coupon HANS at the checkout to get 50% OFF on almost ANY item. Plus FREE Discreet Shipping, a FREE Sexy Gift, and FREE Hot Bonus DVD's. ***********/watch?v=vaeM48I8saM
20 Nov 2012
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Professor Puppet looks at the core values of production music company; Audio Network. He loves their dedication to great music and the best artists/composers around! Check out *******www.audionetwork****/.
10 Apr 2012
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