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Prompt can help you to communicate the benefits of your organisation, your products and your services to the people who matter. We do that by providing you with the right mix of media relations, copywriting, creative, marketing, social media, video production and analyst relations for your organisation.
Ruben Professional Gardening Winnetka, CA, 91306 (408) 835-7290 Ruben Professional Gardening provides the best and prompt service. We offer quality gardening, landscaping, tree service and many more quality services. With 25 yrs of experience we do quality work and attention to every detail clearly sets us apart from our competition. Lawn Maintenance Service; Sprinkler System Installation; Tree Service; Hauling Service; Cleanup Service; Reseda Los Angeles, CA Landscaper, Landscaping Contractor, Landscaping Service, Gardening Service, Gardener
20 Sep 2017
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Radiation exposure may be internal or external, and can be acquired through various exposure pathways. Internal exposure to ionizing radiation occurs when a radionuclide is inhaled, ingested or otherwise enters into the bloodstream (for example, by injection or through wounds). Internal exposure stops when the radionuclide is eliminated from the body, either spontaneously (such as through excreta) or as a result of a treatment. External exposure may occur when airborne radioactive material (such as dust, liquid, or aerosols) is deposited on skin or clothes. This type of radioactive material can often be removed from the body by simply washing. Exposure to ionizing radiation can also result from irradiation from an external source, such as medical radiation exposure from X-rays. External irradiation stops when the radiation source is shielded or when the person moves outside the radiation field. People can be exposed to ionizing radiation under different circumstances, at home or in public places (public exposures), at their workplaces (occupational exposures), or in a medical setting (as are patients, caregivers, and volunteers). Exposure to ionizing radiation can be classified into 3 exposure situations. The first, planned exposure situations, result from the deliberate introduction and operation of radiation sources with specific purposes, as is the case with the medical use of radiation for diagnosis or treatment of patients, or the use of radiation in industry or research. The second type of situation, existing exposures, is where exposure to radiation already exists, and a decision on control must be taken – for example, exposure to radon in homes or workplaces or exposure to natural background radiation from the environment. The last type, emergency exposure situations, result from unexpected events requiring prompt response such as nuclear accidents or malicious acts.
28 Sep 2017
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How to Identify thoracic abdominal aneurysm|Aortic Dissection Symptoms An aortic dissection is a tear in the inner layer of your aorta (the biggest blood vessel in your body). Blood then pours through the tear, splitting (aka "dissecting") the inner and middle layers of your aorta. To identify an aortic dissection, it is key to characterize the nature of your chest pain, including its onset and intensity as well as where it radiates to (such as radiating to your back). It is also key to look out for associated symptoms that may go alongside an aortic dissection. If you suspect that you are having an aortic dissection, go to the Emergency Room immediately, and call 911 if you need an ambulance to bring you there. Receiving prompt diagnosis and treatment is essential and may in fact save your life. 1 Look out for sudden, intense chest pain.[1] Sudden intense chest pain can occur in a number of serious medical conditions, including heart attacks, certain acute lung problems, and also in aortic dissection. If you are experiencing severe chest pain, go to your local Emergency Room immediately. It may be a sign of an aortic dissection, which is a life-threatening condition that needs immediate emergency medical attention. Even if it is not an aortic dissection, severe chest pain may be another medical emergency (such as a heart attack or a blood clot in your lung, among other things) so it is key to receive professional medical attention immediately. Ask a friend or family member to drive you straight to the Emergency Room, or call 911 to have an ambulance bring you there. 2 Watch for chest pain that radiates to your back.[2] One of the "red flag" (key) symptoms that leads doctors to suspect an aortic dissection is if your chest pain radiates through to your back. It is most often felt as an intense "ripping" sensation, and frequently correlates to aortic dissection. However, imaging tests will need to be done to confirm the diagnosis of aortic dissection. Aortic dissec
28 Sep 2017
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How to Know if Left Arm Pain Is Heart Related|slight discomfort in chest Pain in the left arm can be due to many conditions, ranging from run of the mill muscle pain to a severe heart attack. Abnormalities of the skin, soft tissue, nerves, bones, joints and blood vessels of the arm can all cause pain. There are a number of factors to consider in order to determine whether your left arm pain is heart-related or not. 1 Note the duration. If your left arm pain has a very short duration (seconds) it is very unlikely to be caused by the heart. Along the same lines, if the pain has persisted for a long time (for days or even weeks), it is also unlikely to be heart-related. If it lasts in the realm of a few minutes to a few hours, however, it may be a heart attack. If your pain is recurring in short intervals, take note of all the durations and intensities of the pain on a piece of paper to bring to your doctor. This could also be heart-related and warrants prompt medical attention. When the pain is released or accentuated by movement of the thorax (mid-spine region), it is probably due to a spinal degenerative disc disease, especially in older patients. This type of pain is unlikely to be caused by the heart. Similarly, when the pain appears after a vigorous exercise with your arms, it is probably muscular in origin. Look at your daily patterns. What seems to aggravate it 2 Consider that your left arm pain could relate to angina. Angina is a pain that occurs when there is insufficient blood flow to the heart.[9] Angina is often a squeezing or pressure sensation; you may feel pain in your shoulders, your chest, your arms, your back, or your neck. It may also resemble the feeling of indigestion.[10] Although it is atypical for angina to appear only in the left arm, it is possible. Angina is usually worsened or provoked with stress - either physical stress (such as exertion, like after climbing a flight of stairs), or emotional stress (such as after a heated conversation
28 Sep 2017
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Steve's Piano Service Westwood, NJ, 07675 (201) 664-1128 Steve's Piano Service from Westwood, NJ is locally owned and offers piano repair, tuning, and regulating service. We have been serving Bergen County since 1976. We offer prompt service at reasonable rates. Enjoy your piano, keep it tuned. Call us today for more information. Piano Technician, Piano Action Repair, Piano String Replacement, Piano Key Tuning, Piano Action Regulation Emerson, NJ;Township of Washington, NJ;Hillsdale, NJ;River Vale, NJ;Harrington Park, NJ Piano Tuning Service, Piano Repair, Piano Tuner, Local Piano Service, Piano Repair Service
28 Sep 2017
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The user-friendly donation script facilitates promptly establishing an efficient and global standard donation based fundraising Script business. By focusing on growing demand for the online fundraising platform and entrepreneur’s needs in establishing such platform, we put forward our exclusively developed Donation script.
3 Oct 2017
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This is a virtually unblockable way of getting to the command prompt in windows..
19 Feb 2007
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this tutorial waz made by me and there is more to come ......this will show you how to open the command prompt in places that its disabled by the administrator like school ...........but dont get caught usin the prompt ......ok good luck .....hackerz unite to stop bad things from happenin to pcz........
23 Feb 2007
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A brief video demonstrating how easy it is to create a command prompt
17 Apr 2007
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This is a quick video to show you how to change your windows login password using the Command Prompt.
19 Jun 2007
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use this trick to enable the command prompt "cmd.exe" when yours is blocked at school / library / work or just need to nav faster
7 Jul 2007
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Here is how you can separate or filter lines from a file to a separate file of any extension using command prompt in a simple way
30 Sep 2007
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