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According to a recent Harris Poll, 78% of Americans say they wear sunscreen, but only 19% say they wear it every day. Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Jacquelyn Dosal discusses this concerning trend, the biggest misconceptions about sunscreen and when and how to properly use it this summer and beyond.
19 Jun 2019
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*******warehousingequipmentdirect****/index.php/Safety-Man-Baskets.html Warehousing Equipment Direct is a leading distributor of Safety Man Baskets that are designed to protect your personnel to the max. These are specifically designed to provide added safety to prevent accidental slipping or falling out of the basket. This video shows how to properly use a safety man basket. To learn more or purchase one, call click or visit 800-845-5655! Distributed by Tubemogul.
4 May 2009
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How To Properly Use a Fishing Rod & Reel
19 Oct 2009
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Ava Frick and *******www.MidwestMicrocurrent**** is always throwing seminars so you and your staff can properly use the Alpha-Stim therapy to start changing the lives of your patients today!
26 Feb 2010
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Proper or improper... Depends how you look at this.
10 Apr 2006
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*******www.chrysaliscorporation****/disc.htm Learn about using the DISC Behavioral Profile as part of the employee selection process. Visit our web site to learn more tips about employee assessment and pre-employment tests.
27 Feb 2008
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Learn how to use your kitchen cutting utensils properly and safely when preparing food.
14 Apr 2008
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Q: Jerry could you talk a little bit about the actual cards and how the restaurant make the selection? Jerry: Restaurants as well as the other businesses like to brand the name. Look at Mcdonalds. And so what we do is we encourage the restaurants to do it in two ways. We have different cards we have a thank-you card, we have a birthday card, we have an anniversary card. Many of the restaurants use the same picture I need to the card. So, when the customer gets that picture they know its coming from that restaurant since that i have one restaurant that the picture on the card is the picture that you see when you first walk in to the restaurant so everybody knows that that is coming from that particular restaurant. The other way that a restaurant work is to put the logo on the picture but we'll change the picture. But again it's a type of brand because they see that particular logo constantly on with a little information. One of the good things about cards is people tend to get them and they hold on to them. The shelf life of these card people put the on the side they put them on the fridge and they use all the time. We also by the way one of the things what we do when we print these cards. We don't label them. The name, address and that goes on the card is directly printed on the card and the card is sent that first class on the people get them immediately. The other thing we have on here we have a code for instance if it's July it will have a 7 and if August, we'll have an 8 so the restaurant can tell when that card was sent and they can even check to see how many months that person held it before they use it. Now the other thing is that the car is very important because of the fact that they require more than 4 people when it come, and listen if you are at home and you're having a birthday and you have one my cards I offered you a bottle a wine versus two other promotions they offered you nothing but to other restaurants that you like and where are we gonna go? So certainly they pick out the one with promotions because they're not getting something for nothing and that's what people like. So, all in all the cards do very well it's a higher percentage of return, higher than national average, almost double than the national average. So that's very important to know and the restaurant love it and that's easy ways to make money and bring in new customers.
12 Aug 2011
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This guy in the hole has found the perfect use of the road. If you also have roads with a big hole like this one then I need not tell you what to do.
10 Sep 2018
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Bored Technion students trying to figure out proper use to condoms
12 Apr 2007
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Learn how to properly use the bathroom.
15 Apr 2007
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Urges Pet Owners to Carefully Follow Certain Directions on Flea and Tick Control Product Packages to Reduce Potential Risks to Dogs and Cats Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc., a leading provider of over-the-counter flea and tick control products for dogs and cats, is reminding pet owners of the need to follow specific label directions regarding the proper use of flea and tick control products and their potential associated risks through its national consumer educational campaign called "Look at the Label." "The misuse of flea and tick products is, unfortunately, fairly common and potentially harmful," says Joel Adamson, senior vice president at Sergeant's. "Taking the time to read a product label can mean the difference between the life, health and death of your pet."
16 Jun 2007
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