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Prosumer Hard Drive Recorder HDR-200, Datavideos Hard Drive Video Recorder, new 3'5" hard drive recorder to capture directly on HD!
6 Jan 2010
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******* Limited household budget is where network marketing downlines get stuck. Network marketers help downlines become prosumers. How does a prosumer make the household budget work?
8 Sep 2009
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A mini converter that enables users to convert the output from any camera, including prosumer level cameras, to professional SD-SDI for easy connection to existing professional or broadcast equipment.
8 Jan 2010
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Quando potrai avere tempo e denaro, potrai anche essere meno distratto.
28 Feb 2008
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Blue Microphones Executives discuss new pro-sumer products: the Bottles Rocket Stages 1 and 2, plus the Icicle.
25 Nov 2008
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What's the best gear for capturing amazing family photos? Daddy Troy asks guest photog and Austin celebrity Eric Doggett for the info. Point and shoot? DSLR? Pro-sumer? What makes the best sense for a Dad capturing precious family memories? DadLabs ep 488 is brought to you by BabyBjorn. Distributed by Tubemogul.
27 Mar 2009
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******* A limited household budget is where network marketing reps get stuck. How does a network marketing company distributor think of household budget in network marketing business?
15 Sep 2009
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his is the best setup for fast swap battery changing.
21 Oct 2009
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Everyone announced 3D HDTVs, including Panasonic and Toshiba, but there’s a lot more. See Sharp’s new quad-color LCD – adding a yellow pixel to blue, green and red. Toshiba is using their new Cell processor to enhance 3D too. Also Panasonic is launching a consumer 3D HD video camera, so you can pretend you too are James Cameron.
14 Jan 2010
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******* - Top 5 HD Camcorders for 5 Budgets rates JVC GC-WP10, Sony Bloggie Touch MHS-TS20, Sony HDR-CX130, Sony HDR-PJ50v and Canon XA10 the Best.
8 Aug 2011
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In this episode, I review the Canon XA10 camcorder. Blurring the line between the professional and consumer level of video camcorders, I test it to see what it has to offer.
6 Nov 2011
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Lorenzo from Campagnolo introduces BikeRadar to the new Athena version of the EPS. Campag claim that the Athena offers identical performance to the Record and Super Record, with the reduced price traded off against a small weight penalty.
30 Sep 2012
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Man is God. He is everywhere, he is anybody, he knows everything. This is the Prometeus new world. All started with the Media Revolution, with Internet, at the end of the last century. Everything related to the old media vanished: Gutenberg, the copyright, the radio, the television, the publicity. The old world reacts: more restrictions for the copyright, new laws against non authorized copies. Napster, the music peer to peer company is sued. At the same time, free internet radio appears; TIVO, the internet television, allows to avoid publicity; the Wall Street Journal goes on line; Google launches Google news. Millions of people read daily the biggest on line newspaper. Ohmynews written by thousands of journalists; Flickr becomes the biggest repository in the history of photos, YouTube for movies. The power of the masses. A new figure emerges: the prosumer, a producer and a consumer of information. Anyone can be a prosumer. The news channels become available on Internet. The blogs become more influential than the old media. The newspapers are released for free. Wikipedia is the most complete encyclopedia ever. In 2007 Life magazine closes. The NYT sells its television and declares that the future is digital. BBC follows. In the main cities of the world people are connected for free. At the corners of the streets totems print pages from blogs and digital magazines. The virtual worlds are common places on the Internet for millions of people. A person can have multiple on line identities. Second Life launches the vocal avatar. The old media fight back. A tax is added on any screen; newspapers, radios and televisions are financed by the State; illegal download from the web is punished with years of jail. Around 2011 the tipping point is reached: the publicity investments are done on the Net. The electronic paper is a mass product: anyone can read anything on plastic paper. In 2015 newspapers and broadcasting television disappear, digital terrestrial is abandoned, the radio goes on the Internet. The media arena is less and less populated. Only the Tyrannosaurus Rex survives. The Net includes and unifies all the content. Google buys Microsoft. Amazon buys Yahoo! and become the world universal content leaders with BBC, CNN and CCTV. The concept of static information - books, articles, images - changes and is transformed into knowledge flow. The publicity is chosen by the content creators, by the authors and becomes information, comparison, experience. In 2020 Lawrence Lessig, the author of 'Free Culture', is the new US Secretary of Justice and declares the copyright illegal. Devices that replicate the five senses are available in the virtual worlds. The reality could be replicated in Second Life. Any one has an Agav (agent-avatar) that finds information, people, places in the virtual worlds. In 2022 Google launches Prometeus, the Agav standard interface. Amazon creates Place, a company that replicates reality. You can be on Mars, at the battle of Waterloo, at the Super Bowl as a person. It's real. In 2027 Second Life evolves into Spirit. People become who they want. And share the memory. The experiences. The feelings. Memory selling becomes a normal trading. In 2050 Prometeus buys Place and Spirit. Virtual life is the biggest market on the planet. Prometeus finances all the space missions to find new worlds for its customers: the terrestrial avatar. Experience is the new reality. Voice: Philip K. Dick Avatar. Date: 6th April 2051 Lugar: desconocido
1 Jan 2008
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snopes****: Quixtar a scam? Think again.. All the wealthiest people in the world have created networks. What is quixtar? It's a virtual domain, you can't be in it, it's just a tool that people use. Like a cell phone; you can throw it at someone or you can call someone. Quixtar is used by many educational programs and has models that people try to capitalize with it (marketing, sales & assets). Some of the most successful are built upon the asset model. Why? They teach people how to run an actual business and duplicate. The power? You can create a network of prosumers. This is key! Everyone in the world is a consumer, not many are profit-sharing consumers (aka prosumers). Since the rise of the first PC in 1981 and the rise of the internet in the 90's, people are realizing that they can buy things online and cut out middlemen in the process. The result? People that have the ambition are creating massive amounts of wealth by educating others how to make money as well. Need proof? Come check out the students at UW-Madison and you'll be amazed at how many students make just as much money part time as you do working full time. The problem today? Most people are too busy making 40k a year to make 100k. Anyone can make money, but do you make a difference?
9 Feb 2009
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5:15 Subtitles also available in: English: Hombre es Dios. El està en todas cosas, el es cualquiera, el conoce todas cosas. Este es el nuevo mundo de Prometeus. Todo comienza con la Revolucion de los medios de comunicaciòn de masa,con Internet, al final del siglo pasado. Todo lo relaccionado con los viejos medios desaparece: Gutemberg, los derechos de autor, la radio, la television, la pubblicidad. El Viejo Mundo reacciona: màs restricciones al derecho de autor, nueva leyes contra las copias no autorizadas. Al mismo tiempo,en Internet, aparecen las radios gratuitas; TIVO, la televisiòn Internet, permite evitar la publicidad. El Wall Street Journal sale en Internet. Google lanza Google News. Millones de personas leen, todos los dias, el mayor periòdico on line: Ohmynews es escrito por miles de periodistas. Flickr se convierte en el mayor archivo de fotografìas de la historia: You Tube para las pelìculas. El poder a las masas. Surge una nueva figura: el "prosumer", productor y consumidor de informaciones. Cualquiera puede convertirse en un "prosumer". Canales con noticias empiezan a ser disponibles en Internet. Los blogs se vuelven màs influyente de los viejos medios. Los Diarios son distribuidos gratuitamente. Wikipedia es la màs completa enciclopedia jamàs existida. En el 2007 la revista Life cesa la actividad. El New York Times vende su propia televison y declara qué el futuro serà digital. La BBC lo sigue. En las mayores ciudades del mundo las personas son conectadas gratuitamente. En los angulos de las calles, Tòtems imprimen paginas sacadas da blogs y diarios digitales. Los mundos virtuales son espacios comunes para millones de personas. Las personas pueden tener, on line, mùltiples identidades. Second Life lanza el Avatar hablante. Los viejos medios de comunicaciòn rompen las hostilidades. Una tasa es agregada a cada panoràmica; Las revistas, las radios y las televisiones son financiados por los Estados; descargar ilegalmente de la Red es sancionado con años de carcel. Alrededor del 2011 llega el punto sin regreso: la mayoria de las inversiones publicitarias se realizan en la Red. Los diarios electronicos son un productos de masa: qualquiera puede leer qualquier cosa en su hoja de plastico. Nel 2015 los diarios y las compañias de television desaparecen, el digital terrestre es abandonado, la radio se traslada en Internet. La arena de los medios es siempre meno poblada. Solamente el Tyrannosaurus Rex sobrevive. La Red incluye y unifica todo el contenible. Google compra Microsoft, Amazon compra Yahoo, transformandose, en un lider mundial de la informacion junto con la BBC, la CNN y la CCTV. El concepto de informaciòn estàtica; como son los libros, los articulos y las imagenes, cambia y todo es transformado en un flujo de conocimiento. La publicidad es elegida por los creadores y por los autores y se tranforma en informaciòn, comparaciòn, experiencia. En el 2020 Lawrence Lessing autor de "Cultura Libre" es el nuevo Ministro de la Justicia de los Estados Unidos y declara ilegal el derecho de autor. Dispositivos que replican los cinco sentidos ya son disponibles en los mundos virtuales. La realidad puede ser replicada en Second Life. Quienquiera tiene un Agav (agente-avatar) che busca informes, personas y lugares en los Mundos Virtuales. En el 2022 Google lanza Prometeus, El Agav con interfaz estandard. Ustedes se pueden encontrar en Marte, nel medio de la batalla de Waterloo o presenciar el Super Bowl. Es real. En el 2027 Second Life se transforma en Spirit. Las personas se convierten en lo que desean. Se puede compartir la memoria, las experiencias, las sensibilidades. La memoria se vuelve objeto de normal comercio. En el 2050 Prometeus compra Place y Spirit. La Vida Virtual es el mercado màs grande del pianeta. Prometeus financia todas las misiones espaciales al fin de encontrar nuevos mundos para sus propios consumidores: Los Avatar terrestres. La experiencia es la nueva realidad. Voz: Philip K.Dick Avatar Fecha:6 Abril 2051 Lugar: desconocido English and Japanese subtitles available.
4 Aug 2008
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Le reti TLC permettono di semplificare e velocizzare i processi di trasmissione delle informazioni. Ma questo è solo uno dei cambiamenti che questa nuova tecnologia può portare con sé. Si configura infatti un modo nuovo di comunicare, in cui la relazione tra front-end e back-end si fa più stretta. Per comprendere la portata di questo cambiamento, si pensi a come stanno mutando i tradizionali rapporti tra azienda e cliente, o tra pubblica amministrazione e cittadino: l’utente diventa sempre più parte attiva nei processi comunicativi, un prosumer le cui esigenze non si può fingere di non vedere.
21 Nov 2008
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