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Check out my first "Proton". Hilarious.
7 Sep 2006
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See how a Proton Waja driven by one of Japanese drivers from SuperGT.The Porsche Cayman was also there for track testing during the 2007 SuperGT Sepang unofficial ,test day.Drivers testing the newly laid track with their rented cars note : it was a stock Waja .Unmodified and a rented vehicle.
23 Jun 2007
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Part 2 video of our in-car video footage for the 15th July 2007 ;Sunday Track Day in Sepang International Circuit.Two cameras were mounted on a Proton Wira 4G63 turbo.For in-car camera service please contact us.
19 Jul 2007
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This is a spoof on how Proton should do their ads. We're helping Proton to save up on advertisement expenditure by NOT paying Godzilla and NOT coming up with nonsensical, retarded commercials. This commercial spoof made by Terato Dot Com shows how Proton cars are viewed by the majority of Malaysians. Thanks to the improved ride and handling by Lotus, this GTi is a gem. Well, almost...
28 Jul 2007
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lihat cermin depan proton jenis mudah pecah!!! proven as advertised by proton itself
4 Oct 2007
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Iklan Raya Proton Unsensored. Layan
8 Oct 2007
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*******www.videokl**** Proton Saga BLM video pelancaran Proton saga Baru - proton saga BLM The New Proton Saga BLM launching by Pak Lah Hot and Sexy Proton saga will be hit market on 18th of jan 2008 and its suitable for any age includes younger sexy teens or as family car. The funny thing is most of the design is said to be copycat from others established car. That's normal since big name of car manufacturer also does copy some deisgn from their competitors. credit to original video owner. for more hot car video, visit www.videokl****
18 Mar 2008
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Pure "Proton Perdana" performance test Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Jul 2008
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The 28 days later report about the MagicWater powered Perdana (Proton) V6 (2L) vehicle' performance test (trying to solve the Perdana performance problem)... Success, download the complete test-clip at ******* Distributed by Tubemogul.
5 Aug 2008
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Compilation of spyshot pics of Proton's first MPV that is set to launch in early 2009
17 Nov 2008
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Honda civic ek9. Video taken from proton persona IAFM. Going back Putrajaya from zoo Melaka.
23 May 2009
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New era for Proton Waja spec with combination of bodyworks from R3, RS and Campro which result a Smart, Superb and Stylo car. Its look so cool and elegence. Suitable for all generation. Auto-Adaptative transmission - sporty drivers without the need to activate any "sport" or "economy" buttons. Electronic Throttle Body Control a.k.a. Drive-by-Wire. electronically controlled transmission also has overdrive switch, a feature, which helpful for the driver to change the gear position during overtaking or taking hard corner in order to maintain the road grip. More pics and details at URLs' ***********/photos/riezalsanusi/sets/72157611676184287/show/
2 Sep 2009
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Proton Satria 4G63 VR4 TURBO vs Proton Putra 4G63 TURBO drag 400m in TURBO open 2WD category at Malaysia Sepang Drag Battle 2008.
27 May 2009
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Proton Satria 4G63 Turbo vs Mazda TX3 B8 Turbo in Open Turbo 2WD Category at Malaysia Sepang Drag Battle 2008
27 May 2009
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Andre Sobota - Outside on Proton Music Genre: Prog-House, Release Date: Dec 31 2009 Label: Proton Music 1 Andre Sobota - One Day Out 2 Andre Sobota - Red Dust 3 Andre Sobota - Unreal Release Info: From Sao Paolo, Brazil comes Progressive's latest savior and Proton Music's final release of 2009. We saved the best for last. Andre Sobota first made waves at the end of 2008 with a full on remix of Gui Boratto courtesy of Spectrum Recordings (UK). In 2009, after two EPs on Spectrum, a remix of Bastards of Funk & Sonic Union on Proton Music, and a new original via Dave Seaman's Audiotherapy just this month, Andre now takes center stage on Proton Music with a 3 track EP destined for greatness. A new artist shouldn't sound that good, from our experience. But Andre does, and it's because while he's new to our scene he's ripping it up over in the drum'n'bass circles since 2004 under his Bungle alias. Take one listen to these tracks and you'll know they're something special, something progressive house DJs and listeners alike can bond with. In a sea of trendy Deadmau5 progressive chart toppers, take a step outside and listen to something fresh. Enjoy. Promo service: *******www.VipUltima****
27 Dec 2009
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Eelke Kleijn - The Night - Part 2 // Proton Music Genre: Trance,Prog-House, Release Date: Jan 11 2010 Label: Proton Music 1 Eelke Kleijn - The Night (Lank Remix) 2 Eelke Kleijn - The Night (C-Jay Remix) Release Info: Another night with Eelke Kleijn courtesy of Lank & C-Jay. Outside the Box show host and label manager Eelke Kleijn is one of Proton Radio's most popular DJs and one of Proton Music's best-selling artists. With music appearing on Global Underground, Audio Therapy, Little Mountain, and plenty more, Eelke is a veritable king of progressive house. His first single for Proton Music, The Night, came out mid 2009 and get's revisited now by two of Proton Radio's newest hosts. Both Lank & C-Jay hosted successful new weekly shows on the station in 2009 and both are talented producers in their own right. Catch their shows on Proton Radio: Bounce Back with Lank, The Sessions with C-Jay, and Outside The Box with Eelke Kleijn. Cover Art by Alphabetica Design. Mastering by Eelke Kleijn. Music Promo Service by VIP Ultima *******www.VipUltima**** VIP Ultima is a Promotion Service for Music Professionals. It is used by Record Labels, Promotion Companies, and other Professionals in the Industry to get feedback comments from Top International DJs and Reviewers
5 Jan 2010
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