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22 Jun 2011
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Bangladeshi Actress ''Prova'' ,''sex scandal,full interview after the video release. i am shamed to see how close minded we bangladeshi people are. she was not having sex with a stranger or with some one for money. then why the hell u guys are calling her magi or porn-star? and even if she do, its none of our f***en business. she was having sex with her fiance with whom she was engaged for 7 years. unfortunately they break up for some reason. Common guys.. grow up.. are u telling me that if u r engaged with some1 for 7 years and no sex? r u made of flesh and blood or an angel dropped from sky? OR GAY? 1 more thing. prova didnt do it by herself. Why u r not doing RAZIB a MAGI? ohhh a guy cant be MAGI even though he f**k his maid.... u guys are a bunch of hypocrite
30 Jan 2014
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