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Kev Howell - "Distance" Live at Maybank Studios - Acoustic version of "Distance" , the opening track on Kev's debut album " Haunting ambition" out now! ©Kev Howell ©Novemberrecords2017 ‘Haunting Ambition’ album blends the brawny fiery punch of rock with sublime smoky poetry and sensual steamy psychedelia, showcasing his refined and proficient musicianship. - Indiebuddie "Bewitching and sublime, we at IndiePulse Music can see this will be a breakout release for Kev Howell" - Indiepulse Music "There is something in the way he deconstructs and rebuilds to make his own signature sound which is a real art" - A & R Factory. An intricately produced sonic work from Kev Howell which stands proudly as his first solo project." - Revelrouser/ Louder Than War
22 Dec 2017
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'Behind The Screams: I Recorded a Murder!' is a 2016 direct to video segment documentary short about Manny Velazquez's 2016 indie horror film 'I Recorded a Murder!' starring Adriana Carradero and Robert Cruz.
17 Sep 2016
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PARADISE Orc - music Right now the intention of Mark and Michael and 'was not to ask any limit the type of music played. The musical style is for the group as a color palette of the painter, a tool to create the best atmosphere that the song requires. Each band member comes from different musical experiences leaving a strong mark in any arrangement. The repertoire features an eclectic mix of pop and progressive rock and psychedelia, Mediterranean atmosphere and ethnic elements, defined by the band as PROP (K) MUSIC. The sound combines the influences of historical names such as Queen, Pink Floyd, Julian Cope, Frank Zappa, Genesis, Yes and the Talking Heads, and other such conveniences as Muse, Flaming Lips, Primus, Angra, Primus and Guillemots. Despite the name of the singing is primarily in English with a few exceptions. PARADISE Orc - the disc In the debut album the band picks up everything so far has been composed, so completely seal the first chapter of their musical research. The recording, mixing and mastering takes place entirely at ALTREFREQUENZE University of Brescia, with the invaluable technical support and GIORGIO GIORGIO Rebold SOON. To get an accurate picture of what PARADISE orc was at the time of entering the studio, and to give the tracks the same intention Executive who have live, the basics of guitar-bass-drums are recorded live deliberately fishing tools with the return of the microphones and with a rare use of the metronome. The same work was repeated with the second guitar and drums, which are taken simultaneously in the same room. An eclectic work within which live tracks from net long shot pop compositions alongside more nervous and moody, and more Mediterranean atmosphere are followed by more violent and heavy pieces. The disc will be presented Dec. 19, 2010 at 20:00 at the Lab of aerosols on Villanuova Clisi.
14 Mar 2011
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X1FM loves Of Montreal for several reasons. First of all they're not from Montreal at all. They are from Athens, Georgia (the spawning ground of REM). Second they mix indie pop, psychedelia and vaudeville into one delicious musical soup. Third, they are CRAZY on stage! So when we had the chance to get our cameras a live performance from Of Motreal, we thought should share it with you. Check it out, it's our exclusive live performance and it's yummy! www.x1fm****
3 Apr 2010
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Combining the intensity of psychedelia and creativity of the classic rock of the 60's and 70's with catchy modern pop riffs and haunting melodies, Holy Rolling Empire rocked our Open Door Sessions stage and demonstrated they are ready to break out of the southwest and rock this world! www.x1fm**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Mar 2010
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Jorge Beltrán: Guitar Victor Basurto: Bass Beto Centurión: Drums Originally released on HUMUS first cassette tape "Sientate y Escucha", 1988. Definitive version later appeared on "Tus Oidos Mienten" LP of 1992. This version recorded in rehearsal 1993. *******myspace****/humusmexico Humus Band mexico
28 Dec 2009
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Jorge Beltrán: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Drums. From HUMUS fourth cassette tape "SOPA INVISIBLE", 1990. *******myspace****/humusmexico Humus Band Mexico
7 Dec 2009
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Jorge Beltrán: Guitar Victor Basurto: Bass Beto Centurión: Drums *******myspace****/humusmexico Track dedicated to Silvia in 1990, Jorge's love partner when first released in HUMUS fourth cassette tape "SOPA INVISIBLE". Later released in a new version in second LP "HUMUS". 1994. This version recorded during a rehearsal in 1993 by the HUMUS band from Mexico
6 Dec 2009
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Jorge Beltrán: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Drums. From HUMUS First LP "Tus Oidos Mienten", 1992 Presenting the incredible art ofJustin Jenkins *******myspace****/artistjenkins
6 Dec 2009
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Jorge Beltrán: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Drums From Humus album "Demos", 2009 (Unreleased)
6 Dec 2009
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From "HUMUS 4º", 1997 Jorge Beltrán: Guitars & Keyboards Fernando Pineda: Bass Carlos Bozzo Vázquez: Drums
6 Dec 2009
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Pink Floyd Syd Barrett Roger Waters Wall, Vancouver Vagabond
10 Nov 2009
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una produzione ******* e urtovox records su gentile concessione di ******* // Beatrice Antolini liveCAST tour 2008-2009. 8 clip per 8 network per 8 settimane. Prima clip programmata per una settimana da Myspace Italia.
28 Mar 2009
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This is the first of three videos from the Stonephace camp. The self-titled album is due on 20th April. While recording Larry Stabbins and co had a narrative concept in mind for the whole record and running with the themes of surrealism and psychedelia that unite the music these videos have been made as a kind of visual glue to bind it all together. Sit back, relax and enjoy part one, which was made by Stella Marina .
19 Feb 2009
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*******myspace****/thecrystalclub vintage train footage travel through snowy conditions. just add psychedelia and hilarity ensues. Myspace/ TheCrystalClub
19 Oct 2008
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