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*******www.truelightoflife**** vxyx2z *******www.insight.spruz com __ MARILYN MONROE: 1926-1962 In 1955, an acting coach recommended that Monroe undergo psychoanalysis to tap into her "explosive energy." She started and eventually saw psychiatrist Marianne Kris, who prescribed the barbiturates the actress abused until her death. Of the psychoanalysis, Monroe said she felt "as if I were going around in circles. It was always…not where I was going but where had I been?" In 1960, Monroe saw psychiatrist Ralph Greenson, whose control over her was swift, severing all her close relationships. By 1962, she realized—too late—that she must "disconnect from Greenson." After spending six hours with him, she was found dead of a drug overdose. In the seven years prior to psychiatry’s influence, Monroe had made 23 movies. In the seven years of her psychiatric "care," she only made six films. In January, 1995, this co-author’s newsletter From A Follower of Christ had a feature article on Marilyn Monroe.
12 Dec 2011
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Dr. Mahin E Zandi, MD (310) 734-7440 Dr. Mahin E Zandi, MD With 42 Years of Medical Experience Board Certified Psychiatrist , Associate Professor of Psyciatry
14 Dec 2011
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Dr. Gary Small, a leading psychiatrist, has seen it all and shares stories of his most outlandish patients. From the naked lady who stood on her head to the man with the shrinking penis. Semel is director of the UCLA Center on Aging at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior
16 Jan 2012
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Dr. Gary Small, a leading psychiatrist, has seen it all and shares stories of his most bizarre patients. From the naked lady who stood on her head to the man with the shrinking penis.... He is author of, "The Naked Lady Who Stood on Her Head." He is director of the UCLA Center on Aging at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior.
23 Jan 2012
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When Martin begins to see things changing, he visits Dr. Sims for a solution. When the Doctor’s odd remedies start to make things worse, Martin realizes he may have to take matters into his own hands, no matter the consequences.
3 Jul 2007
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Dr. Jeffrey Schaler's speech on psychiatry, 2006
27 Mar 2008
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Dr. Phil gets bitchslapped!
28 Jun 2008
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me and my therapist. *******www.abigailsteendiary**** is the place 2 leeve yr videoz, blog n more
31 Mar 2008
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Do you suffer from gratifambitiouselfishism?
4 Apr 2008
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Being a shrink and a comic is funny.
2 Aug 2008
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11 Mar 2009
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Howie is depressed, and his owner will try anything to figure out what's wrong. Turns out all he needed was a Flappy!
18 Apr 2009
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Surveillance Video Fort Hood Suspect Before Shootings hasan CNN Convenience Store Surveillance Video Fort Hood Shooter Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan 11/05/09 Surveillance Video Of Fort Hood Shooter Major Nidal Malik Hasan cctv store
7 Nov 2009
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Thinkbox, the television marketing body for the main UK commercial television broadcasters, has launched its first ever TV advertising campaign, to remind advertisers of the unrivalled power, value and effectiveness of TV advertising and to encourage advertisers considering using TV for the first time to seek help from Thinkbox.
17 Dec 2009
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******* anxiety depression, -when you start to experience anxious thoughts, it is very important not to force the thoughts away. Let the thoughts in. The more comfortable you can become with them, the better. These thoughts will never go away fully but what you can learn is to change your reaction to them. By changing your reaction to the anxious thoughts you become free of them. Once you establish a new way of reacting to the thoughts it does not matter if you have them or not. Your reaction is what defines the whole experience (and that applies to almost everything). Everybody experiences fleeting thoughts that many would consider scary or crazy. The difference between most people and somebody who gets caught up in them, is that the average person sees them for exactly what they are, fleeting anxious thoughts, and casually ignores them. The anxious person is at a disadvantage as they already have a certain level of anxiety in their system. The thoughts easily spark feelings of further anxiety which builds into a cycle of fear. You break the cycle by changing how you react to the fearful thought. Here is an example of how to approach this: You are enjoying the way your day is going but then all of sudden a fearful thought comes to mind. Before you would react with anxiety to the idea and then try to force that thought out of your mind. This time, however, say: “That’s a fear of X. I could worry and even obsess over that but this time I’m going to do something different. I’m not going to react to it. I’m also not going to try and stop it either. I’m just going to label the thought and not react.” Then the thought comes again with more intensity and possibly with new ’scary’ angles you never considered. When this happens you do exactly the same. As if you were observing a cloud passing overhead, you simply -Observe it, -Label it (fear of whatever), then -Watch it as it passes by with no judgment. then -Move your attention on to what you were doing. Observe, Label, Watch, Move on See the anxious thought for what it really is: -one of the thousands of fleeting sane and insane thoughts every one of us experiences daily. If you are a more indoors type of person then instead of thinking of the thoughts like clouds passing in the sky, you might try imagining a large cinema screen and the anxious thoughts are projected out onto the screen in front of you. Play around with this approach. Find what works for you. The key thing to remember is to: Observe, Label, Watch, Move on By practicing this approach you gradually stop reacting with fear to the thought and you learn to treat it as nothing more than an odd peculiarity.
29 Dec 2010
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When her poodle acts out, Boz's owner brings him in for some couch time with a headshrinker.
5 May 2010
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