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Gary sees a fortune teller / psychic tarot card reader to score some weed. His tarot cards fortune reading doesn't look good. Luckily, the psychic palm reader / tarot advisor removes the weed curse. I think he should of got a tarot palm reading from the fortune teller for ONLY for 5 bucks. The psychic advisor lady hustles him out of 100 dollars or something. Now he barely has any money for weed! oh yeah, and he gets busted and goes to jail too.
4 Jun 2008
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Welcome to Marv's Psychic Shop, where the future is clear, but often very angry. In this episode, Marv meets a man who requires proof of Marv's powers. It's a message to those who don't believe, and a painful reminder of the ferocity of the wombat. Opening music by the band Flu.
12 Jun 2008
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Welcome to Marv's Psychic Shop, where the future is clear, but often very angry. In this episode, Marv has a run in with a religious dude.
12 Jun 2008
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Marv uses his psychic powers to help the police to solve a murder!
12 Jun 2008
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(Sonia Novick) PH 509-279-0900 Call Me!!! Skype Me sonic_nova Who is this Sonia: *******www.myspace****/SonicStar11 (Free psychic Readings)(psychic scam) (psychic leads) (psychic Review) (psychic fraud)
17 Jun 2008
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This week The Clip Show goes psychic to psychedelic with a journey through two podcast that will truly blow your mind. The Heap and an extra special message from you host Jim Kirks. Thanks for watching!
18 Jun 2008
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If you ever wondered what your dog is thinking, you should speak to the guests of today’s “Animal Communication” Mahalo Daily. To find out how us humans can more effectively communicate with our pet dogs, we got Reginah Perlmutter, a Dog Psychic, and Caryl Wolff, a Dog Trainer, on to tell us their individual tips for talking to dogs.
9 Feb 2009
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Featuring: Psychic - Ann Bullcraig BadPsychics Supremo - Emma-Louise Rhodes Co-Editor The Skeptic Magazine - Lindsay Kallis "Psychics Help or Hinder" is the first documentary for BadPsychicsTV. Directed by Robert White, it is a fascinating look into psychics and whether what they do is really helpful as they suggest or a hinderence. With expert opinion from Emma-Louise Rhodes and Lindsay Kallis, as well as a believer viewpoint from Ann Bullcraig.
9 Feb 2009
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Psychic Color Sticks
29 Jul 2008
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Hi All I have been doing tarot & Psychic readings for over twenty years, i have been recommended by nearly everyone that i have read for. What i am offering is unheard of but as i don't do readings to make money and get rich i actually feel that i am giving something back. I am offering an hour reading over the phone, once a month for a whole year, yes twelve hour readings for just £24.00 thats £2 a reading. All i ask is that you have a uk landline. I only use my tarot cards if i lose my connections, or you require monthly forecasts ect..... So i look forward to becoming your psychic friend, also i will take calls that are not booked in if you are needing some urgent advice....
30 Jul 2008
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Do you feel as though things are just not quite right in your life? Do you long to improve your life and succeed in the goals you have set in your life? If so, you certainly are not alone. Many people feel the same way. I know I felt the same way until just a few years ago. Nothing seemed to be going right. Everything felt like it was out of kilter and I felt like a failure. I was ready to change my life, but I just had no idea to go about it. What I did know; however, was that something did have to change! What I discovered completely changed my life! How did I do it? I would love to share my secrets with you and my new special report on psychic self defense does just that! Everything you need to know about the psychic self defense is included in this special report: * What is an aura? * How to strengthen your aura * Expanding your aura * Coming out of the dark * Using light to strengthen your aura * Power to stay strong Read more at DigitalProductsCenter****
11 Aug 2008
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Song about a talented psychic who learned to use the beauty of her gift while maintaining a low profile regarding its existence.
14 Aug 2008
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Psychics that help when you are distressed or in need of guidance. Is He the One? Need to know where you are heading? *******www.keen****/grouplist/12068/GHP/1/
16 Aug 2008
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Psychics that help when you are distressed or in need of guidance. Is He the One? Need to know where you are heading? *******www.keen****/grouplist/12068/GHP/1/
17 Aug 2008
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Hello, My name is Edward Pursey, and I live with my mum in Milton Keynes England. I repair all sorts of televisions including (gasp) HDTV and (double gasp) ipods. I also channel the dearly departed. If you need someone to channel your dearly departed loved ones and to repair your television please contact me - Edward Pursey - THE PSYCHIC TV REPAIRMAN! Cheers! Edward Pursey AKA 'THE PSYCHIC TV REPAIRMAN' *******www.thepsychictvrepairman****
6 Sep 2008
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*******www.mindcontrolresources**** You can develop psychic powers and learn to do mental telepathy! Remote viewing and remote influencing is not something reserved for the "psychic elite," or the occassional exceptional person. You can develop your psychic awareness and learn to become psychic. One of the most rewarding ways to develop psychic abilities is to learn how to do telepathy. My telepathic dream invaders home study course can show you how to do psychic influence, and you can learn at home, at your own pace and keep it a secret from your friends! Don't tell them about your mental powers you gain from this psychic influence home, or your friends might become jealous and become afraid of you! Psychic skills, especially clairvoyance and telepathic skills were once regarded as only belonging to the elite class, and those who had these skills were feared and even murdered because of their knowledge. But you can learn how to become psychic in the safety of your own home, with some training and practice. I've used these psychic influence skills at work with my supervisors, with co-workers, with friends, and for seduction and romantic relationships. How you use these skills is up to you! Once you have the basic skills, you can use them in virtually any are of life that's important to you! Visit my website *******www.mindcontrolresources**** for more information! See you there! Jim Knippenberg ESP, Psychic Influence & Telepathy trainer, creator of the "Dream Invaders" home study course.
24 Feb 2009
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