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haha,this is a video of me and others in the ride psyclone in six flags magic brother is in the second row (he was gonna get the 1 row but he was scared) and it was shaky and we had bruces and idk,just watch it all and enjoy lol.oh and watch the guy i told u about scream.
12 Jan 2007
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Todays Gamers Video Update is a video review so here you go, PlatformNation****’s official video review of Psyclone Competition Grade HDMI Cable. MSRP 99.99 Pluses + Gold connections + Combines 5 cables into 1 + Works with all HDMI interfaces + High durability Minuses - Price *******www.psyclonegamer**** To subscribe: *******feeds.feedburner****/gamervideoupdate
12 Dec 2007
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Recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee for The Psyclone Rangers' 2nd full-length release, The Devil May Care. Eventually released on their 3rd release, Beatin' on the Batpole
19 Sep 2008
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******* The Psyclone Rangers, CCR & Tribulation99 intersect in the center of your skull. apply liberally
11 Apr 2008
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Exquisite punk rock song
11 Apr 2008
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Philadelphia collective covering Opal's Harriet Brown. Dreamy, trippy and worth the effort.
16 Dec 2007
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great interview with , john valania of phawker and the psyclone rangers Distributed by Tubemogul.
24 Feb 2009
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*******www.shoppingreviewer****/Electronics/playstation%203.html The PS3 is fine, though most of the newer models do not have backward compatibility to play PS2 games like the first models. I was very disappointed by that. Sony sux for taking that away. My HDMI cable stopped playing audio after the 2nd day. Getting the cable replaced from Psyclone Gaming was like pulling teeth. It has been a month and I still haven't gotten it resolved with them. Psyclone customer service is totally unimpressive. *******www.shoppingreviewer****/Electronics/playstation%203.html
21 May 2009
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Psyclon Nine - As you sleep with pictures Lyrics Cold Blue Lifeless Deathless Illuminated by the machines That hold you on this side Anger or tear So calm Unaffected I cease to live I fear my infection Watching over your soul as you sleep Injecting nightmares as you sleep All I want is you purity All I want in this world is your mind The timeless place tamed by your psyche Living in the world of dreams Always sleeping unlike the feigned Peace brought by morphine That lay discarded at my feet ...
14 Apr 2009
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Psyclon Nine is a musical group formed in 2000 in the San Francisco Bay Area. While their early efforts are generally categorized as aggrotech, their more recent material has incorporated a disparate set of influences, notably black metal, creating a more accessible and inventive output but remaining reasonably under the umbrella of industrial music.
14 Apr 2009
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a vid i made of psyclon nine cause i love this song... not very good video but hey lol
14 Apr 2009
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''Better than suicide" by Psyclon Nine album:Crwn Thy Frnicatr (lyrics) This cancer eats the filth away Ran from slits so deep so dirty Ted the vile the children's bane Yes this pestilence this lovers dream The flesh this plague assimilates The end of all: this slate wiped clean Eclipsing devotion with shallow disguise They prey on the fruit of the one they despise Better than suicide Disorder guilds the human filth Wrecked from fair perversity The wicked frails at touch the ill The children ...
16 Apr 2009
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Psyclon Nine - The feeding with pictures (I got bored at the end so from 2:53 till the end it's the same pic) Lyrics The cross that feeds on your mind I've seen the lies that reflect in your eyes It's just a matter of time From holy scriptures unfurl twisted lines And when you die the cause will be from self infliction Your pointless life will only lead to crucifixion la la la la la He wasn't there he won't be there to wipe the tears from your eyes Your wasted breath has betrayed you The peace you sought you'll never find through prayer and through his hatred divine You left your whole life behind you
6 Sep 2009
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Directed by Richard Thomas {Mushroomhead, Ventana} {this is the official video}
14 Apr 2009
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Live at the Hawthorne Theatre. These videos are actually being used to train the new live people! I think they turned out pretty good, how bout you? The entire show is now up, just check my page. You have to at least see Crwn! my fav
14 Apr 2009
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this video is from Razorbladesociety****
14 Apr 2009
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