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It's in water bottles, sippy cups, and the seams and linings of cans containing food: Bisphenol A (BPA) is the chemical's name, and manufacturers use it to harden plastic. Unfortunately, it may pose a health hazard. Initially, researchers in the U.S. and abroad linked exposure to high levels of BPA in infancy to increased risk of obesity and early-onset puberty. Then, last September, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a study involving 1,455 American adults, which linked high urinary levels of BPA to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and liver complications. Additionally, previous studies had shown that BPA can blunt the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs, says Sonya Lunder, a public health scientist with the nonprofit Environmental Working Group. An FDA subcommittee has recommended further research be done to answer questions about BPA's safety. Some states aren't waiting to take action: At least 12 are moving to ban the chemical from baby bottles. (A few bottlemakers, such as Nalgene, have already removed BPA from their products.) In the meantime, you can limit your exposure by not putting hot food or drinks in plastic containers (or placing those containers in the microwave): Heat causes the chemical to leach into food. Canned goods have a plastic lining that releases BPA when heated prior to sealing. Another way to limit BPA is to favor fresh and frozen items. See below to get more ideas for BPA-free substitutions.
6 Jan 2018
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Philips Norelco is helping men understand and accept the physical changes associated with stray nose and ear hair that can quickly transform into a follicle jungle. This epidemic, known as "Second Puberty," can strike without warning.
20 Nov 2007
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Dr. Sherrill Sellman explains what precocious puberty is and the problems it has created in children. For more free natural health videos, visit the ihealthtube website. iHealthTube is your trusted source for free natural health videos and articles. iHealthTube is the web's largest collection of natural health videos.
18 Jul 2008
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(Hannah Montana Hits Puberty Season 1 Premiere) This is a must see video for any fan of comedy or anyone who likes seeing people make fun of Hannah Montana. Check out Hannah sing, dance, head catch on fire, hit puberty, and more comedy in this 1:35 min video. Thanks for watching and check out our channel (click on the "JJincProductions" link on the top right of this video page). Please Subscribe (click the yellow subscribe button on the top right of this page or the left side of our channel page).
17 Mar 2009
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*******www.weightlosssurgerychannel**** Obesity may actually delay puberty in young boys, according to a new study. However, obese girls are significantly more likely ...
27 Feb 2010
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The 16 year old teen singing sensation Justin Beiber is having a tough time these days. No he isn’t worried about his tight and crazy schedules and nor is he worried about his constantly growing number of crazy fans…Justin is actually worried about the changes that comes with puberty!
3 Dec 2010
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20 Aug 2011
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Surviving Puberty comprises many stories -- all true, all real and all unabashedly authentic -- taken from that path spanning puberty and life throughout my twenties.
13 Dec 2011
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This week my first real celebrity guest, Perez Hilton is on the show. I almost backed out as I'm having some problems with my voice but the show must go on. Keith says its puberty but what does that frackin hippie know! Perez talks about his new book, drops us some of his deepest thoughts and makes fun of Keith some more. Win a copy of Perez Hiltons new Book "The Boy with the Pink Hair" FRED 2 is coming to Nickelodeon on October 22 8/7c! Click here for more info:*******www.nick****/shows/fred Check out *******FredFigglehorn**** for bonus episodes, behind-the-scenes, footage and MUCH MORE! More Fred Funness: *******Facebook****/FredFigglehorn *******Twitter****/FredFigglehorn *******Formspring****/FredFigglehorn Wanna see what Lucas has been up to? Check him out at *******Youtube****/LucasCruikshank
13 Sep 2012
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Miley Cyrus says that the reason she's changed before your eyes is because she's going through puberty.
19 Aug 2013
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Henry Anhalt DO Ped Endo DrMDK****
9 Sep 2008
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This is NOT a Re-Film of this movie This is a remix of it with no copyrighted music and censored to be funnier. This change alows us to put it on other no-copyrighted websites, but the other will remain up too!... Also a tribute to the FCC... Twitter: *******www.Twitter****/JJincProduction Website: *******www.YouTube****/JJincProductions
7 Oct 2009
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Henry Anhalt DO FAAP FACOP FACE CDE Pediatric Endocrinology *******www.TheDoctorsVideos**** Dr. Anhalt completed his post-doctoral fellowship in pediatric endocrinology the Lucille Salter Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford University
5 Oct 2009
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This great comedy film of the pubety pals, mayby this was seen in school, freakn funny
30 Nov 2010
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7 Mar 2012
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Dear friend, in this video we are going to discuss about the ayurvedic supplements to increase height
10 Jan 2017
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