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Punky is a fun loving Panda who loves having a good time. Punky loves entertaining children in particular up to 8 years of age.
13 Aug 2008
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good punki but need 2 much tranning for green card lol
27 Feb 2007
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Tras la comida los postres.
31 Mar 2007
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Clip für dorrn - live-shows
11 Jun 2008
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Episódio de série que dublamos, fizemos a música de abertura e a direção de dublagem para o SBT. Se quiser mais ví­deos/áudios, visite meu site - www.marioluciodefreitas****.br - na sessão downloads. (mais)
6 Sep 2009
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Home made Erwin Loyd... Music by Erwin Loyd & Peter Fambi
19 Sep 2011
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doblaje ambientado en un clima policiaco, 15 minutos de humor para que te diviertas !!
28 Jan 2012
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Bodyrox Feat Luciana - Yeah Yeah Sexy was never so subtle. But is this one really all that subtle? Either way we feel very dirty but very… satisfied… after seeing this video. "Yeah Yeah" is 2006's truly outstanding dance track from the duo, Bodyrox. Production partners Jon Pearn and Nick Bridges teamed up with Luciana, giving the track (and the video) a feisty, sexy, punky uniqueness. And the bevy of hot boobies and random groping doesn't hurt, either. For more, you're gonna have to get over to *******www.ultrarecords****/ and step into the music. Don't get left out - act like you know!
18 Feb 2007
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Influence Bug and 8 Trooper Bugs head out to Bobby Nelson's house to influence him to steal. It's up to the secret agent fruits, the Agents of the Spirit, to stop them! Check out the rest of our videos on YouTube: ***********/TheAnimationEmpire We used Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Premiere, and Movie Maker. Check out *******www.Blender**** for free 3D animation software. Of course, this wouldn't be a TheAnimationEmpire video without a double-dose of nonsense and nostalgia. Look for references to Loony Tunes, Indiana Jones, Charlie's Angels, Spiderman, Star Wars Episode 2, Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Kart, The Simpsons, Yoshi, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jurassic Park, Kung Pow, The Matrix, Super Mario Brothers (Bros.) and, of course, a lot of secret agent themes. Our preview for Episode 2 even references Batman, Toy Story, and several more Star Wars themes. Our work has been compared to Shrek, Disney, and Pixar films (Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Cars, etc.). We can tell the difference because we don't have their 80 million dollar budget. =^) Constructive comments only please! Want another 3D animation? View our first animation with the fruit characters. It's so lame that we call it Extra Fruity: ***********/watch?v=K2Ko5-IgUWA Check out our silly music video, Bucket Full of Cheese: ***********/watch?v=YEShg_kigmc Here's our Short Short that is nostalgic and insulting, Punky Brewster VS Pippi Longstocking: *******youtube****/watch?v=7N1qk-Huwao Do phones annoy you? Get... Mad At Phone: ***********/watch?v=rc9JSZa6byw And our random 27-second short, Taking Care of Business: ***********/watch?v=Mkmxx6XbNio Do you like Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live? We blog about him several times a week: *******www.andysamberg.blogspot**** Hey, want to watch more TheAnimationEmpire videos? Then head on over to The Animation Empire: *******www.theanimationempire****
21 Apr 2007
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Here's an impressions tape I made a while back. Some of them I cringe at as they've really come a long ways since this production. But it's a pretty fun video so I thought I'd post it. And yes, I spelled "Dylan" incorrectly. Below are the characters/people impersonated: Gilbert Gottfried. Seinfeld. Kramer. Marlon Brando. Al Pacino. Chewbacca. Chris Walken. Golem. Adam Sandler. Scooby. Shaggy. Peter Griffin. Brian Griffin. Apu. Rev Lovejoy. Comic Book Guy. Groundskeeper Willie. Dr. Nick. Dr Hibbert. Skinner. Lou. Chief Wiggum. Mayor Quimby. Robin Leech. Sylvester Stallone. Bergess Meredith. Donkey. Shrek. Pee-Wee Herman. Cartman. Kyle. Mr. Mackey. Towelie. Mr. Hanky. Ned Gerblansky. Quagmire - Family Guy. Chris Griffin. Stewie Griffin. Cleveland Brown. Old pervert. Lois Griffin. Stan Smith - American Dad. Roger. Klaus. Homer - The Simpsons. Marge. yeees man. Krusty. Otto Mann. Charles Montgomery Burns. Waylon Smithers. Barney. Moe Syszlak. Abraham Simpson. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tony Danza. Bill Cosby. Alien in Edgar Suit - Vincent D'Onofrio - Men in Black. Agent J - Will Smith - MIB. Jerry Lundegaard - William H Macy - Fargo. Wade Gustafson - Harvey Presnell - Fargo. Shep Proudfoot - Steven Reevis - Fargo. Ernest - Jim Varney. Mister T. Randy 'Macho Man' Savage. Sean Connery. Smokey - Chris Tucker - Friday. Big Worm - Faizon Love. Mr. Jones - Dad - John Witherspoon. Don Pardo - SNL Announcer. Matt Foley. Church Lady. Caveman Lawyer. Ed Grimley. Trump. Coffee Talk. Wayne. Garth. Johnny Carson. Ed McMahon. David Puddy. Morty Seinfeld. Babu Bhatt. Jackie Chiles. Kenny Bania. J Peterman. Keanu Reeves. Stephen Hawking. Donatello. Krang. Shredder. Beebop. Rocksteady. Jack Nicholson. Glomer - It's Punky Brewster. Dezi Arnaz. Ray Barone - Ray Romano - Everybody Loves Raymond. Robert Barone - Brad Garrett - Everybody Loves Raymond. Wilfred Brimley. George Bailey - Jimmy Stewart - It's a Wonderful Life. ALF. Martin Short. Woody Allen. Jon Lovitz. Pat Robertson. Columbo - Peter Falk. Jacques Clouseau - Peter Sellers - The Pink Panther. Steve Irwin - Croc Hunter. John Coffey - Michael Dunkin - The Green Mile. David Wooderson - Matthew McConaughey - Dazed and Confused. Neil Armstrong. Peter Lorre. Elvis Presley. Tone Loc. Michael Jackson. Prince. Louis Armstrong. Macy Gray. Humpdy. Eminem. Snoop Dogg. Bob Dylan. Johnny Cash. Simon Cowell. Austin Powers - Mike Meyers. Dr Evil - Mike Meyers. Chong. Cheech. Borat. Bender. Professor Farnsworth - Futurama. Hermes. Zoidberg. Zapp Brannigan. Kiff - Futurama. Stuart Larkin - Michael McDonald - MAD TV. Droopy Dog. Snagglepuss. Marvin Martian. Mickey Mouse. Goofy. Booboo Bear. Yogi Bear. Kool-aid Man. Dracula & Creepy assistant. Popeye. Principal McVicker. Butthead - Beavis & Butthead. Beavis. Coach Buzzcut. Tom Anderson. Cornholio. Mr. VanDriessen. Muhammed Ali. Mike Tyson. Kermit. Ms. Piggy. Bullwinkle. Tigger. Eeyore. Stitch. Dr. Jumba Jookiba. Beaker. Mario. Wario. Roger Rabbit. Ren. Stimpy. Lucky Charms. Bobbie. Charlie in the Box. Sunny the cuckoo bird. Yoda. JarJar. Boss Nass. Palpatine. R2D2. Carl - Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Frylock. Meatwad. Paul Rodriguez. Napoleon Dynamite. Pedro. Marty - Michael J. Fox - Back to the Future. Doc Emmet Brown - Christopher Lloyd - Back to the Future. Boomhauer - King of the Hill. Hank Hill. Dale. Gnome - World of Warcraft. Elf - WOW. Al Bundy. Aliens from Star Wars. Lieberman. President George W Bush. President Bill Clinton. President George Bush Sr. President Ronald Reagan. President Richard Nixon. President John F Kennedy - JFK. Regis Philbin
3 Jan 2008
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video from album Punky Dumky. In their music, rock is mixed not only with jazz but also with funky. However, an attentive (and knowing) listener recognises many more influences. These all found in one original and compact unity. The fact that Benedikta is strongly inspired by the Slavic folklore, often floats to the surface only through the central tune.
14 Mar 2008
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SUCKERSTAR is a all girl punk rock band out of Los Angeles and the OC with Wendy Lee on Guitar and Vocals. Punky on Guitar and Vocals. Blare N. Bitch on Guitar. Sharon Needles playing bass and Lanie Fire kickin the Drums. Music video is a live performance in the flashrock studio with an interview from TFG.
28 May 2008
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