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This video was originally posted on Facebook by Alexander Rodriguez. Watch and learn from this baby! Being that the title used to be: How Cubans Start Dancing, people kept commenting that the baby is actually Brazilian. Hopefully they will now shut up seeing as how the title is now officialy changed to "How Badass Brazilian Babies/Toddlers Pwn Adults When It Comes to Dancing".
3 Apr 2011
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Check out the official trailer for PWN: Combat Hacking.
14 Mar 2013
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Get More Videos: ***********/subscription_c... Subscribe! ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- THIS IS THE LINK YO: ***********/athenewins Tania's Twitter: *******twitter****/TaniaUncensored I Power: ***********/IPowerchannel TANIA UNCENSORED: ***********/taniauncensored Soundtrack partially by Brad Sucks: *******www.bradsucks**** Athene: *******www.WorldOfAthene**** Athene movie: *******www.wrathofthe1337king****
27 Feb 2009
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Get More Videos: ***********/subscription_c... Subscribe! ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- THIS IS THE LINK YO: ***********/athenewins Tania's Twitter: *******twitter****/TaniaUncensored I Power: ***********/IPowerchannel TANIA UNCENSORED: ***********/taniauncensored Soundtrack partially by Brad Sucks: *******www.bradsucks**** Athene: *******www.WorldOfAthene**** Athene movie: *******www.wrathofthe1337king****
3 Aug 2009
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One day SkinnyMan picks a fight with the Fatman. This is the epic video. Now with Yakety Sax!!!!!!!!
6 Sep 2009
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Water distribution is NOT an easy task. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: *******twitter****/shaycarl WATCH ME LIVE ON BLOG TV: *******www.blogtv****/people/shaycarl Tues. & Thurs. 8pm Eastern Saturdays 4pm Eastern
24 Sep 2009
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Pwning WSG with my paladin... or trying :P and everyone get it something happend to my SOUND...
8 Oct 2009
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Extreme cell with new 30A pulse width modulator with sodium hydroxide. 9 amp draw.
29 Oct 2009
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YOU DO NOT NEED QUICKPWN ANYMORE FIRMWARE: ******* REDSN0W: ******* JAILBROKEN FIRMWARE: 3.0 Firmware Downloads: iPod Touch 1g: *******www.megaupload****/?d=VFDD6QP1 iPod Touch 2g: *******www.megaupload****/?d=XVS5J8D8 iPhone 1g: *******depositfiles****/en/files/pp3z... iPhone 3g: *******depositfiles****/en/files/pnj6... *******twitter****/thetech2
7 Feb 2010
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Four fights using Jeffrey against Dural at the end of the Arcade Mode in Virtua Fighter 4.I finally managed to get my Dazzle DVD Recorder to work (though it won't burn shit to a DVD for some reason) and decided to go through my old VF4 replay files to test it out.Yes, I know I resorted to uber-cheapness as Jeffrey, but I admit it, I was never good at fighting games. This is something I did just for the hell of it.EDIT: I just figured out how to use VirtualDub, so all future game-related videos should look better.
23 Mar 2010
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Gauntlet Legends; Midway; Dreamcast; Difficulty: Very HardThis video will show me playing as the Green Archer (level 99 and played by me) in the final battle against Skorne AKA the final boss of Gauntlet Legends. There is no legend item that can be used for this battle.If there was a reason why the Archer/Tigress was not able to include the 3-way shot in her turbo attacks in the console versions of Gauntlet Dark Legacy, this is probably one of them.I really enjoyed doing this trick against Skorne (and against any other boss that may apply) while it lasted.I really need to thank the following people from the GameFAQs website (www.gamefaqs****):1. CjayC for making and maintaining the GameFAQs website2. Red Phoenix for his Expert FAQ for the Gauntlet Legends arcade, that became a major source for the Gauntlet Dark Legacy FAQ/Walkthrough by JLakin3. JLakin for his FAQ/Walkthrough for the Gauntlet Dark Legacy arcade4. Gungnir most importantly, for he was the one who brought up the Archer BFG trick for JLakin's Dark Legacy FAQ/Walkthrough (this is where I first saw how to do the trick)5. The rest of the contributors to both Red Phoenix's Expert FAQ and JLakin's FAQ/Walkthrough6. Midway Games for making the Gauntlet Legends and Gauntlet Dark Legacy games7. The people who played Gauntlet Legends and Gauntlet Dark LegacyThank you all.Please pardon the off-sync ending cutscenes. It happens quite a lot in the game itself.Enjoy, rate, and comment.
23 Mar 2010
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No really...LOL
30 Mar 2010
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October 14, 2010 CNN *******MOXNews****
12 Dec 2010
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Nerd goes on Live Radio station AND ABSOLUTELY KILLS IT with IMPRESSIONS of EMINEM, TUPAC, DRAKE and JAY-Z to prove to Bullies that he can Rap. This took place on 4/23/11, I Brandon Sloan Shot the Footage. Check me out here: ***********/user/DancingShoesProd The Rapper in the Video's name is Prince Ea DOWNLOAD THE MP3, FREE *******www.usershare****/2qjk2v4nn9bv/Prince Ea Freestyle (www.makesmartcool****).mp3 PRINCE EA FACEBOOK: *******www.facebook****/pages/Prince-Ea/71760664768 PRINCE EA TWITTER *******www.twitter****/PrinceEa An0maly Killed his VERSE CALLING ME OUT! WATCH! ***********/watch?v=X1vJuAwvLhQ Traphik's RESPONSE!! ***********/watch?v=qpMBa7P44EQ Beat by Zambo ***********/user/zambobeatz Shout out to my homie Dutch Jackson for filming the second cam, youtube him! Lyrics: Nerd: Imma show what's in my head right now To be direct, I'm a little stressed, yep, and upset right now Mom dont talk about karma and how i'm blessed right now!! If karma existed these bullies, they would be dead right now See I been bullied on all my life, picked on and picked last At Lincoln High today i cried and skipped class they all laughed when I said that i could rap but i can rap, I promise you THAT!! So what if im a Nerd and I know the first 20 digits of Pi i can rap better than the all of those rappers that they idolize I said so what if im a nerd...I can rap...lets play a game...WHO AM I? Eminem: My therapist says that im scared of commitment and very-demented ever since i told him I licked marinara off a venerial sickness Kim, i dont care if u listen u talking to Marshall Trick! ill marry the BlairWitch And then Burry u with her im very committed to charities Last Week I performed whip my hair with Willow at a chemo-therapy Clinic Jay Z Its ya Boy Young Hov, in the building so necessary youll see my videos and swear i got the devil in em (Hovy) I just made another 7 trillion me and B (Beyonce) sippin on them drinks with umbrellas in em Drake Last name Ever, First Name Greatest, Middle name Blackberry, Shout out to my haters owwwwwwwww Bring it back shot young money all up in yo mouth.... Ring Pop yeahhhhhhhhhhh Me and Nicki getting married and weezy is the preacher so i hope u bitches ready cuz we gon pop bottles of moscotto gettin fetti charlie sheen, charlie sheen yeah we winnnnnin No Confetti ahhh ah Tupac Kiluminati tried to finish me 15 years later you remember me? Hail Mary still pouring out that Hennessy West side till we die riding on our enemies! uhhh I was appaled to set the record straight We Outlaws, still them THUGS that they love to hate I LOVE THE HATE Nerd But Im here to spit the facts Its Prince Ea i just proved that nerds can rap!
29 Jun 2011
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Another movie review, this time on the live-action Ben 10 movie.
2 Jul 2011
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The recoil of the desert eagle totally owns her =]
18 Jul 2011
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