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25 Dec 2009
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Diana Eng shows us around the QRP Ham Radio Convention in Boston.
23 Mar 2010
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I was able to purchase this "Lawn and Garden" Lead-Acid battery for less than $20 at Wal*Mart. So, I thought it would be worth experimenting with since its size and capacity will probably reduce the number of times I need to charge it (compared to the smaller gel cells I featured in my previous video: ***********/watch?v=nHbx_Qhc8mU). The battery is rated at 275 "Cold-cranking" amps, which isn't of much value to me since I'm not starting a motor or anything. Although it doesn't say, a quick internet search suggests this battery is rated at about 18 amp-hours - which puts it at about one third the cost of a comparable gel cell. Problem is, it's probably not rated for much of a deep discharge since lawn equipment provides a continuous trickle charge. Nevertheless, I'll keep experimenting with it to see if it's cost-effective. I use an in-line "Watts Up" meter to monitor the voltage. So far, I've allowed it to drop below 12 volts (the QRP radio gear I power with it is very voltage tolerant). With a half day of full sunlight I'm able to bring it back up to well over 13 volts - which last many days of lower power communications on my amateur radio station. In the video I also mention that I'm now using Anderson "Power-Pole" connectors to eliminate a lot of the clip leads I've been using. Actually, I've been using these connectors for over a year now but just got around to introducing them to my simple solar stuff. They're great connectors and seem to be growing in popularity as a low voltage standard. Although not seen in this video, at times I have used a charge controller, or simple diode, to keep the batteries from discharging into the solar panel when it's cloudy and I can't be as attentive... This video is in contrast to the one I made later during January of 2009. At that time it was a month after the winter solstice so the panel was pointing almost directly towards the horizon. For this particular video, recorded a month before the summer solstice, the panel is aligned almost straight upward to catch the fullest amount of solar radiation - in stark contrast to its winter orientation. Either way, the theme remains simple, and inexpensive - capturing the right amount of sunlight to charge a battery to power my amateur radio station and some other related equipment. Here's a link to my personal solar power page: *******www.rogerwehdell****/solar.html And here's a link to a page about my amateur radio station - the place I use most of the solar power I generate: *******www.rogerwendell****/qrp.html 05-25-2008
6 Sep 2009
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Steve Galchutt brought this version of the "spud gun" (Pneumatic Launcher) to our Colorado QRP Club meeting. It was built for him by his friend John Evans (N0HJ) as described in the March '09 issue of the American Radio Relay League's QST publication. Amateur radio operators use all kinds of devices to launch antennas over trees and other obsticles. At ***********/user/w0cqc we have more videos of Steve, his goats, and antennas! Here's my personal web page about antennas: *******www.rogerwendell****/antennas.html Here's the American Radio Relay League: *******www.arrl**** Here's the Colorado QRP Club's page about WG0AT: *******www.cqc****/gallery/meet0309/index.htm Here's Steve's "Goat Hiker" YouTube site: ***********/goathiker 03-14-2009
7 Sep 2009
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Michigan Mighty Mite QRPp transmitter. About the simplest transmitter you can make. This one is my first attempt and out of scrap parts. Didn't have exact parts but close. Sure, it chips like a sick bird but it puts out approx 220mw. Has about 7 parts I think. Built it a few years ago. Other radios I have built are: small wonder lab's awsome milliwatt rig. I built the sw=40 from small wonder lab's also. I also have a beloved K-2 that has the best filters and an effective noise blanker. The K-2 was fun but I couldn't have done it without a vibrant support group and Elecraft support. I did learn a lot but mostly I just follow the directions. It's still "magic" to me. I still don't get it. hi hi I've also built the $10.00 pixie. Not a good rig so save the money and build it from scraps. Better yet, find a schmatic of the tiny texas tornado which is a modified pixie-II and build that..
14 Aug 2008
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A good field antenna.
30 Sep 2009
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Using 2 hand held transceiver's into an Arrow satellite antenna to speak around Europe via AO-51 Earth Orbiting Satellite. My hand held transceiver's are Kenwood TH7 (UP Link) and Yaesu FT-470 (Down Link). Stations worked from my location - Yorkshire England. 1) IZ3ALU - ITALY 2) F0DIH/p - FRANCE 3) SP9FPP - POLAND 4) ON4CAP/p _ BELGIUM
11 Dec 2009
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Contato QRP em 40 metros às 23:00 (hora local) no dia 23 de fevereiro de 2009 com AD LU2FCB. Equipamento utlizado: ICOM IC703 com 10 watts de potência e antena loop magnética controlada remotamente pelo contrôle que esta fixado por ímã de HD na lateral direita do rádio. Ao final do QSO poderá ser vista a antena loop magnética portátil que fica apoiada em suporte articulado na janela do apartamento que se encontra circundado por prédios altos. Êste QSO fui dos que mais me impressionou levando em conta os 94 cms de diâmetro desta antena. Esta pequena dimensão oferece eficiênca comprovada nas faixas compreendidas entre 20 e 10 metros (10 / 12 / 15 / 17 /e 20 metros) porém a grande surprêza e éque em 40 metros esta antenna apresenta eficiência inferior a 5% de uma antena dipolo. O que mais impressiona é o fato de que tenho conseguido com certa regularidade QSOs em 40 metros inclusive em operações QRP pedestre. PY1AHD ALEX
7 Sep 2009
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uhf tropo ssb qso with sv1eex sw1jgw and sv9cjo from kitheronas mnt at 1400m asl at 432.200 usb KM25MM to KM18OE.There is also a tripode for supporting the antenna but it is not shown in this video.Previously we tested the "Portable Earth Station" made by sw1jgw with A0-51 and A0-07 and had some qsos. Note that sv9cjo had only a vertical antenna and no matter where we turn our antenna the sigs are the same! Distance is abt 340 KM.Sorry for bad audio but the wind was extremely strong up there.Output pwr..only 2 W!
6 Sep 2009
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7 Sep 2009
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