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This rabbit here is a pure soldier. He fights for his life and succeeds. Not today eagle, not today!
25 Aug 2017
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On the way to the zoo the rabbit was staying at our home. We sent rabbit under guardianship in one of the best petting zoo, where everybody may not only see any animal, but also they may feed them and touch. The children had so much fun! A lot of positive emotions! Delighted all - both children and adults!
18 Sep 2017
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28 Aug 2017
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Doberman dog adopts little rabbit
10 Apr 2006
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Never mess with rabbits !
10 Apr 2006
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My girlfriends cat attack the rabbit...
10 Aug 2006
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This is one crazy,disgusting guy. I'd better not tell you what he is going to do with the rabbit's poo-poo.
21 Sep 2006
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MICHIGAN ANIMAL SANCTUARY ADOPTS 511 RABBITS OF “THE GREAT BUNNY RESCUE OF 2006” ALL 1600 Homeless Rabbits Now Spoken For! For animal lovers, the idea of saving homeless animals is hard to resist. But for one Nevada woman, her good intentions turned into a huge problem. Last Spring, the Reno resident had to contact the Best Friends Animal Society, an organization that works with shelters and rescue groups nationwide, when her effort to save a few homeless rabbits got out of hand because they were not spayed or neutered. By the time the volunteer veterinarians showed up for “The Great Bunny Rescue of 2006”, there were 1,600 rabbits in her backyard on less than an acre of land. Today, it is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: 511 rabbits were recently taken in by the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary in Willis, Michigan. With the arrival of the “Reno 500” Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary is probably the single largest rabbit rescue sanctuary in the country. In addition to these 500, one person adopted some of the bunnies into a specially constructed home with a special "bunny area" including a patio. Fifteen adopted rabbits put on a daily show at their new home in Huntsville, Texas, with people stopping by to watch them run and sprawl in the sun on their back. This has been Best Friends’ largest rescue operation since Hurricane Katrina. About 450 rabbits are still at the “rescue ranch” in Reno but are just waiting for transport to their new homes with families or rescue groups.
6 Nov 2006
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There's a vampire rabbit running around the street of Newcastle, England!
28 Nov 2006
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Short movie of the Rabbit man that i made with me friend hamid.. have fun :) סרטון קצר שא י וחבר שלי עשי ו על איש האר ב
11 Dec 2006
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Short movie of the Rabbit man that i made with me friend Hamid.. have fun :) סרטון קצר שא י וחבר שלי עשי ו על איש האר ב
11 Dec 2006
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Lapin masqué/ masked rabbit fun humor humour
8 Jan 2007
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My rabbit is digging my shirt. He does this to curtains, carpet, jeans and other stuff. It looks funny.
8 Jan 2007
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Don't like GE, don't watch! 54 meters long rabbit in north Italy. Coordinates: 44.244307, 7.769748.
16 Jan 2007
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a black crazy rabbit jumps
7 Feb 2007
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cute little rabbit who just want to play,...look this video is nice
3 Feb 2007
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