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In this WRC Rally race, one of the race cars didn't seem to be much fond of using the brake pads as it whizzed past flying in extreme speed.
21 Sep 2017
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Artem and the elder brother staged a real super race! Sporty, fun, and have a good time! And all this in the open air! GREAT!!! It is good to have an older brother who will teach, show and help!
22 Sep 2017
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Race Rewind Indianapolis
22 Sep 2017
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Seems like this is not his day, or else by what chance the door of a car flies off during a race. Well, sometimes luck will kick us right in the face.
24 Sep 2017
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This hilarious video will keep you busy laughing and smiling as it shows a cameraman racing on the sidelines and beating the athletes comprehensively.
3 Oct 2017
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You never know when or rather where you need a lift, this Ferrari driver faced the same fate and he got the lift during an ongoing Formula One race.
3 Oct 2017
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Amazing Japanese Motorcycle racing
5 Oct 2017
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Remember those childhood days when you used to play car race with those remote-controlled toy cars? Well, this is the giant version of that, amazing, isn't it?
11 Oct 2017
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Are you a fan of F1 races? Watch the battle of Robert Kubica vs Filipe Massa from their angle, the struggle with bad weather and race course.
13 Oct 2017
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You have a Corvette or Lamborghini, you can be a great racer, but it's better to be smart on roads and not over smart, or end up like this freaking insane.
28 Sep 2017
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According to the new study about 3D and video games, the 3D sky road game helps boosting the memory formation in a person of any age. This is basically in the case of virtual environment based on 3D and it is realistic in comparison to the 2D level games. Some researchers from the California University asked some non-gamer students from college to fix their seat and play video games for around 30 minutes per day within a period of two weeks.
6 Oct 2017
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The YahYel may become the first extra-terrestrial civilization to openly meet with us on Earth in person, in peace, in joy, and develop mutually rewarding relationships with our current and future generations. They are part of our galactic family and very similar to us in their physical appearance. They walk, they breathe, they eat, they sleep and they dream together. They value life and one another and they nurture one another in all ways that they can at all times. The Yahyel live in harmony with their beautiful planet and all forms of life on it. They live in harmony with each other. The Yahyel are helping us remember how to live in harmony with Earth and with one another on all levels of our existence together. In a sense, they are bringing timeless knowledge from outer-space that will help us understand how to fully enjoy our living-space and our heart's inner-space. They help us realize the magnificent and loving beings that we actually are. Extraterrestrial graphics in the video are made from the incredible artist - Vashta Narada
7 Oct 2017
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