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This black guy extended his hands out under the foam dispenser but didn't get any results but when he used a napkin it obliged. Now, that's some racist sh*t.
16 Aug 2017
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This angry racist girl said that you must get it right first time, and then slams straight into the door and had to try for a second time! Karma Bitch!
10 Aug 2017
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A racist guy attacks the bus driver over an oyester card. He yells at everyone bad words and the ending will make you laugh for sure.
26 Jun 2017
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This is the 3rd of 4 audio recording regarding a Ms. Karey Wong (Keray Wong), formerly of 227 E. 57th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Marriage of Convenience Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) - Home Canada .An Edmonton man is accused of agreeing to marry a woman for money so she could stay in Canada, the first time charges relating to a "marriage of convenience" have ...Immigration guide for detecting marriage fraud called ‘racist ... News Immigration, Are Sean Saulnier and wife Juliana in love, or is it a sham marriage? According to a leaked immigration training document, the lack of lip-kissing photos in a couple, Marriage of Convenience - The truth. - Canada Immigration, Family Class Sponsorship, In a very rare move , the court annulled the marriage between a Quebec 65 Cuban and 29 years after the wife had shown, through Facebook, that the man had manipulated, Marriage of convenience - , Marriage of convenience - Canada Immigration, Federal report warns ‘marriages of convenience’ a threat to, News, CBSA report on Marriages of Convenience says most applications to immigrant that involve bogus marriage originate from India. Handout, Ottawa, ON K1A 0L8, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Canada Border Services Agency - Home |Canada Border Services Agency. 35,532 likes • 1,275 talking about this. Official account for the Canada Border Services Agency. En français, Border Security. Along US ... Citizens/Lawful Permanent Residents >> Canada and Mexico Travel. ... travel to Canada contact the Canada Border Services Agency. Search. Search website. Search. Topics menu. Travellers; Import and Export; Securing the Border; Publications; You are here: Home and Mexico Travel | U.S. Customs and Border Protection John Ossowski was appointed President of the Canada Border Services epartment of Citizenship and Immigration
24 Jun 2017
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This departmental store clerk needs to learn a lesson or two about racism as he was seen yelling at a customer who spoke Spanish instead of English.
23 Jun 2017
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Racist Woman yelling and demanding to see a white doctor born in Canada
21 Jun 2017
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Hello! i am a new youtuber and would love feedback on my first video and if you like subscribe! Channel name: Dante B Ayala
25 Jan 2017
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This song contains one racist term. Listen to it carefully and you'll believe me. Like I said before, this was originally done by S3RL, I only just Nightcored this. The image doesn't belong to me, it belongs to the rightful owner(s)
16 Jan 2017
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Just looking at bare facts from what Donald Trump has said, is he racist?
16 Dec 2016
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Awareness for Criminality, Background Checks and Racist Employers
22 Nov 2016
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Michael Moore says that the election of Donald Trump will be the biggest fuck you ever and it will feel good. Michael Moore discusses why people will vote for Trump in the 2016 election. Michael explains why people are fed up and why they will vote for Trump this election. He states that it will be the biggest fuck you to career politicians, the media, the elite, and the rich. Michael Moore appears to have joined the Trump Train for the presidential election of 2016 and to make America great again. #MAGA Audio taken from ********soundcloud****/user-87363945/micheal-moore-maga Follow me on Twitter @BretTutor *******www.brettutor**** For those of you that do not speak English as your primary language, here are some definitions of the terms in the video: Racist - when someone believes that a race is superior to another. It is an overused term these days since racism in the US is at a much lower rate than what the media likes to show. In the video you will see a picture of Hillary Clinton who said that she brings hot sauce in her bag wherever she goes. She said this to a group of black talk show hosts to appease them since many black people like hot sauce. Now that is an example of racism or what you would call soft bigotry. Hillary Clinton is well known for her soft bigotry of low expectations when it comes to blacks in the US. Rednecks - a derogatory term used to talk about poor white people. This has been used during the election campaign of the Democratic party to refer to Trump supporters. For the most part, it has failed since most Trump supporters are good, hardworking, family oriented, patriotic citizens. Tariff - a tax placed on imported goods. The US used to have tariffs to help control the trade, but they are no longer commonly used. Trump will bring back tariffs for those companies abusing the system in the US. Music to the ears - this is an idiom that means when something sounds good. In this example, the words that Trump says are uplifting and give the US voters real hope. This is why people are voting for Trump and why he will win the election. Brexit States - Brexit is the term used for the vote for the UK to leave the European Union. In the US there are states that feel like the globalists have taken over and they will vote for Donald Trump. They will do this to move away from a one world government type of control. This is similar to people in the UK who voted to move away from the control of the EU that did not serve the interests of the people. Beaten down - similar to when one repeatedly hits a dog. It is given in this example as the people who have nearly lost it all including their pride. The corrupt system and politicians have taken advantage of the people for too long. Molotov Cocktail - a homemade bomb that is basic and consists of a flammable liquid in a glass bottle that is lit and thrown. The fuse is typically some sort of fabric such as a shirt. Obamacare - a failed system that was created by pharmaceutical and other medical related companies in order to increase profits. Obama told people it would be good for them, but the reality is it was a scam to take money away from the people and enrich the corporations. Dispossessed - when someone has been deprived of something that they own. Typically when land or property has been taken from them. In this case, the speaker is talking about the American voters who lost everything due to corrupt political conditions that caused economic issues and hardships. Donald J. Trump - a wealthy billionaire who will become the next president of the United States by beating out a corrupt Hillary Clinton. Many of the polls are in this direction and there is a possibility that Clinton might drop out due to health reasons. It is an extremely small possibility, but we will wait and see. The enemy of my enemy is who I am going to vote for - Michael changes the idiom “ The enemy of my enemy is my friend” to state that he is voting for Trump. Michael is part of the party that supports Hillary, but he is voting for Trump instead. The reason why is Michael’s enemy is the corrupt powers in place that have ruined the lives of many people in the US. Joe Blow - this is an idiom that refers to the everyday male in the US. ************/watch?v=LiT4I27YokM
4 Nov 2016
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The LEGEND of TARZAN is RACIST & SEXIST - New 2016 Tarzan film has one critic screaming racist and sexist in her movie review. SUBSCRIBE to BossLevel8! ►►► ******* Here at BOSSLEVEL8 we have a passion for movies, music, video games and geek culture. Our goal is to talk about it all and make you laugh and hear your opinions about all the things that we love and obsess over. We truly believe that we are all individuals, we should love what we love and should always be ourselves. To you we say GEEK OUT AND GAME ON!!
2 Nov 2016
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Subscribe to catch my future videos! ******* Buk Lau calls up a French teacher for an unconventional lesson :D Please share the video with your buddies on facebook/twitter! Racist Neighbor Complaint Prank - ******* Random video - ******* Facebook--------------------- *******facebook****/OwnagePranks Twitter ------------------------ *******twitter****/OwnagePranks 2nd channel / Extras ---- *******youtube****/MrOwnagePranks Merchandise ---------------- *******ownagepranks.spreadshirt****
13 Jul 2015
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Subscribe to catch my future videos! ******* I mess with an apartment tenant who has been reported to management multiple times by their racist neighbors. She supposedly a feminist, and the angry reactions I get out of her are hilarious. Don't forget to share the video with your buddies if you enjoy it :D Prank Reveal - ******* Irish Drug Arrest Prank - ******* Facebook--------------------- *******facebook****/OwnagePranks Twitter ------------------------ *******twitter****/OwnagePranks 2nd channel / Extras ---- *******youtube****/MrOwnagePranks Merchandise ---------------- *******ownagepranks.spreadshirt****
13 Jul 2015
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Ownage Pranks called a guy who was selling his Acura TSX. He absolutely hates getting low offers for his car.
2 Mar 2015
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This black hairy prostitute posted a video stating that she hates all Black and Latino men and refuses to 'offer her services' to them. I decided to call as Tyrone, she was having none of it lol. What's next can only be described as psychotic. Share the craziness with your friends if you enjoy the video :) Subscribe for free to catch my future videos! ******* Asian Calls a Psychic Prank - ******* Crazy Ghost Hunting Prank - ******* Facebook--------------------- *******facebook****/OwnagePranks Twitter ------------------------ *******twitter****/OwnagePranks 2nd channel / Extras ---- *******youtube****/MrOwnagePranks Merchandise ---------------- *******ownagepranks.spreadshirt****
21 Jul 2014
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