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Time to check in on our RADar, with Diablo 3 Inferno difficulty, Civilization V: Gods & Kings, and the wonderful world of Lego and snap-together mini-creations!
29 Jun 2012
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Pressure cooking, an audio-visual film like no other, an animated web series called Samurai Daycare, Wits & Wagers Party, and the iOS game Horn are on our RADar!
24 Aug 2012
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Pokémon Dream Radar review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Pokémon Dream Radar for Nintendo 3DS. Let's face it, this isn't so much a game as it is a tech demo. A tech demo that's alarmingly like Face Raiders. A tech demo that can beam legendary Pokémon right to your White 2 or Black 2 save file. Y'know, the more I talk about it, the more it justifies itself. (Especially with its Gen-IV-cart-reading shenanigans.) Plus, it's only three bucks, so it's not even an expensive tech demo. You'll just have to deal with the stares of onlookers. (And a couple pulled muscles trying to film it. This video review features video gameplay footage of Pokémon Dream Radar for Nintendo 3DS and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's TJ.
12 Oct 2012
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Visit our website ***********/reversing-radar/vms-radar-system for further information. With all the benefits of the incredible Sensor Vision radar system, VMS provides the final step towards ultimate vehicle safety. It automatically applies the brakes of the vehicle if warning signals are ignored - and is active in both forward and reverse gears. However, to ensure auto braking only takes place when reversing, an in-built logic interface box prevents a false signal activating the brakes when driving forwards.
17 Oct 2012
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The guys talk season three of AMC's popular zombie drama, Alex's love of Guild Wars and Jeff's discovery of a very innovative new iOS game. All this and more on the guys' RADars!
1 Nov 2012
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The HTC Radar is the intuitive phone that keeps it all on your radar and lets you get real-time close…with everything. Crafted from a single piece of metal, it offers a premium design.
6 Feb 2013
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Link To Website - ******** Link To Direct Download - ******** Link To Virus Scan - ******** Just a Simple Working Menu Hack For Tera i Found the other day. This Menu will Have Four Hacks/scripts for Tera boting 2.level boting 3.Radar 4.ESP! Undetected 2/19/2013! Thanks For Watching And Enjoy.
22 Feb 2013
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In State v. Dantonio, l8 N.J. 570 (l955), the N.J. Supreme Court held there can be variation in the Radar. State v. Readding, l69 N.J. Super. 238 (Law Div. l978) restated the general rule that in order for the radar speedometer reading to be admissible into evidence, it should be established that: (l) the device is scientifically reliable; (2) the particular speedometer used in the case being tried is accurate; (3) the operator is qualified; and (4) the device was operated properly in the case being tried. In State v. Wojtkowiak, l70 N.J. Super. 44 (Law Div. l979), rev'd on other grounds, l74 N.J. Super. 460, the Court set forth that the traffic radar method speed detection measurement depends upon the Doppler effect. Simply stated a radio wave which strikes a moving object is reflected from that object at different frequency from that of the incident wave. A radar which transmits waves and receives reflected waves can determine their frequency difference and calculate the speed of the object which produced the reflective wave. Although most police use MPH Industries' K-55 Traffic Radar -- the primary system employed for the purpose of measuring the speed of motor vehicles in New Jersey -all radar units are susceptible to error. Radar Beam Width Radar emits a beam anywhere from 50 to 320 feet, which makes it impossible to select or focus on one particular traffic vehicle at any significant distance. No police traffic radar is lane sensitive. U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's "Basic Training Program in RADAR and Measurement -- Trainee Instruction Manual (l983) p 3-4 According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's "Basic Training Program in RADAR and Measurement -- Trainee Instruction Manual (l983)"The N.H.T.S.A. Id. at 3-11 to 3-12 : An improperly high RADAR target display can result due to the angular effect through conditions that exist naturally or are created by an officer. It is critical that the officer know how to avoid these situations when possible and, when they are unavoidable, to recognize that a speed displayed is artificially high. Certain unavoidable road conditions can result in the RADAR making it seem that the patrol car is traveling more slowly than it actually is. If a less- than-true patrol speed measurement is taken by the RADAR, (this) will produce an incorrectly high target speed. The target speed displayed to the operator would be 5 mph higher than the target's true speed. Any enforcement action taken due to this displayed speed would, of course, be improper. Id. at 3-15
4 Feb 2014
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Turn a 'toy' radar gun into the real thing! Works great! Cops don't even have one like this! While this is a completely new and different design, my inspiration for this video is from an article by Ken Delahoussaye in MAKE Magazine.
13 Oct 2016
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Radar - The Mental Game - You is the Ball red, When you see the little Ball Yellow, you will get a time to choose the position of the Ball red. The objective of the Game is to memorize the position of the Ball red, and accumulate hits. What is the number that you hit? Play with a friend. By Zicutake - All right reserved to Zicutake
3 Apr 2017
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La démonstration au guidon d'une moto de l'INFORAD MOTO! En exclu sur gpsautomoto****!
20 Dec 2006
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Check out our newly uploaded Winter 07 videos... Surf - Distributed by V.A.S. Entertainment Our videos are also now on Itunes and Amazon!!!!!
4 Oct 2007
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air field
9 Nov 2007
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5 Dec 2007
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By Joe Brener for 'To The Sky' by Maps. Joe won $1,000 and mentoring with Draw Pictures, one of the most productive music video production companies in the UK. For more details about joining RadarMusicVideos, where you can make, review and get your music videos distributed, subscribe to our YouTube channel and to the newsletter on our website at RadarMusicVideos****
9 Feb 2009
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Learn this ultimate easy magicians card trick!!
23 Mar 2008
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