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Kisses from the rainbow to everybody all over the world...
13 Nov 2007
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RTC debuts Rainbow Tiger Circus Asian Magic Happy Fun Time Show at Artfest '07 in Gainesville, FL. Now Booking for summer '08. Contact rtcproductionsbellsouth**** for more info.
14 Nov 2007
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The Italian classical guitarist Andrea Dieci plays "Over the Rainbow" (H. Arlen) from "12 Songs - transcriptions for Guitar" by the Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu
20 Nov 2007
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Natural rainbow formed by a water fountain in a lake in (Azher) park .
28 Nov 2007
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Jason is a multi-talented artist as you are about to see. The Rainbow Lorikeet is one of the most beautiful birds to grace the skys of Australia. Jason has captured the beauty of these living rainbows on canvas in both detail and color
9 Dec 2007
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How to create a rainbow in your garden using a hose, water and sunlight.
24 Dec 2007
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Trailer of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, by Ubisoft. Coming on Xbox 360 !
27 Dec 2007
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You can see the colors of a rainbow up close.
29 Dec 2007
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Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 Teaser
11 Jan 2008
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A perfect rainbow appearing in the distant sky landscape,,, a perfect half circle!!!!
23 Jan 2008
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Rainbow’s End is a raucous rodeo adventure starring Hoot Gibson. Gibson, originally a rodeo star prior to getting involved in films, has a tremendous and natural screen presence that oozes charisma. In the film, Gibson plays a city boy who becomes a rodeo icon against his parent’s wishes. After a wild and rowdy celebration following a rodeo win, Gibson and his friend wind up in a one horse town and find a local rancher who’s in trouble with the bank. The story is earnest and simple, with Gibson playing it the same way, and the result is a genuine and authentic cowboy feel that isn’t found in many movies. There’s also some clever direction from Norman Spencer, who adds plenty of comedy to mix in with the great rodeo action in Rainbow’s End.
25 Feb 2008
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ORIGINAL TRAILER FOR THE SHORT FILM "OVER DA RAINBOW" LEARN MORE AT www.OverDaRainbow**** STORY Homophobic rap superstar Terrier (pronounced "teh-ree-AY") is tearing up the charts with the smash hit single "Kill Faggots" off his triple-platinum album hoMOFObic. Despite protests from groups like Homosexuals Organizing a Meaningfully Outed Society (H.O.M.O.S.), homophobia is America's hottest trend. Now Terrier plans to reach an even wider audience by releasing a follow-up single featuring a sample from the deceased king of 80's hair metal -- Max Lightning's "Teri Why." But the rights to Max's song belong to his widow, the eccentric homophobe Theresa, who will only sign with Terrier on one condition: if he reunites her with her estranged son -- none other than gay rights activist Christopher Dalrymple, the leader of H.O.M.O.S. Rising to the challenge will force Terrier to confront his dark past -- and Theresa has secrets of her own... BEHIND THE MOVIE Few areas of mainstream media so brazenly air homophobic tendencies as rap music. This hip-hop homophobia is supported by millions of fans of all ethnicities. While a few musicians have raised their voices against the homophobic tide, there is still a long way to go on the road to tolerance toward homosexuals. OVER DA RAINBOW is a satirical short film conceived to provoke this discussion. Though the film cannot solve the problems it lampoons, our hope is to illuminate these issues through a dialogue sparked by audience reaction -- and have a laugh at the expense of those who still don't get the joke. LEARN MORE AT www.OverDaRainbow****
8 Feb 2008
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