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Http://www.thechimesofyourlife**** Rainbow Bridge Poem Wind Chimes For Dogs, Cats & Horses.
25 Nov 2010
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To know more go to my blog post titled : 'Young Pigeon Crossing Rainbow Bridge'
10 Nov 2007
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Watch the beautiful Chinese garden in singapore,amazing White rainbow Bridge and wonderful flowers and much more..
31 Dec 2007
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'Join Team Adventure-Crew as they explore the area around Lake Powell and Glen Canyon. Visit Rainbow bridge, camp on the side of canyon wall off Davis creek, and explore the slot canyons in area. Who doesn’t like the outdoors? No one. And, since you’re watching this video, we know that you’ll enjoy the benefits of receiving our free National Park Outdoor eNewsletter. Simply go to Adventure-Crew**** and fill in the A-C eNews box. You’ll be glad you did. Only Adventure-Crew eNews Subscribers get the added benefit of being the first ones to be notified of every new video that is released, FOR FREE.
9 Feb 2009
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Pet Memorial Wind Chimes With The Rainbow Bridge Poem And Urns. Please Visit Us At: Http://www.Thechimesofyourlife****
3 Nov 2010
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Saving yourself is sometimes part of the bargin
1 Oct 2007
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Niagara Falls Helicopter Tours, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada PLEASE WATCH MORE CANADA TRIP ON MY CHANNEL!
13 Jul 2010
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A song that captures the soul of the listener... a video that brings it out in simple monotones... leaving the viewer to fill it in with their hues... to feel the indian jadoo...
4 Aug 2011
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Now Available on Amazon: ***********/Metropolis-Pictorial-Stepping-Yards-Edition/dp/1475104340 Metropolis Pictorial: Stepping Into The Yards of Japan - Tokyo Edition is an appetizer to Tokyo, one of the best places to visit! From street culture to high culture with stops in two unique bars. Relive the place through 120 pages pictorial buffet . . . intended to wet your appetite for more.
11 May 2012
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Rachel gives Hiram a tour of Grove City college, the buildings, chapel, and the rainbow bridge. Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 May 2009
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My days are numbered: soon I have to leave The Norns have stretched my living thread The notion of my demise won't leave me be Why cannot death just set me free! I've lived a life or prosperity But I'm not as young as I used to be Down the road waits misery Why cannot death just set me free! Countless armies have I attacked Not once have I backed down And though I've spilled a lot of blood I never once received a mortal wound I've raided shores in many lands I cannot count the men I've ...
5 May 2009
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*******apps.facebook****/fluff/fluffbook.php?id=1197933846 *******apps.facebook****/fluff/ music by JLO
21 Oct 2009
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10 Oct 2008
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in Korea music program
12 Oct 2008
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Picked up Joseph at 4 pm today and we headed to the street to locate him. Since he was not there, we asked one of the neighbors and found out he might be roaming behind the residential area. We drove here and there but with no luck finding him. After a few rounds, from a distance we saw a dog sniffing on something, I couldn't see what it was as my vision was covered by cars around that area. We drove slowly towards the dog and with shock and sad at the same time, we saw the white dog lying there not moving at all. We knew instantly he has gone and the worst part is NOBODY cares! Nobody, I mean he collapsed at the side of the main entrance and I am pretty sure there must be lot of cars go in and out, but nobody even bothered. His body has turn cold and stiff. We stayed there for a while and Joseph made a call to the council department asking them to come and collect the carcass. The two council workers in yellow t-shirts in the video are not from the animal department though, they are just ordinary worker that sweep the road daily. I deliberately let them carried the carcass so that you can see how our council workers deal with carcass. The man in brown shirt is the one of the council supervisors and his team who deal with animal carcass has gone home after 5 pm, that is why the yellow t-shirt workers had to help out since they were there sweeping the road. I feel bad and so is Joseph and Khairul not because of the council workers but because of the people who live there do nothing at all to help this suffering animal. I took a lot of photos and videos to show to my vet asking him why this could happened suddenly within a day. He said it might have been hypothermia since he has been exposing to rains yesterday and also this morning. Another reason I took photos is because tomorrow morning, I will pick up Joseph and we will be heading to dog licensing department to trace this owner and file a cruelty report against him. He has to be punished for neglecting and abuse!
8 Dec 2008
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2 Oct 2012
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