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Stunned scientists have found the fossilised remains of the biggest snake ever known - a record-busting serpent as long as a bus. Remnants of the boa-like behemoth were found at the site of an ancient South American rainforest. The snake would have ruled the tropical area some 60 million years ago, at a time when the world was far hotter than now. Measuring 43ft, Titanoboa cerrejonensis weighed as much as a small car and had a body more than a yard thick. It matched the tyrannosaurus rex in length, and a duel between the two would be a scene straight out of the movies. But, in fact, the dinosaur king became extinct five million years before Titanoboa made its appearance on Earth. Palaeontologist Dr Jonathan Bloch, who co-led the expedition, said: "Truly enormous snakes really spark people's imagination, but reality has exceeded the fantasies of Hollywood.
6 Feb 2009
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Nestlé uses palm oil from companies that are trashing Indonesian rainforests, threatening the livelihoods of local people and pushing orang-utans towards extinction. We're asking Nestlé to give orang-utans a break.
18 Mar 2010
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Competitor during the 2006 Rainforest Challenge in Kedah, Malaysia
21 Jan 2007
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Hot tan sexy irls in bikinis perform extreme sports and fulfill their most private fantasies. On the beaches, ocean, rainforest, and skies of Hawaii.
27 Apr 2008
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Toyota Landcruiser competing in RFC 2006 event in Kedah, Malaysia
25 Jan 2007
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outtake video from a video shoot about rainforest birds and their habitat
3 Jun 2007
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Cuti-cuti to Malaysia, a Truly Asia. Visit a fascinating islands and beaches, a million years rainforest, and many mores interesting places in Malaysia. Cuti-cuti Malaysia
5 Oct 2007
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Crysis 3 is the bow-slinging FPS sequel coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in February 2013, featuring Prophet's return to New York, only to discover the city's been encased is now an urban rainforest. Here's a gameplay preview.
13 Jun 2012
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You're invited to create personalized graphics for a global special edition HP notebook. The winning designer will attend the European Music Awards as a VIP of MTV and travel to Tokyo and Houston to see their design come to life. It starts with your personal view, so tell us what's on your mind. What are you most passionate about? Rainforests, peace, clean water
27 Sep 2007
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Jeep modified and tuned by "Rawang 4x4" from Malaysia competing in 2006 event in Kedah, Malaysia.
30 Jan 2007
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Suzuki from Thailand rolls on it's side competing in 2006 event in Kedah, Malaysia
23 Jan 2007
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28 May 2011
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Landrover from Sri Lanka competing in 2006 RFC in Kedah, Malaysia
30 Jan 2007
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Barbaraâs Costa Rican co-host, Janine â the founder of the âKids Saving the Rainforestâ (KSTR) foundation âneeds help with a reforestation project and issues Barbara a challenge: to plant a target number of trees in one hour. Barb accepts, but wants to learn more about the rainforest first. Janine is just the one to teach her: KSTR raises money to help protect the forest and its endangered animals. She takes Barb canopying through the trees, for a âheightenedâ knowledge of the forest. Back at the KSTR offices, Janine and Barb tour the Artisan/Gallery Shop, where all the proceeds from the sale of local artwork go toward saving the rainforest. In the KSTR garden, Janine teaches Barb how to plant young saplings, to get a feel for what she will be doing after lunch. The girls head to town, where they meet a group of surfers on the beach and check out the local scene. They eat in a traditional Costa Rican restaurant, have gelato for dessert and talk over cold drinks with some of Janineâs friends. Before they start tree planting, Janine and Barbara go canyoning and explore one of Costa Ricaâs incredible active volcanoes, Arenal. The two girls then gear up and begin their challenge. After one hour, Barbara has reached her quota! The girls celebrate at a wild Costa Rican party, complete with dancing, costumes, food and music. Barb is having the time of her life in the tropics!
28 Jan 2007
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Jeep competing in RFC 2006 event in Kedah, Malaysia
24 Jan 2007
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Jeep competing in 2006 RFC event in Kedah, Malaysia
28 Jan 2007
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