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Why Walk When You Can Fly - The Movie. www.isha**** Based on the acclaimed book, this inspiring and transformational movie teaches you to soar beyond your fears. Join Isha on a journey of self discovery unlike anything you have ever experienced before.
2 Apr 2009
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The most important event in History *******indigorebellion****/ The Indigo Mothership Mamoth website *******indigomothership****/ jonestheory**** now also host's my very first online shop *******www.jonestheory****/ I am God the Movie! shocking and mostly reality shattering *******iamgodthemovie.wordpress****/ The worlds 1st Indigo Toolkit - Now On Sale! *******indigotoolkit****/ The beginning of us coming together and starting to create significant change. *******indigoadults.wordpress****/ Membership website with Advanced Techniques to Train yor Superpowers. *******trainyoursuperpowers****/ Capturing The Invisible World With A Little Digital Camera And A Whole Lot Of Love *******orbgallery.wordpress****/ The School of New Earth [S.O.N.E] proposes a fresh approach to “community living” *******schoolofnewearth.wordpress****/ YOUR INALIENABLE RIGHTS. The decision to be free. The decision to become Sovereign. *******inalienablerights.wordpress****/ Learn at the Little Magic School to turn on your magic superpowers *******littlemagicschool.wordpress****/ Lets Change fign the World *******indigoadults.wordpress****/ Climate Changes and Australians reparing for 2012 *******australianspreparingfor2012.wordpress****/ WeHeartStuff teaching you to create consciously *******weheartstuff****.au/ Bringing you the new up and coming Spiritual Visionaries and Warriors of Tomorrow who are Transforming Humanity Today. *******glowwingfilms****/
21 Nov 2009
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This is an introduction, link and portal to the PPV Videos of World Renowned Psychic Healer Carol Hathor. Check out these extraordinary resources at lulu**** & search 'Carol Hathor' or go direct here: Part 1 *******www.lulu****/content/4366489 & Part 2 *******www.lulu****/content/4367767 In PPV Part 1 Carol shares her experiences, insight and wit in a way that is downright understandable. No sugar coating here; just real illumined truth on very rare subject matters [orbs, religion, fear, god concepts, Ramtha, channelling, false teachings, and much more]. Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear from a master and all for only $7.50! To purchase follow this link: ttp://www.lulu****/content/4366489 Part 2 goes deeper. Lots of hot topics you won’t want to miss [subconscious mind healing, signs of enlightenment, developing mind & holy spirit, spin doctors & scam artists and much more!] All for only $7.50! For more info or to purchase follow this link *******www.lulu****/content/4367767
5 Feb 2009
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30 Day Water Fast - Day 10 2012 indigo children starseed crystal ascention enlightment paranormal future awakening love climate change god Ramtha crystal children solving problems aliens love god truth future
21 Nov 2009
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30 Day Water Fast - Day 15 2012 indigo children starseed crystal ascention enlightment paranormal future awakening love climate change god Ramtha crystal children solving problems aliens love god truth future
21 Nov 2009
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30 Day Water Fast - Day 11 2012 indigo children starseed crystal ascention enlightment paranormal future awakening love climate change god Ramtha crystal children solving problems aliens love god truth future
21 Nov 2009
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ramtha mejwez vivajordan
18 Dec 2009
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El taller Crea tu Año 2010 será presentado en 14 países, entre ellos Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Ecuador, Francia, Hong Kong, Italia, Japón, México, Nueva Zelanda, Sudáfrica, España, Holanda y Venezuela. ¡Estos son tiempos de grandes retos! Lo sabemos de muchas fuentes: ECONOMISTAS, CIENTÍFICOS, GOBIERNOS y gente común que tiene conocimiento del futuro. El Taller Crea tu Año 2010 se basa en la poderosa disciplina de Ramtha de la Víspera de Año Nuevo. Está diseñada para que cada individuo cree y asegure sus realidades personales específicas para el año venidero. Cuando Creas tu Año por adelantado, los cambios se presentan con fluidez y las perspectivas abrumadoras de un futuro incierto son reemplazados por la certeza que tú has creado con esos cambios. www.ramtha****
16 Feb 2010
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Ramtha has captivated and inspired audiences worldwide for 30 years. His teachings have empowered tens of thousands of people to consciously create their reality and change their lives in ways that exceed their expectations and what they thought possible. www.ramtha****
30 May 2010
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See Story Waters in Los Angeles August 2nd-3rd! Story Waters reads 'The Meaning of Life in 700 Words' set to beautiful visuals exploring the ideas in Rhonda Byrne's The Secret and The Law of Attraction. See part 1 for Esther Hicks, Abraham, Ramtha and Oprah. Please note part 3 was not made. Text for '700 words' is available as a free printable pdf poster from Limitlessness**** This is part 2 of 2 of Story Waters Interview. More at Limitlessness****
21 Dec 2008
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Ramtha's School of Enlightenment Presents Orbs in infrared from Yelm Mini Assay. August 2008 www.ramtha****
13 Nov 2009
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NASA, Anno 2012, dal Sole attacco al Pianete Terra. Questo è l'articolo scritto da LUIGI GRASSIA sulla STAMPA DI TORINO 29/03/2009!. Il video è stato realizzato da SALVO2012 non a scopo di lucro ma ben sì per informare la massa!
3 Jan 2010
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Para ver - Yo Soy, el Yo Soy ( he aquí a dios ) - que borraron pincha aquí: ********vimeo****/76474452 Lamento comunicar que me están borrando los vídeos por imágenes que tienen copyright, y ya no me dejan subir vídeos mayores de 15 minutos. Por eso los estoy subiendo en VIMEO pero tengo pocos megas cada semana y tardare en subirlos todos. Para ver los que hay de momento: *******vimeo****/user10521431/videos/sort:date/format:thumbnail el canal seguirá como esta, mientras no los borren. Los nuevos en vimeo y si son menores de 15 min aquí también. La pituitaria, que también se llama el séptimo sello, gobierna tu cerebro. La pituitaria es una glándula diminuta, pero maravillosa, que muchos llaman el «tercer ojo», La pineal, o sexto sello, es responsable de amplificar las frecuencias de pensamiento para que puedan ser enviadas a través de todo el cuerpo. Música: 1- B S O ángeles y Demonios. 2-in existance 3-ES Posthumus Nara 4-Mike Oldfield North StarPlatinum Finale 5-Terry Oldfield The March of a Thousand Days 6-Solomon Vandy 7-Vangelis Voices Textos convertidos en audio de "El Libro Blanco " de Ramtha lo puedes encontrar en nuestro blog. Nuestro Blog: *******nueva-gaia.blogspot****.es/
9 Nov 2013
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