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11 Oct 2007
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Kangana Ranaut photoshoot.
2 Sep 2008
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Kangana Ranaut is fashionably pissed off at Priyanka Chopra and Madhur Bhandarkar. The posters of Fashion makes Kangana Ranaut look like the second lead to Priyanka.
8 Dec 2008
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Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman were in a vanity van for 2 hours. Only God knows what the two were doing, when Emraan Hashmi lost it and left the shoot.
27 Jan 2009
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Adhyayan Suman had proposed Kangana Ranaut on the sets of Raaz 2. It all happened after shooting a steamy romantic song for the film.
2 Jan 2009
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We caught up with Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman in a candid chat. Watch this EXCLUSIVE interview.
16 Jan 2009
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Kangana Ranaut wants Shekhar Suman to give a Go to her relationship with Adhyayan Suman.
19 Jan 2009
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Adhyayan Suman's dad Shekhar Suman accepts Kangana Ranaut as his Bahu. Thats some good news for Kangana now.
19 Jan 2009
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The Vice President of India recently invited Kangana Ranaut for dinner.
21 Apr 2009
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Kangana Ranaut and Aditya Pancholi were the hottest couple of Bollywood,But now they do not talk to each other.To find out more watch this video.
25 Mar 2009
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Private birthday party of Kangana Ranaut
26 Mar 2009
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Kangana Ranaut buys herself a BMW for her birthday. The actress loved Adhyayan's car when she drove it first and has ordered the same for herself.
14 May 2009
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One of the most happening pairs in the lime light; Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranaut have chosen their separate ways. The duo have broken-up and chosen their own path amicably, claims Adhyayan Suman. He finally went public with the news of him and actress Kangana breaking up and said that it’s not the family but the career that has been the reason for the duo to separate. However, it has been heard that Adhyayan’s father, another popular Bollywood and TV actor Shekhar Suman did not like Kangana one bit, and that could have been one of the reasons for the break-up. But Adhyayan stick to his statement and said that they wanted to focus on their careers and that’s why decided to separate. Additionally, he also said that now that he is single again, he doesn’t mind if a proposal comes his way. Seems like Adhyayan being single again is good news for girls and bad news for Kangana….to know more…go ahead and see the video.
19 Jun 2009
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After Kangana Ranaut’s ex-beau publicly confirmed their break-up news, the norh Indian actress too stepped forward to confirm the news from her side. She claimed that the duo understand each other and took the decision of carrying on with their lives. Adhyayan admitted that both had to focus on their respective careers, which was the sole reason for their separation and he also openly invited proposals from women who would be interested in him, claiming he was single again. When Kagana Ranaut was asked about what she thinks about his act of sending across open invitation to girls, she very politely, said she didn’t want to talk about it. However, she also announced that she was single too but would like to take it easy as she is tied-up with work. Both seemed to have been upset with their decision, however the depth of it is not known…to know more...take a look.
24 Jun 2009
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Now after Suzzane Roshan, Kangana Ranaut does not really want Barbara Mori to come to India to promote Kites. The actress has been quite unenthusiastic about the same.
6 Jul 2009
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E-- Bike Launch By Kangana Ranaut
5 Jan 2010
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