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The clip Randal forcefully interrogated from Hard Target (1993) with Eliott Keener, Jean-Claude Van Damme Chance. What you doing here ? Secret mission. Mmmm. Rub me, baby. Oh, yeah, baby. Hello, Poe. What the fuck ? You miss me ? Aw, Christ, not again. Looks like you're short an ear, so you better listen very carefully. Now, are you paying attention ? Uh-huh. Who sent those apes after me ? l don't know what you're talking about. Two million people in this city. Who's gonna miss a fat slob like you, Poe, huh ? Van Cleaf ! H-His name was Van Cleaf. Good boy. Where is he ? l don't know where he lives ! He ain't even American ! Look, he'll- He'll kill me if l don't do what he says ! You gotta believe that ! Aaah ! Tell your boyfriend Van Cleaf... l'm gonna find out who killed Douglas Binder. lf you understand me, just grunt. Again.
12 Nov 2011
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