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Dowload here: *******firelinked****/tia259/Beta The game takes place in Sanctuary, the dark fantasy world of the Diablo series. This world was saved twenty years prior by a handful of unnamed heroes in Diablo II. Warriors who, having survived the onslaught brought by the armies of the Burning Hells, have gone mad from their ordeals. It is up to a new generation of heroes to face the forces of evil threatening the world of Sanctuary. Players will have the opportunity to explore familiar settings such as Tristram. The only confirmed NPCs are Deckard Cain,[5] who has appeared in both of the previous games, and his stepdaughter, a new character that accompanies the hero in quests from time to time. Cain's journal on the official site brings the player up to speed on the events of the first two games.[6] Diablo's world map is composed primarily of two main continents with several small islands in the Northwest region. Diablo III is similar in style to its predecessor, Diablo II. The proprietary engine will incorporate Blizzard's custom in-house physics, a change from the original usage of Havok's physics engine,[9] and feature destructible environments with an in-game damage effect. The developers are aiming to make the game run on a wide range of systems, and have stated that DirectX 10 will not be required.[10] Diablo III will use a custom 3D game engine[11] in order to present an overhead view to the player, in a somewhat similar way to the isometric view used in previous games in the series.[10] Enemies will utilize the 3D environment as well, in ways such as crawling up the side of a wall from the depths into the combat area.[5] As in Diablo II, multiplayer games will be possible using Blizzard's Battle**** service,[12] with many of the new features developed for StarCraft II also available in Diablo III.[10] Players will be able to drop in and out of sessions of co-operative play with others.[13] An enhanced quest system, a random level generator, and a random encounter generator are slated for use in order to ensure the game provides different experiences when replayed.[2] Overall, the game will include both static and randomly generated levels.[13] Additionally, there will be class-specific quests to go along with the main storyline quests.[14] Blizzard originally planned to have in-game cutscenes,[15] but decided these would divert from the gameplay and decided against them. Three new armor pieces will be available: shoulder plates, arm-guards and leggings.
5 Sep 2011
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Official iPad App Web Site: *******www.crazymikesapps****  Download: ******* Cost:  $0.99  Category: Games Developer: P2R Power Rev Racing Size: 16.1 MB Rating: 4 out of 5 CrazyMikesapps Heads Store: iTunes App Store,  iPad App Review, by CrazyMike, *******www.crazymikesapps****.  For more awesome iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac video app reviews and demos check out our YouTube channels:  ***********/crazymikesapps - iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac ***********/mikevallez     - Android  The Rewop Crew iPad App Details Title: The Rewop Crew (iOS Universal)  Price: $0.99 Size: 16.1 MB Category: Games Developer: P2R Power Rev Racing Store: iTunes App Store *******www.crazymikesapps****  ******* Follow Us on Twitter ******* Like Us on Facebook ******* Watch Us on YouTube ******* Download Us on iTunes ******* Get our app here   The Rewop Crew Additional iPad app details from developer: The Rewop Crew is a group of four goofy aliens who have just finished a expletory mission through the Ver Ginar galaxy. On their way back to their home planet they noticed they were low on P2 fuel. When checking the fuel storage, they noticed that it was full of Burritos. Bob who is the groups Engineer accidentally packed his food supply in the fuel storage. So they were forced into an emergency landing. Now this group of four aliens must now stop off at each planet on their way home to collect enough fuel to make it back. It is now up to you to help guide your Four Rewop friends through 5 Planets avoiding land mines, and destroying obstacles on these foreign planets. In The Rewop Crew you control the group of 4 Rewop's. each Rewop can only destroy obstacles of their same color. The levels are randomly generated, giving the player new challenges every time they play. You must collect all fuel on the planet before returning to the ship. You will also collect special items that are unique to each Rewop. So be sure to read the character bios, to see which items each Rewop likes most. Game Features: Stunning graphics Nice Music and lots of Rewop Funny Phrases Control all four Rewop’s at once 5 different worlds Get The Prize mini game Randomly Generated Levels High Scores What's new iPad 2 Support Smoother Controls How To Play Screen
16 Nov 2011
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Really Big Sky review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Really Big Sky for PC. From indie developers Bossbaddie comes the sequel to their game Big Sky, called Really Big Sky. A twin stick shooter with awesome art direction, really fun gameplay and tons of replay value with different modes, randomly generated levels and upgrades. Really Big Sky is a great tribute to vertical and twin stick shooters, but given a fresh coat of modern day paint. If you like bullet hell, vertical shooters or shumps, check this one out for sure! This video review features video gameplay footage of Really Big Sky for PC and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Ashton.
24 Sep 2012
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A professor makes a sacrifice and gets a gold pooping monkey.
11 Sep 2012
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An explorer dies many times attempting rescue.
11 Sep 2012
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Spelunky! randomly generates new levels with every death based on a theme.
11 Sep 2012
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In this screencast tutorial, you'll create an infinitely scrolling, Canabalt-style platformer, from start to finish. The final game has randomly generated levels, player movement, death conditions and basic scoring. No previous programming or game development experience is required and graphics are provided for you, so all you need is a copy of Multimedia Fusion 2 (which has a free demo). For the accompanying blog post, with download links, see: *******gamedev.tutsplus****/tutorials/from-scratch/build-a-canabalt-style-infinite-runner-from-scratch/
20 Nov 2012
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This is the complete PS4 vs Xbox One comparison video. Which console has your vote? Leave a comment! Xbox One - ******* | PS4 - ******* Confirmed platform exclusives - PS4 Exclusive Games Blacklight: Retribution: Free to play FPS action only on PS4 and PC from Zombie Studios. Daylight: First-person survival horror with randomly generated levels and a serious lack of light sources. DC Universe Online: The PS3 MMO hit returns on PS4. Become a hero or a villain and team up with famous characters in Gotham and Metropolis. Driveclub: Drive! In a club! Social online racing from the guys behind the awesome Motorstorm. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: The troubled Square Enix MMO is back and ready to prove itself on PS4. Infamous: Second Sun: Rock around Seattle with superpowers in the third game in the Infamous franchise. Killzone: Shadow Fall: Shoot some Helghast in the face as you return to the world of Guerilla's FPS series. Knack: Fun action platforming for the kids, or adults who never really grew up. The Order: 1886: Adventure through an alternate history steampunk London full of things that go bump in the night. Planetside 2: A free to play MMO FPS that has been a great success on PC. Primal Carnage: Genesis: An episodic single player series about a world where dinosaurs have been brought back from extinction. Secret Ponchos: An indie action shooter from the excellently named studio, Switchblade Monkeys. Super Stardust HD sequel: We know another Super Stardust is coming, but not much more. Expect lots of shooting! Warframe: Another free to play shooter, this time in a third person viewpoint. A big success on PC so far. War Thunder: Multiplayer flight sim with planes from a variety of time periods. Highway to the danger to the zone! Xbox One Exclusive Games Below: An indie roguelike from the guys behind the excellent Sword and Sworcery EP on iOS. Crimson Dragon: A spiritual sequel to Panzer Dragoon. Ride on the back of a dragon and shoot stuff! D4: An episodic murder mystery from the crazy genius Swery 51. We already like it. Dead Rising 3: Can you survive in a city overrun by bloodthistry zombies? Everything you see can be a weapon. Fantasia: Music Evolved: A Disney motion controlled rhythm action game developed by Harmonix. Forza Motorspot 5: The return of what many consider to be the best racing game series in the world today. Halo 5: We know it's coming, but we don't know when... or anything else, really. Killer Instinct: A free to play reboot of the old Rare fighting game. Kinect Sports Rivals: More gesticulating wildly in front of a television in a weird pastiche of real sports. LocoCycle: Get dragged along the desert by a sentient military motorcycle. Yep, it's pretty weird. Project Spark: A strange mixture of world building and base defending using innovative voice control. Quantum Break: The new game from Remedy which blends live action video with sections of gameplay. Ryse: Son Of Rome: Historical hack and slash from Crytek set in ancient Rome. Sunset Overdrive: An open world shooter from Insomniac Games, previously famous for their partnership with Sony. Titanfall: A new sci-fi FPS IP from Respawn, a studio created by old Infinity Ward members. Zoo Tycoon: Microsoft's classic zoo management strategy game comes to console.
23 Aug 2013
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