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As the tumbleweeds drift slowly by their ranch, and the rooster greets the morning sun, an old civil war veteran and his beautiful young niece don’t know they’re besieged by enemies. They don’t know because, in Guns of the Law, their enemies all pretend to be their friends! Fortunately for them, this film stars the Texas Rangers with Dave O’Brien and James Newill who are out to protect honest people. The classic beauty Jennifer Holt is the niece, and she employs the Texas Rangers to help save them from greedy con artists who would swindle them out of their land. And as much as the Rangers prefer diplomacy, this one breaks out into a vicious explosion of gunfire! Guns of the Law is a taut, fast paced Western eruption of action.
24 Sep 2009
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Hitch a wagon train to the stars with the Galaxy Rangers – a courageous team dedicated preserving law and order across the new frontier. Includes the first 32 episodes available for the first time in chronological order. www.kochvision****
17 Jan 2009
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www.power4all*** il צח סחר גאה להציג: www.power4all***.il תוכנת ניווט שטח החדישה והמעודכנת ביותר למחשב כף יד על גבי כרטיס SD ומאפשרת העברה ממחשב למחשב ! * התוכנה מסופקת עם ממשק תכנון מסלולים ל PC. מערכת Ranger מיועדת לניווט שטח במגוון מחשבי כף יד (PDA ) ומחשבי ניווט ייעודיים (PND ). המערכת תואמת את כל מערכות ההפעלה הקיימות למחשבי כף היד ולמחשבי הרכב השונים. מערכות הניווט מותאמות לעבודה בכל שפה ובשילוב של כל סוגי המפות הטופוגרפיות, תצלומי האוויר ותצלומי הלווין בארץ ובעולם. המערכת כוללת תוכנת PC ותוכנת שטח. תכונות עיקריות: * מפות רקע – 1:50,000 ו – 1:250,000 של המרכז למיפוי ישראל מפות סימון שבילים של החברה להגנת הטבע בעריכת אורי דביר (אופציונלי בתוספת מחיר) תצלום אויר רציף לכל שטח המדינה (אורתופוטו) * התמקדות מהירה ליישובים וקואורדינאטות * ייחודי למערכתRanger - התמקדות מהירה לנקודות עניין: אתרי טבע אתרים ארכיאולוגיים מעיינות חופי רחצה מצפורים חניונים יערות קקל מערות ועוד הרבה.. 4X4 naviguide offroad 4X4 ניווט FWL columbus israel offroad landguide nav ranger skipper skipperway גיפ גיפולוג גיפים הורדת מסלולי שטח טויוטה טופו טופוגרפ טיול טיול גיפים טיולי שטח טיולים כביש שטח כבישטח לנד מדבר מדבר יהודה מיפוי מסלול מסלולי שטח מפה מפה טופוגרפית מפות מפות טופוגרפיות נחל צין ניווט ניווט רכוב סימון שבילים סקיפר קולומבוס קלומבוס רכב שטח שביל ישראל שבילי ישראל שטח שיתוף מסלולי שיתוף מסלולים תוואי תוכנת ניווט « www.power4all***.il תוכנת ניווט שטח החדישה והמעודכנת ביותר למחשב כף יד על גבי כרטיס SD ומאפשרת העברה ממחשב למחשב ! * התוכנה מסופקת עם ממשק תכנון מסלולים ל PC.
15 Jul 2008
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Hitch a wagon train to the stars with the Galaxy Rangers – a courageous team dedicated to preserving law and order across the new frontier. This collection includes the first 32 episodes available for the first time in chronological order. www.kochvision****
6 May 2008
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Glasgow Rangers in the UEFA final 2008. The road to Manchester.
13 May 2008
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rangers riots
15 May 2008
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150 000 Glasgow Rangers Fans Descend On Manchester
2 Oct 2008
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2003 Ford Ranger Edge, Extended Cab, 6 Disc CD Changer, Towing Package, manual trans., 54395 miles Price: $8900 Contack Scott For More Info e-mail: william_garrettcomcast**** , phone: 941-266-4449
28 May 2008
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Little girl sings super rangers
13 Jun 2008
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The position of Forest Ranger requires the employee to be capable of accomplishing many tasks. In The Story of a Forest Ranger the viewer gets to follow the ranger as he demonstrates the many different challenges and obligations that are part of forest ranger requirements. To earn the distinguished position of a Forest Ranger one must have proper education through college studies and practical application. Beyond these things is a deep thirst for knowledge of the outdoors and wild animals, and a curiosity about the planet. These characteristics help make a good forest ranger. But the film also examines more than these basic skills, because being a forest ranger involves many activities. Organizing and supervising the logging of trees is part of the position that helps to maintain a healthy forest. Another position is the management of the water system to ensure that plants and animals are well provided for and to preserve the land so that erosion does not occur. Timber management is a difficult task that sometimes requires riding on horseback to reach remote locations. Forest rangers are defenders of wildlife, and as such must make wildlife conservation and nature care a priority. Being a forest ranger truly is one of the best wildlife careers. Another aspect of being a forest ranger is to help prevent and fight forest fires. Forest fires can be very devastating and can temporarily ruin the ecosystem of the forest. To ensure that these are prevented, Forest Rangers must educate visitors on forest fire prevention and fire safety in the woods. If a forest fire does occur it is their job to act quickly to minimize the damage that may occur. As preservationists, forest rangers will use fire safety equipment to ensure a well protected forest. While much of the life of the forest ranger is spent outdoors it requires many skills. A forest ranger is part teacher, part preservationist, and also part business person. It is not a job for everyone, but a forest ranger career can be a rewarding occupation for a person who adores nature and approaches outdoor care with competence and knowledge.
29 Jun 2008
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- The Rangers Ballpark in Arlington is located at 1000 Ballpark Way Arlington, Texas 76011. On April 1, 1994, a new era for the Texas Rangers began with the opening of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The beautiful baseball-only facility serves as the centerpiece of a 270-acre complex, which solidifies Arlington, Texas as an entertainment giant in the Southwest. The Texas Rangers play Major League Baseball from April thru October at The Rangers Ballpark in Arlington - recognized as an architectural tribute to America's pastime. The open-air stadium that is home to the Texas Rangers was built with tradition and fan comfort in mind, with a home run porch in right field where every kid has a chance to catch a ball and a TGI Friday's Front Row Sports Grill where every mom can catch a break away from the Texas sun. The ballpark complex includes a baseball museum, children's learning center, office building within the ballpark, youth baseball park, 12-acre Lake and a park area. The park's overall seating capacity is 49,166 with seats in five levels. Tickets range from $15 - $1250 all depending on the section and the date of the game.
8 Jul 2008
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Parody of Walker texas ranger with Chuck Norris
25 Jul 2008
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