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Today Jon rants about the unexciting and poorly executed PlayStation 4 keynote. Last Wednesday, the world tuned in to witness the unveiling of Sony's newest next-gen console but unfortunately the excitement died down fast. Sony decided to not show the PlayStation 4 hardware! *******gamehackerz****/war-commander-hack-facebook-cheats-download
28 Feb 2013
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*******www.carnivoroust****/ Funny animated cartoon dinosaur rant - Adults cartoon - Angry cartoon Carnivorous T, an irate Dinosaur inexplicably living in modern times, rants about his encounters with various Douche Bags.
14 Mar 2013
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Today Jon rants about the rumored Facebook phone, the "HTC first." The device hasn't been officially announced or confirmed yet, but it already has Jon kicking and screaming. Why would anyone need a Facebook phone when a Facebook app on any smartphone can do the same thing? *******gamehackerz****/dragon-city-hack-tool-free
4 Apr 2013
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Submitted as a contest for *******www.infowars****, here is my Operation Paul Revere contest entry. I admit, I did have the script to the rant in front of me as I ranted. Parts of this video were adapted from James Corbett's classic video "9/11: A Conspiracy Theory." This video can also be seen at
16 Apr 2013
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On this episode of Rettinger's Rants, Jon's got cable tv in his sights! *******gamehackerz****/black-ops-2-cheats-aimbot-hack
17 May 2013
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Today Jon rants about free-to-play games. App stores have introduced us to so many great games and apps. Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Doodle Jump might not exist if it wasn't for mobile app stores. Unfortunately, many new games and apps have switched over to the free-to-play model and we run into the whole microtransaction issue. *******gamehackerz****/battle-pirates-cheats-and-hack-tools
7 Jun 2013
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Ashley Esqueda is here to rant and rave on various topics while Jon Rettinger is on vacation! Today, Ashley rants about journalists who review beta software and hardware. Beta products will have performance issues and bugs - they are supposed to. The purpose of beta testing is not only to give users a glimpse of what's coming, but to also let users report bugs and issues that might be present.
27 Jun 2013
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Alec Baldwin ignored reporters after making headlines for his epic Twitter rant against a British journalist.
28 Jun 2013
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Jon R is back with an all new show where he rants and raves on various topics in and out of the tech world. On this week's episode, Jon rants about friends and family who ask for personal review request. Regardless of whichever job you take, you can always count on friends and family to ask you for "hook-ups." For example, if you work in the retail industry, your friends and family likely come to you for discounts.
4 Jul 2013
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Jon rants about Samsung's infinite line of Galaxy devices. Can you think of a Samsung mobile device that isn't Galaxy branded? Probably not. Samsung has chosen to produce so many Galaxy devices that its become near impossible to distinguish between them.
11 Jul 2013
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On this week's episode, Jon rants about battery technology. He recalls using his GameBoy as a child and wishing the batteries would last longer.
18 Jul 2013
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Audio of what is believed to be Kanye West has surfaced where he's ranting against Taylor Swift, and brings in issues of race and anti-MTV statements.
19 Jul 2013
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On this episode of Rettinger's Rants, Jon talks about how important specs really are.
8 Aug 2013
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Jon rants about the criticism YouTube has received for its sometimes unreliable services and recent design changes.
29 Aug 2013
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This week, Jon rants about the Galaxy Gear!
12 Sep 2013
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Rettinger's Rants: Wireless Charging Jon R is back with an all new show where he rants and raves on various topics in and out of the tech world. On this week's episode, Jon rants about the lack of wireless charging on high-end devices. There are very few people on this planet who were more excited than Jon to use the Galaxy Note 3. The humungous device has always been a favorite for the head buffalo but after spending several days with the Note 3 his initial impressions have changed...
10 Oct 2013
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