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An infomercial for "Linda's Love Technique", an anti-Rape strategy where women tell their attackers about commitment issues.Starring Caitlin Johnston as Linda. Featuring Karina Chez, Molly Fitzpatrick, S. Alexandra Kudroff, pRex, Jeff Ragsdale, and Scott Witebsky.Written by Abby Rosebrock. Directed by Sasha Stewart. Produced by Dan Haley. Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 Feb 2010
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Mittal vs Mittal tackles the issue of post-marital rape.Karan Mittal (Rohit Roy) plays an industrialist who is a total rich brat and is accustomed to having things his way.The film is directed by Karan Razdan of Girlfriend fame and produced by Dinesh Chug. It also features Hazel in as an item number.
10 Oct 2011
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Jennifer Aniston Hard Raped In Motel
20 Apr 2010
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Add The Rape of Europa to your Netflix queue today! *******www****flix****/WiMovie/The_Rape_of_Europa/7007969... The Rape of Europa tells the epic story of the systematic theft, deliberate destruction and miraculous survival of Europes art treasures during the Third Reich and the Second World War. In a journey through seven countries, the film takes the audience into the violent whirlwind of fanaticism, greed, and warfare that threatened to wipe out the artistic heritage of Europe. For twelve long years, the Nazis looted and destroyed art on a scale unprecedented in history. But young art professionals as well as ordinary heroes, from truck drivers to department store clerks, fought back with an extraordinary effort to safeguard, rescue and return the millions of lost, hidden and stolen treasures. The Rape of Europa begins and ends with the story of artist Gustav Klimts famed Gold Portrait, stolen from Viennese Jews in 1938 and now the most expensive painting ever sold. Today, more than sixty years later, the legacy of this tragic history continues to play out as families of looted collectors recover major works of art, conservators repair battle damage, and nations fight over the fate of ill-gotten spoils of war. Joan Allen narrates this breathtaking chronicle about the battle over the very survival of centuries of western culture.
22 Apr 2010
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Israeli Arab Sabbar Kashur was convicted of rape after having consensual sex with a woman who believed he was Jewish.
25 Jul 2010
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Swedish prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, on rape and molestation charges, but quickly withdrew it.
27 Aug 2010
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The rape investigation against Wikileaks front man Julian Assange has been re-opened, with Sweden’s prosecutor saying there’s “reason to believe a crime has been committed.”
3 Sep 2010
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Thought Glee was just a light-hearted musical fest? Well, it is. But that doesn't mean its stars can't be serious from time to time. This week the Glee gang attended a rape prevention event, and our LA girl Diem Brown went along to hear about the awareness they want to raise.
9 Oct 2010
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Cenk Uygur and Ben Mankiewicz discuss a proposal from a Republican Congressman that would redefine rape in order to avoid any taxpayer money from potentially funding abortion.
1 Feb 2011
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Esta receta la titularé Merluza o rape a la pescadora y ya veréis que os gustará. Los que sois amantes del pescado, claro. Esta receta es una mas, de este completo curso gratis on line y que con el podréis dedicaros a la profesión o hacerlo por afición. Nadie sabe lo que será de su vida laboral dentro de cinco o más años ya que las cosas pueden cambiar y hay que estar preparados. Un abrazo Joan Villaró
11 Jun 2011
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Hard hitting South African documentary series that deals with everything from murder to rape to alien abduction. Not recommended for sensitive viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. I am using this as a method of showcasing my work since I edited, post production directed, final mixed and scripted this series and claim no copyright, other than intellectual, since the series belongs to our local broadcaster. Comments more than welcome. This episode deals with the terrifying reality of "corrective rape" that so many South African lesbians are forced to endure. Powerful content but viewer discretion is advised.
17 Sep 2011
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Johnny Depp compares photo shoots to rape.
5 Oct 2011
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BY ALLEX CONLEY ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN MTV’s The Real World may be known for pushing the envelope with its wild characters-- But Tonya Cooley from the Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins is levelling a charge at the cast and crew -- and says this time the show’s gone way too far. Cooley is suing MTV, claiming she was raped -- cameras rolling -- with a toothbrush while she was passed out. A word of warning -- this gets graphic. TMZ reports... “Tonya Cooley filed the suit ... claiming the two guys ‘took another male participant’s toothbrush and rubbed the toothbrush around plaintiff’s genitals, including ... inserting the toothbrush into [plaintiff]...’ … Cooley says producers not only knew about the rape, they even replaced the toothbrush, but never told her what happened.” But do the cast members know what they are getting themselves into when they sign up to be on the show? A commenter on Lipstick Alley says -- definitely. “When you sign those MTV contracts, you basically sell your soul. She has signed more than one MTV contract, so she must have read it. I hope she did.” The Village Voice obtained a copy of the MTV contract for the Real World. This is definitely one document you would want to read carefully before signing. Here’s just a taste of what real worlders agree to before getting their 15 minutes of fame. “You may die, lose limbs, and suffer nervous breakdowns … You may be humiliated and explicitly portrayed ‘in a false light’ ... Interacting with other cast members carries the risk of ‘non-consensual physical contact’...” The contract goes on to cover a whole range of exploitative situations that may or may not happen. As of Friday afternoon, MTV officials hadn’t responded to reporters’ requests for comment. Transcrpt by Newsy.
1 Nov 2011
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For more News and Updates subscribe or go to *******www.newzar**** A housemate on Brazil's version of Big Brother has been raped live on TV, it has been alleged. Police today confirmed they had begun an investigation and carried out a search of the studios in Rio de Janeiro, where the popular reality show is being filmed. Viewers were shocked in the early hours of Sunday to watch contestant Daniel Echaniz 31, apparently force himself on 23-year-old student Monique Amin, who had passed out drunk after a boozy party. The decision to remove the contestant, who if found guilty of rape faces between six and ten years' jail, was explained in a statement read out by the show's presenter Pedro Bial. He said: 'Since Sunday morning, the board had been evaluating the behaviour of Daniel, who is suspected of having infringed the rules of the programme. 'Big Brother examined his behaviour without jumping to conclusions and with the utmost care. The images showed a breach of the rules of the programme. 'After careful evaluation, the direction of the programme found that the behavior of the contestant on the night of the party was seriously inadequate.' Makers Endemol - which is known for encouraging outrageous behaviour among its contestants - today refused to comment on the latest scandal to rock the worldwide Big Brother format. Big Brother Brasil, which is in its 12th series, is watched by an average TV audience of eight million. In last year's final over 154 million votes were cast.
22 Jan 2012
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18 Mar 2012
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Shock in Russia with the news that a nine-year-old Russian child raped by two Indian men in north Goa's Arambol beach in India. India victim justice law high supreme court witness Child Labour trafficking torture prostitution gang rape Gandhi congress bjp Hindu Muslim Christian Jew Asia USA UN UK china Russia japan Korea Iran Saudi arabia Pakistan Kuwait Dubai Syria Iraq Afghanistan Greece France Germany Mexico Switzerland Libya Canada Euro America army air force navy military conflict war massacre genocide
14 Apr 2012
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