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10: Scorpion Venom The notorious scorpion roams the desert sands and is well known for its dangerous bite. Though There are close to 2,000 scorpion species each species has specialized venom to suit its environment. Not many people though know how lucrative the venom can be. At close to $10,000 per litre it is one of the most expensive liquids on the planet. This is due to the obvious dangers of acquiring the venom, the rarity of the specimens and the medical uses of parts of the venom. In fact, Some of the toxins are immunosuppressants which are chemicals that suppress the immune system. These can help in diseases where the immune system is not functioning as it should and in the right doses, Scorpion venom toxins can help treat diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Interestingly scorpions are not prone to using their venom and would much rather catch prey with their claws due to the difficulty in creating it. However They will use the venom to escape larger predators and various situations they cannot flee from. Though often painful, scorpion bites are rarely fatal and many antivenoms have been made for the various types of scorpions in the United States alone. 9: GHB Known scientifically as Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid, and non-scientifically as the ´Date Rape drug, GHB is a very interesting drug. As a drug it is a depressant, and therefore dampens the central nervous system. At $660 per litre, legitimate uses for GHB include treatment for narcolepsy, alcoholism and cataplexy. It is used illegitimately and most famously as a drug that especially when mixed with alcohol can cause rapid intoxication and sedation. Side-effects can even include memory loss after use. The rapid intoxication effects are sometimes used by teenagers for a powerful high, and users describe it having a salty or soapy taste. 8: Mercury This amazing liquid metal is also known as quicksilver and before its toxicity became widely feared, it was used in many device
26 Apr 2017
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This video is 2 years old when I auditioned to be on the real world key west. Its super funny me raping about my car so I thought I would add it here
17 Jun 2007
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Have you ever what drives men to rape? Is it to satisfy their sexual desire or is it to prove that thy can overpower anything weak? This stand alone tries to give us some insight on "John's" world views. Tony Grat stars in this promotional teaser for the film EYE FOR A TOOTH. This does not contain any footage from the full length festival film. Promo trailers will be done for the rest of the cast. Eye For a Tooth will be released to Film Festivals in 2008 Production Information: WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY: Miguel Amodio SHOT BY: Miguel Amodio EDITED BY: Miguel Amodio LIGHTING BY: Miguel Amodio SOUND BY: Terrance Holmes ART DIRECTION BY: Robert Bartling WARDROBE DESIGN BY: Brisco Diggs MAKE-UP BY: Clover Porche CAST: Summer Johnson, Celia de Blas & Tony Grat.
22 Aug 2007
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26 Aug 2007
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Amazing Unnatural Donkey Raping a Camel
19 Sep 2007
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... but the kid gets knocked out first :D BTW the kid wasn't meant to be raped, nor was he raped at all :D
7 Nov 2007
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Hindus Burnt thousands of Muslims in Gujarat India, they also Killed Binkis Banu's Entire Family and Raped Her massively, seeks Justice... MUSLIMS UNITED NOW... Before it is too Late
15 Jan 2008
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2 Jun 2008
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With over 1,000 people continuing to die each day from conflict-related causes, five million have perished in seven years, more than any other conflict since the Second World War. Along with the heinous atrocities of barbarism, starvation, the massively orphaned and homeless, rampant infectious disease and death, with nearly 50 million people cut off from even the most basic of essentials, perhaps the most unimaginable aspect of the Congo war is the widespread use of genocidal rape as an instrument of war by members of both the national military and armed rebels. The social and health complications produced by this horror of genocidal rape have been menacing, with, more often than not, the victimized women bearing the children of the rapists, causing the social fabric of a nation already in the throes of the intolerable to be savagely torn apart.
29 Apr 2008
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Karus Town Raped by 4TL4NT1S in BadBoyz
29 Feb 2008
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Rape Scene Dress, designed by a GAY. Jab GUNDA dress phadega to audience ki phategi! Watch out how??
24 Jun 2009
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Amitabh Bachchan KBC Style - "Bina Rape Scene Ke Picture?"
15 Mar 2008
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some rape numbers
21 May 2008
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Rape Recovery. Truth About Rape book author talks about how the book changes the way the reader can view themselves, their approach to recovery, and helps them make positive choices for lifelong change. RapeRecovery****.
11 Oct 2008
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Rape Recovery. If you are a man and know someone who was raped but don't know what to do, please watch the video. It will give you a perspective and insight so you won't feel helpless. Also, their is a new resource with all 35 videos available and more, for free. It is a RapeRecovery toolbar. Watch the video on the site. You could change their life forever. RapeRecovery****.
18 Mar 2009
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this is a video that shows the risk of date rape drugs and how to be more cautious to prevent from being drug raped
17 Jun 2008
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