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animals raping
24 Jan 2018
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brother forcely raped young sister
7 Feb 2018
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Rape Simulation for Women Careers make you curious
8 Feb 2018
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And some people say that dolphins are just oversized fish, it's all fun and games till he bites your face off. dolphins can bite as hard as a German shepherd.
19 Feb 2018
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Dr. Paula Mitchell, a Seattle clinical psychologist, is in dire need of help to save her patients life. Kae Carlson believes she will be killed on her twenty-sixth birthday, which is less than three weeks away. Through Connie, Maxine, and Cathleen, Kaes other personalities, Dr. Mitchell learns that Kae was raped by the High Priest of a satanic cult on her thirteenth birthday. A miscarriage prevented her from delivering a baby to be sacrificed...
25 Jan 2018
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“Gentrification of hip hop: The process of appropriating the hip hop culture by others outside of the community for monetary gain all while excluding the culture’s originators and creators” This is deep!!! Will EQ drops a socially charged video titled "Whole Foodz - Gentrification of Hip Hop". The song serves as clever middle finger to rappers like Post Malone and others that Will feels are raping the hiphop culture. The video stars a comical Post Malone doppelganger and a mashup of historically racist clips as Will EQ explains how Black music has been ripped off since Elvis til now. Look out for more from this thought provoking young artist and follow his growing movement today!
9 Feb 2018
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Amazing Unnatural Donkey Raping a Camel
19 Sep 2007
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... but the kid gets knocked out first :D BTW the kid wasn't meant to be raped, nor was he raped at all :D
7 Nov 2007
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Hindus Burnt thousands of Muslims in Gujarat India, they also Killed Binkis Banu's Entire Family and Raped Her massively, seeks Justice... MUSLIMS UNITED NOW... Before it is too Late
15 Jan 2008
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2 Jun 2008
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With over 1,000 people continuing to die each day from conflict-related causes, five million have perished in seven years, more than any other conflict since the Second World War. Along with the heinous atrocities of barbarism, starvation, the massively orphaned and homeless, rampant infectious disease and death, with nearly 50 million people cut off from even the most basic of essentials, perhaps the most unimaginable aspect of the Congo war is the widespread use of genocidal rape as an instrument of war by members of both the national military and armed rebels. The social and health complications produced by this horror of genocidal rape have been menacing, with, more often than not, the victimized women bearing the children of the rapists, causing the social fabric of a nation already in the throes of the intolerable to be savagely torn apart.
29 Apr 2008
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Rape Scene Dress, designed by a GAY. Jab GUNDA dress phadega to audience ki phategi! Watch out how??
24 Jun 2009
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some rape numbers
21 May 2008
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Rape Recovery. Truth About Rape book author talks about how the book changes the way the reader can view themselves, their approach to recovery, and helps them make positive choices for lifelong change. RapeRecovery****.
11 Oct 2008
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Rape Recovery. If you are a man and know someone who was raped but don't know what to do, please watch the video. It will give you a perspective and insight so you won't feel helpless. Also, their is a new resource with all 35 videos available and more, for free. It is a RapeRecovery toolbar. Watch the video on the site. You could change their life forever. RapeRecovery****.
18 Mar 2009
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