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Mark Parriss raps out his message to the world, he is a student Southern Cross University, Australia.
1 Feb 2007
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This is what you get when you mix rap music with rock music.
22 May 2007
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damn this is old school! he's got skills. middle class white homeboy in the house
25 May 2007
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Let the video speak for its self Bentley Green- hey mama PLEASE COMMENT!!!!
12 Jul 2007
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this is so hilarious
12 Sep 2007
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"NoClue" official Guinness world records fastest rap artist. "Clip of NoClue in the studio rapping" this is not he's fastest, trust me. www.noclueofficial**** myspace****/noclue
26 Dec 2007
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Rhyme doesn't pay.
30 Jan 2008
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Rhyme doesn't pay.
30 Jan 2008
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Rhyme doesn't pay.
30 Jan 2008
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This kid is insane. You give him about a minute and he'll come up with the best rap you've ever heard. Guaranteed to see more of this kid in the future.
16 Feb 2008
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The Best Commercial ever
21 May 2008
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The 2008 music video to the 2007 song 'Gangsta C-Rap'. Taken from the album 'Hyperaptive The New Breed'. Produced by Jason Hawkins a.k.a Hyperaptive. Rap / Hip Hop
15 Jul 2008
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Funny Commercial
17 Oct 2008
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CLICK MORE TO READ THE LYRICS!!! Intro Verse 1 I'm in the middle of a war zone warred on Like the 4 strong horsemen of the apocalyptic world I was raised on Trying to stay on with and eighth of my brain gone Trying to stay safe or get smoked like a blazed bong Every nigger in a 4 mile radius must have an alias Label me Zaniest The Almighty declared me the atheist Left me to burn in this waste like an alien In a void that be blacker than cocoa Feel the air disappear like a chokehold Living life as a curse from the birth to the hearse to the church It's been driving me Loco Living life never elegant, mentally militant Live where the pain is irrelevant Suffered depression of higher intelligence Nothing you've seen could compare to the hell I'm in Dark situation like the skin I'm in Adrenaline and melanin is equal to amphetamines I'll be here till I jettison, write till the letters spin Leave you in a dust never settling Lyrically, metaphorically, virtually As a mercenary I be ready for the kill Others might have the means to destroy a whole nation of hatred But I have the will My dreams have been shattered, my hope has been battered And scattered like eons ago I won't ease for these heathens, I have to keep breathing They won't take a piece of my soul The resolve of the loneliest, holiest Angel of Rage on this Earth ever known Live life, never yield from my throne Live life as the V Double O Hook X2 They try tell me they know something bout me but they d d d don't When I spit lines on break lines I break spines and they just cannot cope Cause I'm the V V V V D D D D D D O U B B B B L then E E O You better get to know Verse 2 From the darkness the arsonist Raised from the flames of the game like a phoenix, the meanest Murderous like a mercury shot to your arteries Chains never taming the realest In the war I'm a soldier, my hands have been soldered to mics And I write like a genius Coming through the airwaves, rise like a staircase Straight to the raves I amaze when you feel this Take a shot at me? Possibly, nothing can scupper me Dealt with the mockery properly In the game like a soccer league, clever like Socrates Nothing will ever be stopping me Spit a verse let it spray like a hydrant Always stay loud not silent When I sleep all I hear are the sirens Mentally I'm sick and should be sent to an asylum In the music my heart is, my lyrics: the smartest And came to the game in a TARDIS Every track I'm on rap as the last As there's no on to blast after Vesus the artist The reason the mark is as high as the sky And the bar's in the highest of echelons So, Mi Casa Su Casa, the second my record's on Come on now, let's get the session on Take the lead and the followers follow me Never weak, always strong that's my policy Raising idols on islands to honour me From the start to the end like chronology I'm the quickest and slickest you know In my city, UK and the globe I been rapping since 7 years old As the V Double V Double V Double O Hook X2 Breakdown Verse 3 There will never be another body ain't nobody Spittin with the quickest flow seen on green land Lick a rhythm like I wanna kill em Hit em with with the double O flow so you know it's the V man From the second I was beckoned to rap I just been wrecking the map, and niggas know what I mean man Spitting vocal energy on any of my enemies And I won't rest till I own this scene man G damn, it's me man Hop on the rhythm like a train Infecting the rest and I push a pen into the brain And my lyrics will break a person apart and leave remains And I'm crazy Take a pill like I'm a vitamin addict and psychosomatic, my lyrics taking flight when I've had it And I be pushing pen on paper, let me write like a habit And let me rip the rhythm when I see a mic and I grab it, its on! They try tell me they know something bout me but they don't know shit From my tracks to my skits, I cause fits, make mountains split when I spit Pause play, screw the foreplay, I been the boss since old days Rip tracks all day V Double O the vocal and verbal demolisher will echo through the ages like old school hallways Spit a lyric from the back and still crack at your dome Make you feel it from the front to the back of your home Hit a verse and I react and attack when its on Thinking I'm slack on a song, take a step back as you're wrong Militant till its over, cold like shoulders Luck like a 4-leaved clover Drop like boulders, bark like rover First name V Double, last name soldier Hook X4
19 Feb 2009
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*Note* Watch it in Fullscreen. I made a video like this a long time ago, but then my PC crashed and i lost everything. a few dayss ago i told myself" U gotto do this". so i got back to work. after some few nights and many hours its done. I hope its a Message 4 u all. and i Hope many gonna see this so this messages might change somethin. Greetings Rivers18 Why did they died, here a list: Big L February 15 , 1999 7 Shots, Head and Chest. 24 years old Jam Master Jay October 30, 2002 1 Shot, Head. 37 years old Buffy L December 10, 1995 Heart attack. 28 years old Ol Dirty Bastard November 13, 2004 Cocain and Painkiller overdose. 35 years old. Notorious BIG March 9, 1997 Shot. 25 years old Tupac September 13, 1996 Shot, sevral times. 25 years old. Aaliyah August 25, 2001 Airplane crash. 22 years old Proof April 11, 2006 Shot. 33 years old Mac Dre November 1 2004 Drive by. 34years old. Grym Reaper April 1999 Cancer. 35 years old Eazy-E March 26, 1995 AIDS. 32 years old. My message to the public is that we gotto look at ourselfs. we got to work together. My wish is that crips bloods and all other gangs, stop fighting eachother. and special my brothers. stop beeing gangsters. learn. get social and live in peace togehter and stop saying the word nigger. people dieing all over the word. At war, illness or many other stuff. So we dont gotto to do it extra. Think about it!!!! Its about time!!! Please dont forget to rate and comment :)
1 Mar 2009
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The second to last promo video give us a much deeper glimpse to the making of FREESTYLEMEN, the first mixtape where every song was freestyled.
21 Apr 2009
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