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*******www.instablogs****/ US warns Iraq over troop pact Bush Administration should stop dictating terms to Iraq on the security pact and instead help the country in securing an extension of the UN mandate. It is high time US withdraw its troops from Iraq especially after the success of Shia Sunni ceasefire and relative peace that has slowly but surely begun seeping into the Iraqi society. Iraq war has already been a huge burden for the American taxpayer. Ever since the conflict began US has spent more than $315bn on war and reconstruction half of what it desperately needed today for the financial bailout. Our economy is already in shambles, people have lost whatever faith they had in the administration’s ability to protect their economic future. How can the government still afford to play with such flimsy ideas as securing legal basis for military presence in Iraq until 2011, naturally tantamount to inviting financial suicide? Let the UN handle Iraq. US should be busy setting its own house in order instead of bothering itself with Iraq’s future. Indian Flood Relief aid a pittance Monetary relief provided by India is nothing compare to the amount of aid which is needed to actually affect the rehabilitation of flood victims in Nepal. Series of embankments and other structures built by India along the India-Nepal border meant for its own security are havoc in Nepal. According to the Kosi river pact signed between the two neighbours in 1954, India has to maintain, build and repair the various structures on the river. The Kosi breached its embankment in August after two of its spurs collapsed, unleashing destruction in Sunsari district in south Nepal as well as in Bihar state in India. In comparison to the 50,000 people left homeless in Nepal, the money handed over by the Indian government is inadequate. As per international norms, India should compensate Nepal for the ravages caused by the flood. This is the right time for self styled Big Brother that India is, to duly play its part and help its northern neighbor in need. School violence rising in Kenya Following the wave of post-electoral violence in Kenya earlier this year, violence has again erupted, this time in Kenyan schools. Several secondary schools' dormitories and administration blocks were set on fire in the last few months by students whose indiscipline continue to be a source of concern in many parts of the country. Characterized by the destruction of school property running into millions of Kenyan shillings, loss of study time and even death, this unrest spread spontaneously like a bush fire in the dry season. Violence is a part of the education institutes especially with the university students but over the past decade, university strikes have ceased and the trend has shifted to affect secondary schools. The violent events currently taking place in Kenyan schools are not good for the economy and for the future of the students. Considering the aftermath the high official must take the remedial measures to secure the academic future of Kenya's youth. Chinese toys checked for lead The seizure of container full of plastic toys believed to be contaminated with lead is depressing. Economic development at whatever cost it seems is the overriding motto which governs trade and industry functions within China. Recently Chinese dairy industry flooded the world market with melamine tainted milk in attempt to dilute the milk and making it appear higher in proteins. Not only did it risked the lives of thousands f infants throughout the globe but it also had a negative impact on businesses worldwide for no fault of theirs. The new finding that Chinese toy manufacturers in China have exported toys with high lead content is absolutely shocking. The Filipino government should sternly guard against import of goods from China and block the import of goods if laboratory examination succeeds in determining that the toys did contain lead, a toxic chemical. Afterall why should we pay the price for China's "who cares attitude" at the cost of the health of our own young and country's business interests. *******www.instablogs****/
23 Oct 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ US relaxes visa rules to boost tourism The American might is melting in the heat of economic recession. The financial setback has compelled Uncle Sam to extend an openhearted invitation to potential visitors from countries it would have otherwise resisted tooth and nail. In an effort to ease the pressures of economic downturn the American think tanks are looking towards tourism. US tourism has therefore decided to ease the visa rules through expansion of visa waiver program. Travelers from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia along with South Korea will also be allowed to visit the U.S. for 90 days without visas. International travel is absolutely critical to supporting the American. The economies worldwide have slumped; they have eaten into both foreign wealth along with American wealth. With the financial crisis, people are generally going to be very careful about traveling now since it's going to be more expensive because of higher energy prices and the rising U.S. dollar. Though this is a worrisome prospect any hike in overseas travel at this point of time is likely to ease financial pressures and is therefore welcome. Pakistan revives tribal militias Calling for organized action by local tribesman is indeed a clever strategy for uprooting the Taliban groups in the tribal areas of Pakistan. The tribesmen are armed they know their home ground well, they are motivated for action against terrorists joining hands with Pakistan’s military forces and foreign support can yield promising results in the immediate future. the need of the hour is to run intensive campaigns of awareness and establish understandings between local tribesmen and military and foreign agencies in order to make quick and effective action possible. This will not only cleanse the tribal belt of terrorists but also create new channels for the development of these backward areas. Whaling in the name of research As the ageing Japanese whaling industry continues its intrepid struggle to justify itself Japan the question of whether any of the purported killings carried any scientific value has been raised time and again by protestors. Furthermore with refrigerator storehouses full of uneaten meat the industry is running out of excuses to keep the general public believing that they enjoy eating whale. However a new backward protesting strategy has emerged from the wake of another whaling season picking up speed. Let them do it support it. Author and environmental activist Mark Brazil suggest that in order for the government subsidized whaling industry to see the senseless of their hunts the protesting public only need to promote the sale of the whale meat. Call the government out into full disclosure of accountability contrary to suspicions of media’s heavily laden with inevitable levels of mercury if the government is backing it the meat must be safe. Right. In a country whose food industry has been ravaged at all levels by scandal after scandal perhaps blatant opposition is not the best way to back the government into corner and invoke change. Elite Squad portrays Brazilian violence One of the main features of Brazilian cinema is the realism (or neo-realism). Elite Squad, from the movie maker Jose Padilha is no exception to this rule. The only problem is that maybe he has gone too far on his film. This movie, turned in large part in Rio slums caused the most diverse reactions of the Brazilian public: from laughter to horror. Beatings, suffocation, threat of rape, blood bath and the constant state of fear in the movie have made many international critics pointed to Elite Troop as a film that is favorable to fascism. But that is not true. The fact that the violence be banalized in Brazil stems from more than 40 thousand homicides that occur annually here. Cinema is art, fiction. The reality is that it is brutal. After all, a movie is just a movie and this one particularly reflects what happens in a sick society." *******www.instablogs****/
20 Jul 2011
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*******www.rapidravage**** Tutorial on searching RapidShare using the RapidRavage search algorithms. This video covers how rapidshare links are distributed and how to easily find rapidsharelinks using rapid ravage. enjoy ;)
8 Nov 2008
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*******www.rapidravage****/ Rapid Ravage is a rapidsharesearch engine that finds rapidshare links that enables users to locate and download the file, the video shows you one aspect of rapishare search, the basics and the main foundation of rapidshare
9 Feb 2009
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When a tiny kingdom is ravaged by a fire-breathing dragon, the king's daughter and the son of a dragon killer work to figure out a way to save their people. Unfortunately, it involves a bigger ice dragon with a nastier disposition.
29 Nov 2008
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Intro to 2029 Online 2029 Online is a massive online sci-fi based multiplayer experience set in a world ravaged by hatred throughout the Helen Continent, and never-ending conflicts between races and rebel forces. Players from across the globe come together online, fight for freedom and justice and combat against each other to uphold their faith and glory. Unlike other MMO games, as the game heats up, players will soon break away from killing mobs to level themselves and play the game with a PvP element. You will find your fun in the battlegrounds.
9 Nov 2009
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The Ravages of War came Home to Roost....
2 Apr 2009
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Red Stone is a unique 2-D fantasy MMORPG in which players adventure to recover the lost shards of a powerful jewel in order to restore peace to their ravaged world. Free to download and completely Free2Play! Visit Us-*******www.gamersfirst****/games.php?id=3
2 Apr 2009
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Trapped in a city as temblors, tornados and asteroids ravage the land, three friends (Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Minnillo) get swept up in a series of wacky adventures as they look for a way to stop the onslaught of natural disasters.
19 Jan 2010
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*******www.puztv**** - In the year 2707, war rages between earth’s four giant corporations as they battle over the planet’s dwindling resources. In an era marked by warfare and social regression, the earth is on the verge of ruin, destruction is everywhere; battles explode on every ravaged continent. Amidst heavy combat, an errant shell shatters an ancient buried seal releasing a horrific mutant army from its eternal prison deep within the earth. As the mutant scourge threatens human extinction, a single squad of soldiers descends into the earth to fulfill the ages-old prophesy of the Mutant Chronicles and save mankind.
19 May 2010
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Our Big Male Persian, BOOBOO lets the little Ferrel kitten Felix ravage him UNTIL he starts trying to NURSE! TOO CUTE!!!
7 Oct 2009
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Please read this before reading the description. 1) If you had arrived to this video searching for some porn, masala or sex movies, then this is not the video for you. Kindly leave. 2) Please refrain yourself from writing vulgar comments or posting unwanted links. 3) You are most welcome to write your thoughts which does not hurt others. 4) If you want me to delete any comment which you feel vulgar(which I may not feel), kindly send me a message. I will take care of it. ******************************************************************************** Here is the description for the video. Khajuraho - Land of the Moon God Khajuraho is a place well known for the sculptures in erotic poses in its temples, some hewn entirely out of a single block. It is not about religion and worshipping and deities. An amalgamation of science and art of architecture, these 10th-11th century temples have a very interesting legend behind them that connects them to the origin of the Chandela dynasty. It is said that in a fit of passion and lust, the Moon God seduced and ravaged a beautiful Brahmin girl known as Hemvati, resulting in the birth of Chandravarman (the founder of the Chandela dynasty). Later, Chandravarman had a dream where his mother requested him to make a temple, which would reveal all aspects of the treasure of passion and erotic fantasy to the world.Thus he brought an artistic revolution by building the famous Khajuraho temples, in the town, which was his capital. Some people also believe these erotic art forms to be the visual depiction of Kamasutra, art of sex or the relations between Shiva and Parvati, the divine couple. Khajuraho temples got lost into obscurity and were only discovered by chance but they quickly became India's second most favoured tourist destination after the Taj Mahal. This temple complex is perhaps the largest group of medieval temples. Other than eroticism, these sculptures also depict other refined courtly accomplishments such as music and dance. Only 22 temples have survived out of the original 85 temples. It displays one of the most unique stone-carving works and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1986. As far as honeymoon destinations go, Khajuraho was probably created with newly-weds in mind - lost in a time warp from ages past. There is little else to intrigue you except each other and the temples. They are very familiar to the eye, with countless photographic reproductions and even Bollywood using them as a backdrop for films. You wonder at the imagination and openness of the citizens who, as early as 950, took a hundred years to complete this celebration of humanity. One of the most famous ones is that of a woman holding a mirror. A winking elephant is also strategically placed when you notice his gaze at a kissing couple. They say the Taj Mahal is best viewed in moonlight on a full moon night. At Khajuraho, dawn is the time to glorify these temples. The rising sun really brings the statues to life. Getting to Khajuraho By Air: Khajuraho has daily domestic flights to and from Agra, Varanasi and Kathmandu. By Train: The nearest railway stations to Khajuraho are Mahoba, Satna and Jhansi. All of these are well connected to most of the major cities of India. By Road: Khajuraho has frequent bus services and good roads to and from the major cities of India including Panna, Mahoba, Satna, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Gwalior, Indore, Agra and Jhansi. Njoy watching the video
21 Mar 2010
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Marduk - Dracul va domni din nou in Transilvania (Sighisoara, Transilvania in the year of 1431) All demons ride high upon the bewitching Nightsky They are only disturbed by a new-born child's painful cry Son of the great dragon, come forth to rule In all your glory, no man, no beast will be as cruel All the angels and the puny men of god looked away Frightened to death by the evil that was born on that day Dracul come forth, and see your son's soul is powerful Triumphantly holding his son, nothing could be as delightful In our order you are now, for the sake of your greatness You must murder the muslim turks in thousands, no less Let them feel our never-ending wrath and our steel We are men of god, so let them know it for real It's our mission to seek our enemies, and kill them one by one They must be destroyed in time, be sure to teach your new-born son We must bath in the blood of the vermins, called turks, to win The muslims are to be executed, for they live in great sin Sultan Murad of the turks is getting more powerful each day Dracul will not be one of them that for his mercy will pray He must turn his back on his previous allies And conspirate with the turks Beware you all of the evil blood that in Dracul lurks The holy Roman emperor will get angered with this But Dracul must protect himself, it's a right of his So feel the greedy claws of death, you weak men of god Treacherous thoughts was the father of the berserker prince Vlad (In the year of 1438) Seven years of age is he and already in bloody war His eyes do not turn away from all that death and gore Father Dracul and brother Mircea are riding by his side Proud he is of his warrior father, no matter he lied Together with the turks, they ravaged through the land Dragon and beast, devils and demons fighting hand-in-hand Transilvania - You great home of ours You they will crush, there is no good to help us What feeds an evil mind? What makes a man a man? The deeds of death! But greater stories are yet to be told...
28 Jun 2009
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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a 2009 American science fiction action film which was released on June 19, 2009 in the United Kingdom and June 24, 2009 in North America.[3] It is the sequel to 2007's Transformers and the second film in the live action Transformers series. Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg return respectively as director and executive producer, while Shia LaBeouf reprises the role of Sam Witwicky, the human caught in the war between Autobots and Decepticons. The film introduces many more robots and the scope has been expanded to numerous countries, most notably France and Egypt. The plot revolves around Sam, who has been seeing visions of Cybertronian symbols and therefore gets hunted by evil Decepticons to awake their long-time-hidden leader, The Fallen. A major hurdle that was overcome during the film's production was the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, as well as possible strikes by the Directors Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild. Bay finished the production on time with the help of previsualization and a scriptment by his writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and series newcomer Ehren Kruger. Shooting took place from May to November 2008. Revenge of the Fallen achieved the highest Wednesday opening gross in history, bringing in $62 million in North America alone and close to $100 million worldwide; this is also the second-highest opening day gross of all time, behind only The Dark Knight's $67.8 million. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is currently the highest grossing film of 2009, beating out Angels & Demons which previously held the title.Transformers list: Optimus Prime,Bumblebee,Jazz,Ratchet,Ironhide,Sideswipe,Arcee,Mudflap,Autobot Skids,Jolt,Jetfire,Megatron, Starscream,Bonecrusher,Brawl,Vortex,Soundwave,Barricade,Blackout,Frenzy,Scorponok,Soundbyte,Hot Shot,Sideways,The Doctor,Wheelie,Stryker,Ravage,The Fallen,Alpha Q,Demolisher,Cyclonus,Sky Blast,Inferno,Terrorcon,ir Glide ,Air Glide,Tidal Wave,Galvatron,Strong Arm,Road Blaster,Primus,Reconbot,Cybertron-Primus,Komatsu,Signal Flare,Unicron,Devastator,Mixmaster,Mack,Scavenger,Terex,Scrapper,Caterpillar,Hightower,Kobelco,Rampage,Caterpillar,Longhaul,Caterpillar,Overload,Metroplex
15 Jul 2009
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***********/watch?v=1uoRwZ-KT4o *******www.squidoo****/sardiniatravelguidereviews Sardinia gives Tourists the Relaxing Feeling of being Off the Beaten Track Sardinia is one of the best places for a great Mediterranean island vacation as it is not very well known to international travelers and has not been spoilt by the ravages of tourism. This is the only place around Italy that does not have any motorized traffic. There are many old towns, old ports, beautiful landscapes and grottoes here. Su Nuraxi di Barumini in Sardinia has been named a world heritage site by UNESCO and every tourist should definitely visit it. Tourism is the main source of revenue in Sardinia. Our travel guide will help you to explore this wonderful and beautiful island, for the vacation experience of your life. Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia and has a large beautiful beach. Alghero, Bosa, Nuoro, Olbia, Oristano and Sassari are other important cities in Sardinia. The dunes of Pistis and Piscinas and the limestone cliffs in Iglesiente are some of the popular Sardinian tourist attractions. Apart from enjoying the beaches, tourists who are interested in outdoor activities can try hiking and sailing. Tourists can also try different kinds of water sports when they visit the beaches, or can even rent a boat. The beach in Bados is the ideal location for people who are on vacation with their children. Porcheddu, Culurgiones, Malloreddus, Stufato di capretto are some typical Sardinian delicacies which will delight your taste buds. Seada and Carasau are famous Sardinian desserts and tourists can also try the wide variety of Sardinian breads and pastries. Mirto and Fil'e ferru are traditional Sardinian alcoholic drinks. Sardinia as a destination is miles away from the buzz of urban city life and is one of the reasons why people choose Sardinia as a vacation destination. People who love nature would also enjoy visiting Sardinia. Our travel guide is your one stop source of Sardinian information.
20 Jul 2009
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Team up with the Hardy Boys® and Track an Ancient Legend Through Hawaii! You, as Nancy Drew, go to Hawaii to serve as a research assistant to Dr. Quigley Kim. A devastating scourge is destroying the more...pineapple crop causing residents to whisper that a local research compound has awoken the legendary Kane 'Okala. Upon arriving, Nancy discovers the camp ravaged with Dr. Kim missing. Coincidentally, the Hardy Boys are also on the Island to complete a top-secret mission, but it's up to Nancy to uncover this intricate web of mysteries! Purchase the PC adventure game at www.HerInteractive****
22 Jul 2009
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