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Tutorials & Downloads : Music List : Dear Guest, Thank you very much for dropping by. Feel free to view my personal website at the link provided. I will be really honored by your visit. Since I was a kid, I have always been dreaming of having my own personal website. I really hope that at some point in future, my website can be a hub where we can share our knowledge in many aspects of life together. Also thank you very much for taking to your time to listen to my music and for your motivational words sent to my YouTube or Metacafe Inbox. My name is Ray Mak, a graduate with a Degree in Finance & Operations Management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst class of 2007. I love playing the piano since young. Though I've taken formal classes before, I was not able to master one of the most crucial skill in music, reading the notes. I play most of my songs purely by listening, following the drum beats or the bass closely. Fortunately, I am able to mimic the songs that I listen to very closely to the originals. At the same time, I love to improvise a lot. Coming from a diversified background and speaking multiple languages, I wish to learn to play all the top hits of every country. By the way, if I ever have sheet music, I'd really love to share. Unfortunately, I do not read music. On top of music, I love Martial Arts. I practice and teach my favorite sport, Tae Kwon Do. I have been doing it since childhood and I love Tae Kwon Do a lot. Though I've suffered a few serious injuries, I did not give up. Never give up in life! Of course, I love my team, UMASS TAEKWONDO, in University of Massachusetts, Amherst. UMASS TAEKWONDO!!! If you have any request, just send me a mail on YouTube. I will play it for you whenever I can. However, due to overwhelming demand from the Internet (An average of 10 songs a day, accumulated to over 3,000 requests over a year's period), I have to MASS PRODUCE with CARE and LOTS OF LOVE. For those who have requested songs, please be steady and prepare for a sweet surprise. In any case, if I am not able to play a cover for your request, I truly apologize. I also love to meet new friends. Friends that I can share my thoughts and pain with. Friends that I can trust wholeheartedly. Friends that can sit and chill with me over a cup of tea or coffee. Friends that I can visit local or abroad. Likewise, friends, feel free to visit me. I have a little guest room to accommodate your stay. Last but not least, THANK YOU for SUBSCRIBING to me on YouTube or here at Metacafe! It will keep you updated! Martial Arts and Fine Arts fusion Warmest regards, Ray Mak YouTube Musician