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To celebrate the release of What Happens in Vegas (out today!), this year's stand out comedy starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz, Holy Moly have a top of the range Blu-Ray player and Blu-ray discs including the above film, to give away courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. We are also giving away The Devil Wears Prada, Eastern Promises, Juno, Meet the Spartans, 28 Days Later and 27 Dresses on Blu-Ray. To be in with a chance of winning, we want you to write in or film yourself playing fun practical jokes on your partners in a battle of the sexes competition (keep it clean please!). Send in the clip or written story with the location stated at the beginning (What Happens in... Brimingham, London etc). LINK: *******www.holymoly******/news/29/blu-ray-player-and-blu-ray-dvds-up-for-grabs-4121.html
9 Feb 2009
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The Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-ray DVD player is a well-priced Blu-ray player. But should you buy a Sony PlayStation3 instead?
24 Feb 2009
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The latest in 3D gaming has finally arrived! The long-awaiting NVIDIA 3D Vision takes your gaming experience to a whole new level with true 3D graphics on all your favorite games. A simple USB port connects the transmitter to your computer. Have a Blu-Ray drive on your new computer? The NVIDIA 3D Vision also comes with a DVI to HDMI cable so you can connect a DLP HDTV to the NVIDA graphics card in your computer and view HD movies on a much larger screen. If you have a stand-alone Blu-Ray player, don't worry! The NVIDIA 3D Vision can also connect directly to a DLP HDTV via the VESA Stereo Cable Port.
2 Apr 2009
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Apple and Verizon have been in the "traditional" rumor mill for a while, but an anonymous source told USA Today that the companies have been in advanced talks to bring the iPhone to Verizon. Mike Rose, of TUAW, says he thinks it's starting to seem more likely, given that Verizon's next generation wireless network would bring some compatibility that their current gen phone couldn't match. I'd agree with that, but that means by the time Verizon's network is rolled out and AT&T's exclusivity is up (2011) there'd have to be a pretty rapid deployment to have broad iPhone coverage... either that or Verizon would have to beg T-Mobile for roaming agreements, because you know AT&T wouldn't give in. On the flipside, James Papadopoulos of TechSpank, thinks their might be some people out there who haven't yet jumped on the iPhone, and since it adds competition in the marketplace, iPhone contracts might finally be able to drop in price. Also, Panasonic released a portable Blu-ray player last week which had us thinking: Why would anyone install a Blu-ray player in their car? James says what we're all thinking: It's simply ridiculous. Why would anyone want to watch a 1080p movie on a small screen while they're driving? Mike posits that it's the obvious extension of a large Blu-ray library; regardless of which screen people are watching it on, they'll want to have one library for every arena. I'm thinking before Blu-ray ever catches on, technologies like LTE and other wireless standards will catch up, so people can watch their library from any internet connected device— including their car. What's your take on either of these topics? Are you waiting for AT&T to lose its stranglehold on the iPhone before you jump ship? Is Blu-ray worth thinking about, even in your car? Sound off in the comments, or leave us a video feedback on YouTube.
28 Apr 2009
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I'm excited about the possibility of an app called Glympse . It allows you to share your real-time location with a selected person for a limited time. It's perfect for when you're part of a group attending a concert, or fair, or any large event where you might need to locate other people in your group. So far, it's only for Android phones, but will be available for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm. We've all been waiting for the Pre. The official release date is June 6th in the US, and the price will be $199.99 after a rebate and contract. How many of you are going to be getting a Pre, and what phone will you give up to get the Pre? Leave a comment below! The BD390 Blu-Ray Player with WiFi and DivX is very interesting to me. It will upscale standard DVDs to 1080p, gives you the option of watching DVDs in 24fps or 60fps, and has WiFi for streaming online content from CinemaNow, Netflix and YouTube. Sharp is working on a Solar Hybrid Mobile Phone to give you a minute of talking time for every 10 minutes in the sun. At least it's better than having a dead phone! You can save money on domain name registrations and renewals from GoDaddy**** with discount codes GB1, GB2 and GB3. For an explanation of each code, click here.
20 May 2009
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Coverage from the Panasonic BIG media event at Cockatoo Island on Sydney Harbour. I look at the new VIERAcast technology, bringing YouTube and Picasa to your TV, plus the key new Blu-ray players and TVs that caught my eye.
26 May 2009
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Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is available for download. You can get the 32-bit version here, or the 64-bit version here. Jorge Colombo has begun creating iSketches using an iPhone app called Brushes. Instead of setting up an easel in the middle of the street, he "paints" on his iPhone, and sells archival prints. The June 2009 cover of New Yorker Magazine is one of his iSketches. Nokia phone owners have access to the Ovi Store as of today, where they can get a variety of apps. Panasonic's 9-Inch Portable Blu-Ray Player supports Amazon Movie downloads and has Viera Cast so you can watch YouTube videos, view photos stored on Picasa and get weather information. You can pre-order it from Amazon now. I'll be one of the judges for the Boxee Dev Challenge, along with Veronica Belmont, Chris Pirillo and Avner Ronen. If you're interested in learning more, click here for contest details. see you at Mezzanine! - we were able to book Mezzanine in San Francisco as the venue for the event on June 23rd. following our meetup in Webster Hall in NYC, we thought we should find a similar place in San Francisco. how to build a boxee app - there are now two examples of boxee apps that could serve as a good starting point for building your own app. the first one is ThruYou and the second is songza. if you have any question about the API or the development process you can check out the boxee dev forum, or connect with idan on twitter. Drobo + 4TB - our friends at Seagate are sponsoring 4TB of Barracuda drives for each of the 3 Drobos we are giving away at the event. Drobo + 4TB is my personal setup at home, connected to my Mac Mini over the network and serving all my videos, music and pictures. it is excellent! ideas for boxee apps - want to build an app, but don’t have a specific idea? you can look at what people are asking for on getsatisfaction, search on twitter, look at services with open APIs, or just think of what you’d love to see on boxee and is not already there. fred wilson will be happy to see someone build a La Blogoteque app. working on a boxee app? let us know ******* You can save money on domain name registrations and renewals from GoDaddy**** with discount codes GB1, GB2 and GB3. For an explanation of each code, click here. William, the former Geek Brief intern used promo code GB1 at GoDaddy**** to RENEW WilliaMedia****.
27 May 2009
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The HTC Hero will be an Android phone designed with a slight curve to make it more like a real phone. It has a 3.2 inch screen, 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, GPS, a compass, a gravity sensor, standard headphone jack and a dedicated search button. We've known about the Mimo Minu USB Monitor for quite a while, but ThinkGeek**** started selling them and sold out almost immediately. Their price is $130 vs. $200 everywhere else. PhotoFast is attempting to dissolve the disadvantage of Compact Flash cards with their CF adapters. One gives you an SD slot. One gives you and microSD slot and one gives you four microSD slots with built-in RAID storage. Viore's PLC7V95 is a 7" portable LCD TV with a built in tuner so you can watch TV wherever there's a digital signal. It includes USB and SC card slots, but unfortuately the antenna is external. Vizio will be offering a Blu-ray player, the VBR100, exclusively through Wal-Mart for $188. It will start to sell through other outlets later this year.
26 Jun 2009
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*******oppobdp83.tikideal**** - See reviews for the OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray player.
19 Jul 2009
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Apple announced an upgrade to Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio. There are over 100 new features, and I'm really excited about the changes to the way exporting is handled. The Lexicon BD-30 Blu-ray player promises to load discs in under five seconds, but it could cost $3,000 when it's released. If The Orb Bluetooth Ring Headset actually comes to market, I think I'll be getting one. It's a bluetooth headset made as a ring for your finger. It'll display caller ID and other information from your phone. Windows 7 has been Released to Market (RTM). October 22nd is the expected availabiity date. You can save 25% on an Angie's List membership by using discount code GEEK.
25 Jul 2009
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*******www****booknews**** Zotac has released a new nettop Blu-ray player. Tune in at the end of the interview for news about a new product line being released in Q4 2009.
2 Aug 2009
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*******www.samsungbdp1500blog****/ I've had my Samsung BD-P1500 1080p Blu-ray Player for 2 weeks now. I'
8 Sep 2009
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