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Some shots of the recently opened marina Barrage at the mouth of the Singapore River. Taken with a Canon XH-A1 and Raynox HDP 6000EX wide angle converter. The converter gives the XH-A1 a needed stretch to the field of view, but comes with quite a bit of CA when the aperture is full open (see opening shots of the barrage for example). Music and video by Richard Hunter
23 May 2009
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English: A TV crew going back home to Warsaw (road 801) in a Volvo V40, near the town of Dziecinów, was blocked by a green Seat Ibiza which suddenly drove out feeding road 805. To avoid direct hit, the driver changed the driving lane. To avoid another direct hit with a vehicle coming from the opposite site he changed it back. Our car slid, which resulted in a roll, falling to a ditch. Polski: Ekipa Telewizyjna jadąca drogą 801 w kierunku Warszawy na wysokości miejscowości dziecinów, zostala zajechana przez zielonego Seata Ibiza który, wyjechał z drogi podporzadkowanej 805. Wymusił zmianę pasa ruchu, w wyniku czego auto Volvo v40 wjechalo na przeciwlegly pas ruchu, skad energicznym skretem w prawo uniknelo zderzenia czolowego i wpadlo w poslizg na piaszczystym poboczu, po czym dachowało wpadając w rów. Shots after collision / zdjecia po wypadku: *******files.filefront****/low+jpegrar/;10549947;/fileinfo.html
21 Dec 2008
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original source: 1080p 30fps, resized to 720p and encoded using windows media video
19 Apr 2010
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Yup, that is a subaru!! Way to go Mike that might be the first Subaru out of Mickey's Hot Tub...EVER!
1 Aug 2012
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Wingsuit BASE jumping.. ------------------------------ My friends, Jokke, Dominik and Johnny pleasing the onlookers at bispen, trollstigen (Trolls Ladder) Jokke flying the Vampire 3, Dominik flying the Phantom 2 and Johnny in his Vampire 1. Shot with a Sony CX-105 with the Raynox HD-3032 Pro Jokke on youtube:****/jokkesommer Dominik on youtube:****/ugojump
23 Dec 2011
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Nature offer us a better love stories than Twilight If you like , SHARE this video on internet The video shows how strong the insect's mating behaviors are — These chemical cues are so strong the male ants are in a frenzy to mate with her, unfazed by her death and even the near presence of the crab spider predator For more info check this article: *******www.livescience****/19246-ants-mating-dead-queen-video.html Video has been taken by Canon SX30 IS with Raynox DCR-250 adapter.
4 Apr 2012
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This is Grechin, all though I should have called her Cindy with the way she just stares at the red light on my camcorder. She reminded me of Cindy on the Brady Bunch in the episode where she just has a blank looking stare at the light she see's when the show she was on went on the air. I was wondering why some of my spiders were just staring like they were in a daze. Turns out they were seeing the red light on my camcorder. I also already know about the "Spiders on Drugs" video that uses this video and the "Spider Love Cocaine" video. That doesn't bother me because the person who did it only took a few snips from my video and the "Spider Love Cocaine" video. By the way, the camcorder I use is a Panasonic HDC HS700, and the attachment I use is a Raynox DCR 250 Macro Conversion Lens. I get asked quite a bit what camcorder I'm using.
27 Nov 2012
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A baby elephant seal curious, brave, and too comfortable with and among people it turns out. Petermann island, Antarctica. Below is a longer description in response to viewers' comments. Antarctica is remote wilderness (yes, even the Peninsula that gets the lion's share of small but increasing tourist numbers). There is no baiting, feeding, tracking or approaching the animals to facilitate interaction with tourists. All close interaction happens by chance and is initiated by the animal itself. The number of people landing at each site is closely monitored (no more than 100 allowed at once) and they leave no footprint (no flags, food, or any waste). Petermann island is visited mainly for the scenery and large bird colonies (two penguin kinds, blue-eyed shags etc.). Not seals. Seals in large numbers are more easily observed on the beaches in the sub-antarctic islands. That is why I was thrilled by this spontaneous encounter with the baby seal on a not-so-large piece of rock. I did not film the end of this encounter but was told both seal and its observers were sad to part ways and head each to their more permanent abode: seal back in the water and people back onto the mother ship. Canon HF100 with a wide-angle Raynox 6600 lens attached was used to film the seal.
2 Jan 2013
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