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me and my cousin makin a ghetto drift car for 15 bucks and it works pretty good watch vid
26 Sep 2009
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This video has been recorded at "My special car show 2008" at Rimini in Italy. There are some RC drift cars in a little circuit. Hey, do you want to subscribe my channel? Gregorio Nuti -
8 Jul 2008
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Amazing RC Drift Championship with sick cars participating! The Korean 3R Street Drift Challenge 2011 round 2. We are not the owners of the video - if you have any claims - please contact us asap and we will do our best to meet the requirements. Follow at *******www.facebook****/JDMDriftEurope Follow RC Drift Global Community everywhere ;) Please subscribe: ********youtube****/rcleadcommunity Like us Facebook: ********www.facebook****/rcdriftcommunity Follow us on Twitter: ********twitter****/RCDriftGlobal _________________________________________________ Amazing RC Drift Championship Sick cars drifting rc drift drift drifting rc drifting rc drift car rc drift cars rc car rc cars rc drifting car amazing rc drift rc championship champioship challenge sick rc cars rc drift cup Radio-controlled Drifting amazing drift sick drifting sick cars championship rc drift cup best crazy sick
28 Feb 2015
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Get these RC Drift cars at: *******www.nitrorcx****/18driftcar.html *******www.RCSparks**** - Three HUGE Drift Cars - Version 2 of the Mad Drift Electric Brushless Racing Edition RTR Drift cars - ARE Super Fun to fool around with! This is out first time unboxing these and seeing them up close int he studio. Everett was in the neighbourhood, and stopped in. A GREAT Time to unbox and check these rigs up close! JEM Got a RED one, I got a Blue one, and Everett got the Sweet Neon Green. This is JEM & Everetts first time with a Drift car - and it really gives you an up close look at how it is to drift with these cars - if you have NEVER HAD EXPERIENCE with it! These rigs are fairly inexpensive, and are a cool looking product! its hard to judge the size of these big rigs while on camera .. but I hope it gives you a different view of "Learning how to Drift!" There are SO MANY OPTiONS to Try out :~) Enjoy my friends, and hope you enjoy this RC ADVENTURE! Here are some Specs from the NitroRCX website: Exceed RC has raised the stakes by releasing their 1/8 scale platform on road car. The result is the MadDrift Brushless Drift Car. Ready to hit the streets right out of the box, the MadDrift Brushless Drift Car packs a long list of features and flaunts a distinctive look that will leave the competition in the dust. This car is loaded full of features. Power is delivered through a high performance 540L 2150KV brushless motor and supported by an 80A Brushless Hobbywing electronic speed control. Enough power to deliver tire-shredding torque and reach the high RPMs needed for high-speed drifting. The 2.4ghz Radio system keeps the driver in full control. The Racing edition features all the parts in the limited edition but also includes Big Bore threaded aluminum shock bodies and front and rear aluminum differential and control arm braces for even more control. Oiled filled shocks and the included sway bars keep the car in control during hard cornering. The ESC is mounted right in the center of the car and the two batteries on either side of it to create the best possible balance and weight ratio for superb handling. All the features of this car scream performance in a ready to run package. Features Unique centralized low center of gravity design Street-ready detailed and high strength drift body Durable oil filled shock 2.4Ghz Pistol Transmitter 80A Brushless electronic speed control with 540L 2150KV brushless motor Foam bumper for added protection from impacts Easy access front and rear geared differentials Includes 2 7.4V 3300mah Sky Lipo Batteries Specs LE/RE Model Number: TK1001/TK1002 Length: 620MM Width: 310MM Height: 175MM Wheelbase: 330MM Track width: 310MM Gear Size: 12T Pinion gear Gear ratio: 12.68:1 Radio: 2.4GHz Motor: ?36 x 65 540L Brushless motor 2150KV ESC: 80A Brushless ESC (Hobbywing) Battery: 7.4V 3300mAh Li-Po Servo: Metal geared steering servo Needed to complete 4 x 1.5V AA Batteries for transmitter Lithium Polymer Battery Charger T-SHIRTS & Hoodies! *******rcsparks.spreadshirt****/ TWITTER: ********twitter****/#!/rc_sparks FACEBOOK: ********www.facebook****/RCSparks.Studio FACEBOOK APP:********apps.facebook****/rcsparksfb/?ref=ts RCSparks STUDIO: *******www.RCSparks**** RC FORUMS: *******www.rcsparks****/forum/forum.php RC BLOG: *******www.rcsparks****/category/blog/ RC Photo Gallery: *******www.rcsparks****/gallery/ CREATED BY: djmedic2008: *******youtube****/djmedic2008 Editing Clips: ***********/rcadventures Mepic Nation Fan Channel: *******youtube****/mepicnation Subscribe, it's Free! Branding, Media, & Business Inquiries: RCSparks Studio P.O. Box # 89133 70 High Street Calgary Alberta Canada T2Z 3W3 Note: I do NOT Sell RC's SUPPORT RC ADVENTURES, and SUBSCRiBE! It's FREE! Thank you :~)
30 Aug 2013
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Plz Like , Comment & Subscribe
16 Aug 2013
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*******www.RCSparks****/forum/ - HiGH PERFORMANCE 1080p HD - The "Prodigy D" RC Drift Club is located in Calgary Alberta, Canada. Recently, the RCSparks Studio & RC ADVENTURES was given an invitation to come and check out some VERY COOL CARS! Well, we were happy to come down and support this growing grow of hobby enthusiasts, who have a Passion for the RC DRiFT Whips. With over 20 RC Drift cars in this video.. I am CERTAiN you are going to find one that you fall in love with. JEM and I made sure to get get some really cool shots.. of these magnificent RC machines For Specific Information about RC Drifting - Check out the *******www.DriftMission**** website. There are Many happy and helpful members and a growing community of RC Drift enthusiasts! My friends.. this is LEARNING TO DRiFT PART 10, and I hope you get as much enjoyment out of viewing it, as we did making this film for you. RC ADDiCTS UNiTE! Where I get my RC's: ******* T-SHIRTS & Hoodies! *******rcsparks.spreadshirt****/ TWITTER: ********twitter****/#!/rc_sparks FACEBOOK: ********www.facebook****/RCSparks.Studio RCSparks STUDIO: *******www.RCSparks**** RC FORUMS: *******www.rcsparks****/forum/forum.php RC Photo Gallery: *******www.rcsparks****/gallery/ CREATED BY: djmedic2008: *******youtube****/djmedic2008 Editing Clips: ***********/rcadventures Mepic Nation Fan Channel: *******youtube****/mepicnation Subscribe, it's Free! Branding, Media, & Business Inquiries: RCSparks Studio P.O. Box # 89133 70 High Street Calgary Alberta Canada T2Z 3W3 Note: I do NOT Sell RC's SUPPORT RC ADVENTURES, and SUBSCRiBE! It's FREE! Thank you :~)
10 Aug 2013
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This is just a trubute to our Tc5s that were the best rc cars we ever had! And this is what we did over 2011 (***********/watch?v=nlNE_YYajT8&list=UU_-e8PaYZUtaxC3blw4BQtw&index=4&feature=plcp) Enjoy and God Bless! Zarr and Noweenah!
6 Jun 2013
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*******www.RCSparks**** - I went out to the "PRODIGY D" private RC Drifting club here in Calgary, after receiving a Private Invitation to come and check it out. WELL! Am I ever glad I did! There were SO MANY AWESOME RC Drift Cars, and so many of my friends.. I was in RC HEAVEN! These guys have some skill and practice.. you can certainly tell. It was great to See SO MANY people having fun with RC .. all laughing, joking, and chatting about their incredible whips. I was able to get my friend Shawn (AKA S.S. Louie) to share a little about one of his cars. Its a "Counter-steer" setup.. basically meaning a Gearing increase or reduction.. to have one set of tires (usually the rear) spin faster than the front tires. This makes the rear-end of the vehicle want to "Slip out" .. and want to go sideways! I dont think any of them are running a drift box.. and you can tell the amount of HOURS spent practicing maneuvers, and how to recover from "Bumps" from other rides. Some of these rigs even had MAGNETiC Break-Away pieces to show "damage". You will notice in this video a Yellow Drift car.. had a bumper that was held on my a magnat.. SO COOL! Anyways.. if you want to check out a cool drift forum.. go to *******www.DriftMission**** They have a growing community with LOTS of neat, and helpful areas of advice. Tools, Setups, and counter-steer assistance can be found there! OK my friends, there ya GO! Another adventure with DRiFTiNG! So many people were asking.. how could I not give you something you want?! Where I get my RC's: ******* T-SHIRTS & Hoodies! *******rcsparks.spreadshirt****/ TWITTER: ********twitter****/#!/rc_sparks FACEBOOK: ********www.facebook****/RCSparks.Studio RCSparks STUDIO: *******www.RCSparks**** RC FORUMS: *******www.rcsparks****/forum/forum.php RC Photo Gallery: *******www.rcsparks****/gallery/ CREATED BY: djmedic2008: *******youtube****/djmedic2008 Editing Clips: ***********/rcadventures Mepic Nation Fan Channel: *******youtube****/mepicnation Subscribe, it's Free! Branding, Media, & Business Inquiries: RCSparks Studio P.O. Box # 89133 70 High Street Calgary Alberta Canada T2Z 3W3 inforcsparks**** Please Note: I do NOT Sell RC's
21 Apr 2013
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my 1:10 scale RC drift car with a custom evo X body, lights and green neons. total cost only $260. here is the price list (all in Australian $) : The car itself - $185 Lancer evo body - $25 Monster Energy stickers - $10 LEDs for head and tail lights - $5 green LEDs (neons) - $30 battery to power LEDs - $5 all other items such as radio and main battery and so on(...) came with the car. TOTAL = $260AUD
20 Nov 2012
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The build up and finished pics of my new rc drift body shell project. Based on the Yokomo FC RX7 Street Version. Parts used: Tamiya brake discs, HPI Intercooler, Tamiya Exhaust, Tamiya Wiper, HPI Run Free front and rear bumpers, HPI Run Free rear over fenders, DIY roll cage, DIY light buckets...etc Oh yeah, had some trouble rendering the title ignore the flickering!
11 Jul 2012
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*******www.gas-powered-rc-cars**** Exceed Rc Drift Star Electric Drift cars
28 Apr 2012
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*******www.nitrorcx****/exrcmadrca.html Part II: ******* Here is our series of Project Drift Stars where we take our new Madspeed and go around the city to drift and race. Video was shot over multiple days. The Entire drift scene was done completely on a Stock Madspeed. For the Street Scene, we chose the upgraded Brushless versions outfitted with Grip Tires Let us know what you think about the video and thumbs up if you like :) Join us on Facebook *******www.facebook****/NitroRCX
14 Mar 2012
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Vaughn Gittin Jr. starts with a powerful burnout in his Ford Mustang Drifting machine as he chases an RC drift car version through the K&N air filter factory. K&N is giving away 5 Limited Edition Vaughn Gittin Jr. HPI Remote Control Drift Cars in a sweepstakes. This Monster Energy, K&N, Falken Tire, Ford Mustang themed Drift R/C Car is a model of the 2011 Ford Mustang drift car that Vaughn Gittin Jr. drove in Formula Drift last year and was featured at the 2011 SEMA Show. Only 5000 R/C cars were produced and K&N has 5 of these to give away to Facebook fans. One Limited Edition Vaughn Gittin Jr. HPI R/C Drift Car will be given away each week until Friday, March 2, 2012. Entry period ends March 1, 2012. For more information about K&N's Limited Edition Vaughn Gittin Jr. RC Drift Car Sweepstakes or to enter, go to our Facebook page at Facebook****/knfilters.
24 Feb 2012
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HPI RS4-3 drift conversion kit RC Drift Car Dyno Skyline R34 GTR with newly upgraded Brembo Brakes (got it from Ebay) Also, we lowered shifting point for street drift use. Dyno run is to verify shifting point on second gear engagement.
27 Sep 2011
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Drifters: Jon, Philip, & Anthony *******www.nitrorcx****/recocardr.html - Imagine entering a tight corner at a speed normally reserved for cruising only on freeways. As the vehicle loses its ability to adhere to the ground, you flick the sterring wheel, sliding the tail out. Smoothly applying throttle and countersteer, your vehicle tightly clips the apex of the corner in a controlled sliding motion, while maintaining speed throughout the corner for a fast exit to the next corner. While almost impossible to perform by most drivers, experienced Drift experts can slide highly modified cars with high horsepower engines and aggressive aero packages around almost any corner in a controlled fashion. In Japan, this display of controlled tail sliding has originated as a dangerous street sport, gradually evolving in a competitive sport held only on special tracks. While Drift competitions are rare outside of Japan, it is rapidly growing in both exposure and popularity.
29 Jul 2010
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Gas Power Nitro Remote Radio Control RC Drift Cars
11 Jul 2010
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