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This was disgusting -_- ( * Yes SO FREAAAKIIINNNG GRROSSSSS*) NEW CHANNEL: ************/user/RRKGAMING?feature=mhee TWITTER: ********twitter****/Da_Real_RRKING So many people ask me to do these type of vids and i was just like freak it -_- sorry for trolling all you sane viewers just felt like this vid had to be made ...
9 Jan 2014
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Been Asking me to do this for a while now your wishes have been granted :P ********twitter****/Da_Real_RRKING CINNAMON AND CAYENNE TOGETHER :O
15 Dec 2013
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You Wont believe it until you actually flipping taste it OMFG THAT SHYT IS HOT! for real i kept thinking it was poison like how can it be so poten and hot D: im not going near 3rd degree :O TWITTER: ********twitter****/Da_Real_RRKING DORITOS 1ST & 2ND DEGREE BURN CHALLENGE! (SLOW MO) ReactionResponseKing
13 Sep 2013
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*******creatorrepublic****/contests/campaigns/reactionresponseking Click vote button 10 times!! then vote for other categories you will get 10 extra votes you can you to vote for me that is 20 votes every 24 hrs so vote for me so you can get prizes below: $10-50 ITUNES-PSN-XBOX CARDS CALL OF DUTY GHOST COPY BATTLEFIELD 4 COPY MINECRAFT ACCOUNT TWITTER: https:--twitter****-Da_Real_RRKING
6 Sep 2013
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Straight UP VOMIT AND SHYT Seriously... Ingredients Below TWITTER: ********twitter****/Da_Real_RRKING GAMING CHANNEL: ***********/user/RRKGAMING/videos Ingredients: crackers , redbull, milk, egg , 2 ghost peppers, cayenne pepper powder , ketchup , mustard , peanut butter , nutella, onions white and purple , whole grain bread , grape purple and green , cucumber , lemon juice , orange juice , green pepper , soy sauce and honey
20 Jun 2013
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This really was not as enjoyable as it is portrayed to be in movies and videos and stuff. Beer taste terrible.... and i felt like i was about to explode afterwards... y do human like do kill themselves and enjoy it -_- . Kids again i did this on my on accord no one peer pressured me into doing this just wait till you are of legal age of drink trust me ur not missing out on anything... That was my first beer and im 20 and i doubt i ll have another one in a while.... NEW CHANNEL SCHEDULE MONDAYS : RANDOM VIDS Q&AS WEDNESDAYS : FOOD CHALLENGES FRIDAYS : SONG COVERS Facebook Page : *******www.facebook****/pages/Teddy-Covers/146150405497904
17 May 2013
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i swear editing this video was like watching a scary movie omg hopefully the part i left in wont irritate or gross you out to much D: gum chewing is the most irritating sound known to men lol Official Facebook Page : *******www.facebook****/pages/Teddy-Covers/146150405497904
16 Apr 2013
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OMFG THAT WAS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED AT ALL WAS A MILLION TIMES WORST! New Channel : ************/user/RRKGAMING?feature=mhee Goal 5000+ We are at 3000 Subs 2k TO GO WE CAN DO IT!! If it happens i will put 3 GHOST PEPPERS and 2 Large spoons of Wasabi and Cayenne Pepper. Chew for 30 secs and hold for a minute! TWITTER : ********twitter****/Da_Real_RRKING
15 Apr 2013
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*******kingofweb****/users/reactionresponseking Click vote button 10 TIMES RRKARMY! 50% Goes to ******* 50% Goes to Bungee Jumping , Sky Diving and better recording equipments :D TWITTER: ********twitter****/Da_Real_RRKING
18 Feb 2013
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ROFL this was hilarious was litterally a shower of freaking coke lmao this lady next to me was like should i call the medic i died laughing. ( warning dangerous) Twitter: ********twitter****/Da_Real_RRKING GAMING CHANNEL: ***********/user/RRKGAMING/videos
15 Feb 2013
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BLOODY HELL THAT WAS TERRIBLE OMG! SO F*C*N SOUR D: NEW CHANNEL :************/user/RRKGAMING?feature=mhee GOAL 2600+ subs in first 24hrs WE CAN DO THIS And ill do the challenge ********twitter****/Da_Real_RRKING
4 Feb 2013
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So weird why is this a challenge... MILK & COKE Challenge ReactionResponseKING coca cola and milk challenge THIS IS SOOO GOOD! try it ! Official facebook page : *******www.facebook****/pages/Teddy-Covers/146150405497904
17 Dec 2012
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This So COUNTS! ( Warning ) Banana And Sprite Challenge Twitter: ********twitter****/Da_Real_RRKING Gaming Channel: ************/user/RRKGAMING?feature=mhee Banana and Sprite Challenge completed not a fail ... didnt throw it out that was spit not throw up or puke... is u listen nothing feel on the floor hah! LIKE A BOSS :O
26 Nov 2012
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