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Watch the full Season at ******* Watch the full series of the Real L Word Episode 7 as the Ladies compete in a game of paintball. Free Streaming Online HD videos
3 Aug 2010
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Larry Gelbart, 81, the comedy writer who developed the classic TV show M*A*S*H, died of cancer last Friday in Los Angeles.
14 Sep 2009
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EP: "The Beginning" 01.25.11Nathan "Reyo" La Rue originally out of Newpot News Virginia, was brought to Florida at the age of 13with his family, where he became a member of God's Vision for Life Christian Center, founded by Dr.Pastor Steven and Co-pastor Vickie Kelsie. It is there he began to grow in the knowledge of the word ofGod by the teaching of his leaders and mentors. Reyo has successfully completed foundational class andDiscipleship class 101 and is now pursuing on obtaining his associates degree in the Tampa Bay BibleCollege. Reyo believes in the unadulterated, uncompromised word of God and believes on bringingthe truth to the lost as well as believers. He is a firm believer in soul winning but also believes inencouraging and pushing new converts into discipleship. Reyo is an artist from Real Word Records,under the leadership of CEO Lil Prophet, and has been released by the Senior Pastor and Lil Prophetto preach the word of God with boldness and truth, where ever God leads him to go. His total relianceis in God through faith, believing that God will use him to do his will using the Holy Spirit. The missionis out of scripture Matthew 28:18-20 but along with saving souls he feels an unction to encourage thepeople to be who God has made them to be by showing them, using the word of god, how God looksat his children, what he has left for his children and what God says his children can have. God will notwithhold anything from them that love him, so Reyo says, "This is only the beginning and God will get allthe glory! Amen!"
3 Dec 2010
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hey my name is drow and this is a song that i recoded in a parking lot booth with my iPod 4 g and i added the audio with ava let me know if you like it thanks. for more Entertainment go to my web *******androfraser.blogspot****/ am not a good writer but i find ways to put my life story to getter in songs best way to express my self since am a real n word lol
1 Feb 2012
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Real Wolfish Stranger 2 Feet In Produced By Real Dj Word Real Records Available on iTunes
14 Dec 2016
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