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You might think the man who scores 989 is the real One Punchman but wait, just finish the damn video and you will understand what I’m talking about.
26 Mar 2018
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"El espejo humano" cortometraje escrito y dirigido por Marc Nadal. Protagonizado por Anna Castillo, Silvia Sabaté y Txema Lorente. Género: Drama, Terror. Sinopsis: Basado en una historia real. Una joven de 17 años con problemas de sociabilidad vive sin apenas contacto con el exterior, encerrada en casa contempla cada día las crueldades anunciadas en las noticias y su mente se va acercando cada vez más a la peligrosa forma de ser de la sociedad. Delante de la cámara se encuentran los actores: Anna Castillo interpretando a Alicia, junto a Silvia Sabaté y Txema Lorente encarnando a los padres de la joven. Anna Castillo es conocida por protagonizar las películas "El olivo", "Promoción fantasma" y "Blog", y sus trabajos en series de televisión como "Amar es para siempre" y "Doctor Mateo" en Antena 3 entre otros trabajos. Silvia Sabaté cuenta con media docena de películas a sus espaldas, entre ellas: "Cruzando el límite", "Ecos", "La vida empieza hoy", "La mujer del anarquista" y "Nageki", una quincena de montajes teatrales como "Días felices", "Tres Hermanas" y "La Sutura", y series de televisión como "El cor de la ciutat" y "Hospital Central". Txema Lorente cuenta con títulos de películas en su filmografía como: La Última Resistencia, ...Mayombe, Paula?, Nageki, Vidas, La Autoridad Competente, Space Monster, Chico conoce Chica y El Río de la Verdad. Ha trabajado en infinidad de cortometrajes de la mayoría de las escuelas de Barcelona y muchas del resto del país, a parte de realizar televisión y obras de teatro.
7 Apr 2018
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Here we have two race car already to go. One is a video game race car, another one is real life. Which one will you choose to race if given the option?
14 Apr 2018
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The imagination is not always farfetched from reality. This real version of street fighter shows character with coolness is totally not farfetched.
18 Apr 2018
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Are you actually looking for some finest real estates to spend some money on? Are you planning to buy a great home for you even you are slightly short of money? Well, if this is so, Burnaby townhouse for sale is the answer to all your difficulties. For those who want to live in Vancouver, ensure to buy a home according to budget. When looking for luxury homes for sale in Vancouver, Few things need to consider # Focus on the pricing of the house # Keep in mind your property acts chances to earn profits in the future # Style of the House choose the best real estate agent to help in complete buying process.
19 Apr 2018
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SoundCloud Reposts are the unique quantity of SoundCloud, if you want to spread your music in the entire world then you need to having a large number of SoundCloud reposts on your music track.
26 Mar 2018
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First complete watching the whole video and then tell me than you do not find any resemblance with the show Kid vs. Kat where they always keep fighting.
27 Mar 2018
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We are focused on delivering AR/VR/MR Infrastructure, Software and Content Solutions for Industrial / Engineering industry especially addressing the Safety Awareness, Equipment Operations, Service / Troubleshooting and Maintenance Training, Product Demos for Marketing Initiatives and etc.
2 Apr 2018
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Global B2B Contacts is a leading provider of quality Business to Business and Information Technology mailing, email and telemarketing lists. We custom build the lists based on the marketing campaign and various target demographics to help our clients expand reach to a more specific target audience who are most likely to buy their product or service.
11 Apr 2018
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Emile means playing real games and learning real maths. Developed with Manchester Met University, Emile delivers a maths mastery approach that engages all children.
3 Apr 2018
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Ulcerative colitis is a common chronic inflammatory bowel disease that causes long lasting inflammation of digestive tract. Ayurvedic treatment of ulcerative colitis include various special herbs that reduces the symptoms like bloody diarrhea, pain, abdominal cramps etc and heals the colitis naturally
24 Mar 2018
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Discover New Opportunities and take the first step towards the Future of the Global Trade. Token PreSale live on feelium. Book Now
26 Mar 2018
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Directed, Filmed, Edited and Produced by KLA for LSHTV Shot in Leicester (Lestoh)! Interview by KLA
30 Mar 2018
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Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is a bleeding disorder in which the immune system destroys platelets, which are necessary for the blood clotting. It is an autoimmune disease. Planet ayurveda provides an effective Ayurvedic treatment for ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura). These are herbs especially to increase the platelet count
4 Apr 2018
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