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Start building your point of sale system today by selecting your store type
24 Aug 2011
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Start building your point of sale system today by selecting your store type
24 Aug 2011
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*******www.basilt**** Summer is here and we have a fresh Watermelon Salad recipe to keep you cool! Victor Rallo shows you how to prepare a simple yet delicious summer salad that you can make at home in 10 minutes using local produce that's in season. Located minutes from the heart of Red Bank, NJ, Basil T’s Brewery and Italian Grill bring the flavor of the Rallo family to the local Jersey shore area. Come and enjoy truly unrivaled culinary delights and handcrafted beers that only generations of dedication can produce. For more information or reservations, give us a call at (732) 842-5990.
26 Aug 2011
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The TSP100ECO supports Star's commitment to being ecologically responsible, while allowing Star to continue to provide a high-speed, software enriched, economical choice for users. The TSP100ECO offers fast, efficient POS service as well as a unique range of ECO tools and features: all with a manufacturer's pre-paid Carbon Offset Program at NO extra cost to you. The TSP100ECO brings an array of environmental benefits including: - 75% reduction in power consumption compared to standard Star printers - Up to 70% reduction of paper consumption - New Halogen-Free printer housing - New recyclable packaging - includes a 5 year pre-paid manufacturer's CO2 offset program (Carbon offset) to help protect our environment
28 Oct 2011
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*******www.andrewmurrayhq****/shoeboxed Learn the simple way to get organized and not have to deal with papers at tax time. Also check out www.xero**** www.lessaccounting****
9 Dec 2011
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When you buy a floor, you're buying a large shipment, something that can't be boxed and carried via your usual UPS carrier. We have to send a truck, and the driver is going to leave you a pallet of material. What will that be like? And what should you do to ensure that if anything happens to your material between us and you, you can get your replacements? Brian goes over everything. Useful whether you're buying our floors, or something big from someone else. Seriously, these are four worthwhile minutes.
28 Mar 2012
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Filmmaker Gary Ross has confirmed he won't be directing the sequel to the smash hit movie 'The Hunger Games'. Ross directed the first movie in what is hoped to be a trilogy. The film has received strong reviews and has been a box office smash.
13 Apr 2012
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*******www.rossimusic****/ Rossi Music has been in forefront of the live music industry providing "Grammy quality" entertainment for weddings, parties and corporate events for over 13 years and serves the Los Angeles area in Southern California.
14 Apr 2013
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This episode introduced how to take a taxi in China.
7 Jun 2017
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November 2006 (Medialink) - Self-service kiosks have been a blessing for many airline passengers (and counter personnel). Now, the convenience of check-in kiosks comes to the rental car industry. Rental car customers can expect their check-in time to be cut in half when compared to average counter check-in times, with the new touch-screen kiosks that will be implemented at Alamo Rent A Car locations throughout the United States. In an industry first, the Alamo kiosks will allow any customer with a valid driver's license, major credit card and an existing reservation to skip the rental counter and check-in directly at the kiosk. After a customer agrees to the terms and conditions, a receipt-sized rental agreement is printed and the customer is directed to his or her rental car on the lot. At the exit booth, the customer simply shows the booth agent his or her rental agreement and drives away. The kiosks will also allow the customer to review rental information; upgrade to a larger car class; add additional drivers; and purchase option items - such as a car seat, GPS unit, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), and Pre Pay Gasoline. By next summer, Alamo expects to have nearly 80 rental locations outfitted with the new kiosks. Produced for Alamo Rent A Car
5 Jan 2007
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The NeatReceipts SCANALIZER is a scanner and software solution that automatically organizes your receipts, business cards and other documents in a searchable database. Just slide your receipts, contact information, or other important documents through the scanner, and you've got a PDF file. Included contact and organization software makes sorting all your newly scanned documents a breeze. This product is perfect for individual professionals, small businesses and other highly organized people.
12 Sep 2007
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Went to the vet and picked up Jacky ( white puppy ) at noon just now. He was very happy to see us. He is still limping a bit as you can see in the video but eventually it will heal according to the doc. When we reached Jacky's house, the wife came out and greeted us and I started to explain to her again the situation. I also showed her the receipt and X-ray film, after that she went in and came out with the full payment! Wow, what a surprise and we didn't expect that to happen. I told her not to let Jacky out for 2 weeks and keep him indoor.
21 Sep 2007
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Key phrases: Customer service To register a complaint Example conversation: A. Hello? “Widgets Are Us”, how may I help you? B. Hi. This is Mrs. Jones. I have a complaint. I need to register a complaint. A. You need to register a complaint. OK, how can we help you? What seems to be the problem? B. I have purchased a fan. When I got home, the fan did not work. I am angry. A. Oh, don’t be angry. We’re here to help you. Customer service is our top priority. So, what is the specific problem with the fan? B. I plugged the fan in and it did not work. I need a new fan … or I want my money back. A. Understood. Can you bring the fan down to one of our stores? B. Yes. What day? And where do I bring the fan? A. You can bring it to any one of our outlet stores. Monday – Friday 9am – 7pm. When you come into the store ask for the Customer Service desk which is usually in the back. B. So at the back of the store there is a Customer Service desk and they can help with my problem? A. That’s correct. And please do remember to bring your receipt. B. Yes. I will bring my receipt and the broken fan. And I will come to the store and go to the customer service desk which is usually in the back of the store. A. That’s correct. We’re sorry to cause you this extra trouble and we hope you’ll continue to be a loyal customer of “Widgets Are Us”. B. Yes, I am very disappointed but I will bring the fan and hopefully you will fix the fan or give me my money back. A. Yes, we will solve your problem. B. Thank you. A. Talk soon. Bye. B. Bye.
6 Oct 2007
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Wildfires continue to burn in Southern California and hundreds of thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes. Already estimates are that more than one billion dollars worth of property has been damaged or destroyed. Insurance adjustors have been dispatched from across California and around the country to help start the recovery process. Whether it's a fire, hurricane, flood or tornado, there are important steps to take after a disaster. Once authorities say it is safe to return, one of the first things homeowners should do is make sure the house is structurally safe. Fire damaged property may be hazardous and the potential for collapse may exist. Make temporary repairs if you can, to prevent unnecessary secondary damage, and keep your receipts. When hiring contractors, there are several precautions to take to avoid getting scammed. Get an estimate from several licensed bonded contractors, check their credentials with the Better Business Bureau or Home Builders Association, ask your neighbor what they're getting for similar work, inspect their licenses and proof of liability insurance and, most importantly, get a contract in writing. Avoid paying money up front. Some reputable contractors will require partial, up-front payment, but these pre-work payments shouldn't exceed the cost of materials or 20 percent of the total estimate. If you return to find your home is destroyed or unlivable, find out what living expenses may be available though your insurer. Ask your utility company to stop billing your home, and notify creditors if bills are lost or if you're unable to pay. After any disaster, the key is to report your claims promptly. Be aware, because if widespread devastation has occurred, the company may have set up special procedures. Produced for Allstate
30 Oct 2007
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Homeless to Millions *******www.danijohnson**** Discover How a Young Broke Cocktail Waitress Went From Living Out of Her Car with $2.03 to Her Name to Earning Her First Million in 2 Short Years! What is Dani's secret to success? And more importantly can YOU discover this secret and use it too? Dani Johnson’s reputation as a gifted speaker, trainer, mentor, and spirit-driven success coach is spreading throughout the business community. Her training seminars are likewise reaching out to a growing number of people seeking financial growth, emotional restoration, and spiritual transformation. Drawing upon life-lessons learned from personal trials and tribulations, Dani coaches her clients using candid examples, unique advice, and compelling stories about her past. She openly teaches how she was seduced into a worldly culture of misguided practices, hollow beliefs, materialism, false success and empty promises. In her straight-from- the-heart style, Dani reveals to her listeners what brought her back to truths she encountered in her childhood Bible studies and what led her to answer a calling to boldly demonstrate the power of God’s promises in today’s marketplace. Abused as a Child Dani’s achievements are even more remarkable when considering the experiences she endured in her early years. In addition to being raised by parents who were addicted to drugs, Dani’s childhood was scarred by the emotional turmoil that comes from being assaulted verbally, physically, and sexually, by a stepfather with an extremely violent temper. As a teen, the seeds of God’s word were planted at an early age through her Bible studies. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and refuge. This foundation would see her through the difficult times in years to come. Driven from the Church At 17, Dani became pregnant by a deacon’s son, had the baby out of wedlock and gave her baby up for adoption. At this very emotional time in her life when she sought forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing, she found herself severely judged and condemned by fellow Christians at her church. As a result, Dani promised herself that if that sort of condemnation was what it meant to be called ‘God’s People’, she wanted nothing to do with Him or the church. So she walked away from God and anything to do with the church (or Christians) and sought acceptance in the world of new-age beliefs and eastern mysticism. The Beginning of Success As she began to experience success as a young entrepreneur, Dani vigorously sought personal fulfillment through the pursuit of material possessions and other worldly goals. At 21, while she was enjoying an enviable reputation as one of the top sales leaders in her company, she met a man, quickly married him, then moved to Hawaii. Soon afterwards Dani realized her new spouse was a con man who took all of her money and abandoned her with a huge credit card debt. Dani lost her job and was soon evicted from her home. Homeless and Alone With only $2.03 to her name, Dani was at an ultimate low point in her life: homeless, living out of her car, depressed and contemplating suicide. It was then that she felt a stirring from God to press on, to rise up and do something with her life. Humble Start, Rapid Rise Dani relates, “I started my new business from the back of my car. I had nothing - no phone, no business cards, brochures, no receipts, not even any product. All I had was a burning desire to succeed and I didn’t want to be homeless anymore.” Using meager resources she started marketing products for a health company from a phone booth and in a short period of time, became the top sales producer for that company. Seminar Training Begins As Dani’s business grew, so did her reputation as a marketing professional. Soon people offered to pay for her to teach them what she knew. So Dani started a training company, spending one weekend each month teaching others her business skills. Attendance at Dani’s training seminars expanded rapidly as more and more people were getting tangible results by applying the skills and techniques Dani taught them. She then decided to contract a nutrition laboratory to custom manufacture products under a private label and start her own health and nutrition marketing company. Millionaire at 23 Homeless and broke, within two years Dani became the owner and president of two multi-million dollar companies. She accomplished all this by the age of 23. With her life turned around and through a series of divine events, Dani rededicated her life to Christ. A New Life, Love, Faith, and Future In her training seminars, Dani speaks candidly about her childhood of violence and abuse and shares how the power of forgiveness set her free from spiritual depression and emotional bondage. She also shares about her personal experiences with the church, living a homeless lifestyle and how God is faithful to His promises, even if you are not aware of His presence. She was also able to embrace truth and the life promised in the Bible. Today, Dani Johnson lives in Northern California with her husband Hans and four children. She reunited with the daughter she gave up for adoption and has two beautiful granddaughters and a son-in-law in the military. Dani teaches and coaches with a passionate desire to see her clients become transformed in their spiritual, family, and professional lives. Her clients become warriors in the marketplace, demonstrating God’s glory in places where the church cannot reach. Miracles in the Marketplace While Dani’s training seminars and coaching sessions equip her clients to achieve success in the business world, hundreds of testimonials pour in each month from the same people who are being healed, their families restored, and thousands of success-seekers are turning to the Bible. Those confirmations compel Dani to help as many people as possible become free from debt and glorify God by becoming exceptionally successful in the marketplace. Judging by the steady stream of client success stories, Dani’s influence on the marketplace is bearing spiritual and financial fruit all over the country. Dani’s personal success story is a demonstration of emotional healing, restored hope, financial success and abundant grace, manifested over and over again in her life and the lives of those she touches. For FREE business and personal coaching, or for upcoming live Dani Johnson seminar info, visit www.danijohnson****!
16 Jan 2008
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*******www.tarpon-uk****/index.aspx?W... 0845 643 1580 infotarpon-uk**** Tarpon is an Employment Benefits Company which offers contractors an employment contract and a fully compliant HMRC approved tax-efficient payroll service. Tarpon are the first Umbrella Company / LTD Company to introduce a full range of employee benefits for contractors. Why it pays to work for Tarpon Contractors are financially better off with Tarpon Market leading dispensation Professional Indemnity Insurances up to £20 million pounds We are experts at giving impartial tax advice. We'll claim up to 100% of your expenses back for you. And we'll provide you with a personal business manager to handle both your admin and your invoicing. Plus many additional benefits making contracting more rewarding. Employee benefits, contractor expenses, employment status, contractor tax, employment benefits, employee payroll, ltd co set up, ,simply names, set up ltd co, contractor payroll, umbrella service, umbrella co, HMRC contractor, HMRC umbrella, HMRC employed, Salary sacrifice, freelance work, freelance payroll, contractor mortgage, contractor pension, Contracting, payroll, Umbrella Payroll, IR35, advice, compliant, compliance, PAYE, employee management company, dispensation, Saving money in contracting, Consultant Technologies, IR35 solutions, Benefits of being a contractor, Contractor payments, good net pay in contracting. umbrella company tarpon payroll tarponltd ltd paye advice salary pay tax employee benefits agency contractor contracting. Tax. IR35. Confused about the implications? Or just confused about what it is? Leave it all to us. We′re specialists in both tax and IR35 and can give you impartial, straightforward advice on both. With Tarpon, you′ll have your own personal business manager to keep you tax-efficient and to reclaim up to 100% of your business expenses, tax-free. (Your business manager will even call you at a convenient time to take down the details of those expenses, which means you won′t need to do this online each week.) And to ensure you maximise your tax and national insurance savings we also offer a childcare voucher scheme and a personal pension through salary sacrifice. Enjoy cheaper travel. With Tarpon, you can claim back 100% of your travel expenses when travelling to and from work by public transport. Or, if using your own car, motorbike or bicycle, you can claim 40p, 24p or 20p per mile, respectively. No receipt required. Car rental costs can also be claimed, as can the lowest airline fares. And it's all HM Revenue & Customs-approved. Claim up to £24 a day for food, tax-free, without receipts. Covering your breakfast, lunch and evening meal, that works out at £5,760 a year. If away from home on business, you can claim up to £18 a night for food and drink. Even if you′re staying with friends rather than at a hotel, you′ll get £25 a night for accommodation and food. And it′s all HM Revenue & Customs-approved. If the taxman comes knocking, it won′t be on your door. As far as HM Revenue & Customs are concerned, the buck stops with us, not with our contractors. So, unlike some umbrella companies, we don′t need to provide legal fees to cover possible investigations. We′ll keep you IR35-compliant, supply you with a P60 and employ an expenses policy approved by HMRC themselves. Stay on a friend′s sofa,and there′s £25 in it for you. Working away from home? Staying with friends or family? Then claim £25 a night to cover food and accommodation. Or, if shunning them all by staying in a hotel, you can claim up to £95 a night (receipts required), with £18 for food and drink and £5 for daily expenses (no receipts required). All HM Revenue & Customs-approved. Your laundry bills needn′t come outof your own pocket. If you′re staying in a hotel while away on business, you′re entitled to £5 for personal expenses every night. (Or £10 if abroad.) This covers laundry, personal calls, newspapers, alcoholic drinks and videos. And you needn′t keep receipts. You can claim back business-related phone calls (and the VAT) on both landlines and mobiles. Postage, too. And all HM Revenue & Customs-pproved. Rediscover evenings. Rediscover weekends. And, in the process, rediscover your family. Simply fill in a weekly timesheet and leave the rest of your admin to your own personal business manager, courtesy of Tarpon. We′ll also give you a P60 every year. And you may not even need to fill in a tax return. It′s no accident that we provide £20m of insurance cover. Make a slip-up at your place of work, and you could land -- with a painful bump -- in court. So we provide our contractors with £20m of cover, comprising £10m employers′ liability, £5m public liability and £5m professional indemnity. That′s far more than our competitors offer, and should be sufficient for all but the most epic of catastrophes.
8 Feb 2008
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